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ETA – this marks Bunny’s first ever blog post …even though accidentally, I am gonna keep it.

The Happy State of Being

My life right now. The picture depicts it perfectly. Crazy. Happy. Full of Love. 

Shifting base to our hometown was one of the best decision ever. I am getting all the right contacts and support to move in the desired direction with my startup. Apart from my website steadily growing, we also conducted our first physical event, and that was a different kind of experience. We are gearing up for event two, coming week.

Bunny turned two last month and he is just an adorable kid. I keep saying this but he has completely transformed me and my life for better. Now he talks non stop. Why and What have already started accompanying for each and everything around us. He love all Salman and Honey Singh Songs. Can’t stop dancing to them, ya talk about taste :p. Eats on his own most days. Love people and family. If you are visiting us, he will fetch you a glass of water and would ask you, aur chahiye. He loves travelling. He loves balls. Pouts for pictures. Complete poser. And helps me around the house. Growing into the kind of person, I wouldn’t mind in the same house :p

Also leaving you guys with my first media coverage

If you are new mom or know someone please feel free to reach out or hop onto the website –, it’s bubbling with new products almost everyday.

Also check out my profile pics for the current breastfeeding awareness week. It has become very close to my heart and now I am working towards spreading awareness and bursting few myths and help new moms. 

Check out the blog I posted last year this time around –

And yes we are still on, two years and counting 🙂


Life of a Toddler Mommy

This morning –

Bunny woke up, I was still sleepy. He as if on a mission stepped off the bed, I had no idea where he was going, just to redirect him and keep him in the same room, I asked him to switch off the fan.

He did that, and forgot what he wanted to do. I said come to mamma again. He came and started feeding and I caught couple of more minutes of sleep.

Again as if on a mission, he kept saying Kela Kela, and went off the bed. I excitedly followed hoping he finally wants to eat something after two days of no food, right in the morning, that sounds like a good day.

He actually wanted the ‘kela’ only to practise peeling it off and throw the waste in dustbin. New found discovery of pressing the dustbin with foot to open the lid. First crying session, when I asked you can do it after two minutes.

Then picking every possible ‘kachra’ and putting it in dustbin. And if you are concerned about the banana, it was offered to mamma and when she took couple of seconds to hold it, it was shown the floor.

Then we went off to brush his teeth, he was least interested in brushing and wanted to play with the Tap. Second shouting session, to take him off the tap/washbasin.

We again came to kitchen to have something like breakfast and tea. Encountered the third and longest tantrum when he wanted to stand and fill water from RO. No amount of coaxing, distracting worked, and he found his way and played happily for 15 – 20 minutes.

I prepared tea and breakfast and we went to another room. He somehow found the plastic knife and took two fresh tomatoes to practise his cutting skills. Which was met with more shouts because he wasn’t able to do it.

Somewhere in the middle of all this he also got hold of my phone , opened a video of playing in ball pit couple of days back and cried for balls balls. I had to fill all his balls at home in his bathing tub to make him happy.

Daddy is not at home for more than three weeks, we were looking at some pics, and another shouting session followed because I mistakenly scrolled a pic which he wanted to see and recognise his folks.

It’s only 12.30 here, the boy slept few minutes back. And I have been practising deep breaths since morning.

Something seemed to changed overnight since Bunny turned 18 mo old. Their independence, interest in learning everything around, practising skills of jumping, running, banging, throwing; practising their vocal chords definitely get on to our nerves.

But all I know is there is a better way than shouting, getting upset or having an emotional breakdown in front of them. They are just being themselves. Tagging them little monster, stubborn and feel guilty for their behaviour  do more harm for us.

I am just trying to find gentle ways, to what feels like a regular being a toddler mommy scenario, sitting here with my copy of toddler calm.


Meet the big boy :). When you are really angry, seeing their pics is a great stress reliever and a reminder it’s all worth it.

Little Discoveries Part 5 – Food and Babies

Recently we have achieved a big milestone in Bunny’s journey with Food. This guy all of a little over 17 months have started to dip his roti/paratha/bread in curry/Sabzi and eat. This after denying chapatis for months together.

Apart from that, he has developed a good princer grip since the beginning but these days, he can actually eat semi liquid food with spoon without much spills. Drinks confidentiality with any shape and size of glasses/cups. Knows meal times, knows the concept of eating out in restaurants.

We have been a household of no cerelac, no mashed food and no specific baby food / no special baby food preparation and all I can say is that, it has eased our parenthood to no bound.

We have tried to follow Baby Led Weaning (BLW) with Bunny, with occasional giving in to worried grandmoms/elders.

BLW is basically weaning the baby where baby plays the lead role. Decides how to eat, how much to eat, when to eat. Our job as caregivers is only to offer healthy, baby friendly regular food from time to time. There is a lot of information available about this on the world wide web. I wouldn’t go into the the technicalities, but I will just share things I have learnt over the time.

1. First and foremost, which ever way you decide to wean the baby, please refrain from using force feeding and distraction feeding.  These are two of the worst ways to start building relationships with Food for the young ones. I understand worry, I understand how difficult it is to see your Baby eat nothing at all for days together, I am this mom who have seen her chubby baby turning into a really lean one. But trust me no baby starves himself if offered food from time to time. Also even if we choose the purees way, its always good to give a combination of finger foods, soft hold able options so that baby learns to hold, explore different textures and learn to chew as well.

2. Changing definition of ‘not eating enough’. It might be enough for the baby. A morsel of chapati, a spoon of rice, a bite here and there, mom’s milk during nap times – more than enough.

3. The thing is babies naturally know to listen to their bodies, they have yet not learnt to eat to oblige or by clock or by quantity. They know best when they are hungry or done.

4. To accept very early on that baby’s food intake work in phases, atleast till three years of age. So much revolves around teething and growth spurts that its best to take their cues and act accordingly.

5. We have not given Bunny Salt and Sugar till one year, apart from scientific reasons that’s its not needed, mothers milk is best source of nutrition till one year etc; these two flavours are known to overpower the taste buds. And then we start eating for taste rather than hunger. Think about all Junk Food, that would either be salty or sugary.

I dint know how it would actually effect his eating or what would happen when we offer regular salted or sweet food. But actually nothing strange happened, he eats everything. And knows when to stop even when eating his most favorite treats like ice creams.

6. To put a deaf ear when parents say, ‘you used to eat this much’ (showing a big bowl of portion); in those occasions I have happily handed over the food responsibly to them. In reality no one can force feed a child if he doesn’t want or after a certain point. Or bluntly answered neither me or TBH are healthy examples. We have no portion control, we eat for the love of food most times.

7. You save yourself from preparing different baby foods, or carry boxes of baby food  or special food during travel. We offer him everything we eat. But take some steps like, when he was in rice eating phase, we just tried to make it more often for the whole family. Or always keeping a favourite fruit or curd handy to offer at a later time if he refuses to eat everything.

8. If you are a worried parent about food, I highly recommend reading ‘ My Child Won’t Eat’. It would change your perception big time. Amazon link here –

9. And above all trusting your child works wonder. Making sure there are no shouts, or anger during meal times. Meal times are happy and family times. Start making him sit with you on lap/on floor on high chair anywhere, but involve baby during meal times.

10. And being patient when food is thrown, mess is created. When blunt refusal happens. When favourite food changes overnight. Keep offering is the key, for us it has happened with Banana and Chapati. I can’t tell you when last he has eaten these two. But last two weeks, he would eat them at any given time.

On other side eating healthy food or choosing better alternatives become family’s habit too. BLW is so much more than just offering food to Baby, its about starting a healthy relationship with food which lasts till a lifetime.

Irony is most of us have getting fit/thin as our all time goals and all we want our babies to be fat and chubby. As long as baby is healthy, there is no remarkable weight drop (more than 1kg) let them just be and save your sanity as well. I have seen moms getting super stressed out as the baby starts food, its not suppose to be a struggle but fun time :).

Shoot me any question you might have, would direct you to the best resource possible :).

The Cute Little Things

Bunny just did the cutest thing ever. It melted my heart and I had to post it.

He got a magic car (a kind of toy car) as a Christmas/New Years/competing 17th mo present and he can’t seem to have enough of it. Playing, riding, honking the horn all the time. So this evening I was working in the kitchen and he kept banging his car to me in fun way. And I said Bunny no, its hurting mama, mama ke pair mein lag rha hai (its hurting mama’s legs), all this while not even looking at him, and this little guy came down, and kissed my legs and gave the broadest smile he could :).

Similarly these days anytime I am hurt, I say oh not feeling well, this kiddo will shower me with some lovely kisses :).

Anytime we are together and if my hair covers my eyes/face, he cutely keeps blowing them away from my face.

Each morning when he wakes up earlier than me, after playing with me for sometime, if I still don’t wake up, he gets off the bed, brings my specs and tries to put them on my face so that I actually wake up.

We are making him learn to say sorry for some of his conscious mistakes. He does it after reminding, but the funny part is even when anybody else around him says sorry, he will bring his hands to his ears :p.

He has starting to hug people, that’s awesomely cute and heartwarming :).

Asking for a Bindi, each time I put one. He really looks super cute in one.

The new craze of checking himself in mirror whenever I make him ready. Specially his socks, he tries to bring his legs up to the mirror level to check :p.

The way this little guy eats noodles/spaghetti.

When he calls anyone who is bald or has white hair – dada.

And such little special things :). It’s a joy watching him grow. They grow up so fast, its absolutely unbelievable how independent he has already become.

Leaving you guys with our latest pic, practising ‘oho’, his new expression love 🙂


Us 🙂


And my little guy turns 14 months old. Just like that. Noting 14 things/traits to see how time changes him 🙂

  1. He absolutely love balls, from a very early stage, bow bow as he calls him, as far as I remember was one of his first words.
  2. And Curd, can eat copious amounts of it in all forms.
  3. Loves to Dance and surprisingly being born to a non dancer like me does exceptionally well 🙂
  4. I am not sure if its is with all babies, but Bunny responds to the quietest of the sounds, like a message tone in phone or just a vibration, would run and bring respective phones to us.
  5. Loves to smile 🙂 Will shower you with smiles and smiles, as long as you are a stranger :P.
  6. Loves me back equally in his innocent ways.
  7. Adores his Dadu, they just have a different connection.
  8. Loves being in temples 🙂
  9. Picks up things really fast, like putting coins in piggy bank.
  10. Slowly taking on to books, bring books to me to read to him and sit on my lap.
  11. Loves water, be it playing in water, getting wet, long tub baths.
  12. Will definitely turn out to be great house help – he helps me in sweeping, drying laundry, folding cloths and what not 🙂
  13. Has brought out the best in me.
  14. Is a social animal, love people, love outdoors, love car rides, love new places.

I cant count my blessings enough for BUNNY !!!

Little Discoveries Part Four – Coconut Oil

Ahh, I don’t think I have used so much Coconut oil in my 27 years of existence, that I used in my one year of motherhood. If you guys remember, I mentioned that we don’t use any soaps, powder, moisturizer or other baby products for Bunny. And it’s been an year of no skin troubles ( touch wood and thank god).

All this while Coconut oil is my biggest discovery. Be it for rashes, body massage, mosquito bites, scratches or as a head oil. You get the drift right? I am so happy that leaving all the fancy baby stuff I chose something basic and desi. Reading about various skin issues in babies scare me to hell. Thanks to our doctor who mentioned that the biggest cause of various skin troubles in babies is using all the marketed baby products which are harsh for their sensitive skin and gladly we followed it.

I am yet to calculate how much money I have saved but it must be a lot 😉

If you can get pure/virgin Coconut oil nothing like it, I used the regular oil available in retail stores. Even if you don’t end up using only Coconut oil, please be aware of the side effects of using a lot of other baby products specially Johnson and Johnson and any baby powder. Google it, or will add links later.

What products you guys use? Share the ones you swear buy, now its been an year, I am planning to use a bath gel sort of during Bath time. Do suggest.

Little Discoveries Part Three – Nursing In Public

There could have been no better day posting about this than today. Its the day two of BIG LATCH ON, a worldwide breastfeeding/nursing in pubic support program. Thank you the new mom on the block TP for reminding me to post about this.

I am keeping this post dedicated to Nursing in Public i.e NIP. Most of us aware about how important Breastfeeding is for our babies, barring few cases where it turns out to be actually difficult or need medical intervention, Breastfeeding is as natural for women as it can be.

I have read quite a lot, is a part of this amazing support group (link with a little description in the end), and is now adamant to keep breastfeeding Bunny as long as possible or till he self weans. As this post is not actually about Breastfeeding, I will just write one line about it, which struck me like lightening while i was consuming all the information about Breastfeeding. Breastmilk is something that your body naturally produces for your baby, don’t underestimate its value and go for unnatural options like formulas or cows milk which is primarily for calves.

For most situations there is always a way around less supply, flat nipples, latching problems and the list goes on. For most unwarranted suggestions – tumhara doodh kafi nahi hai, fir woh kabhi nahi chodega, uska pet nahi bharta, formula peene se baccha ratbhar sota hai (read her why and why its not the best solution ) , just play deaf ear and do your own research and follow what your own motherly instincts say. Moms and MIls are not wrong if they suggest starting formula as formula was marketed more than ever when they were new mothers.

Okay so coming back to NIP, nursing in public is an extension to your commitment to breastfeed your baby, its about comfortably and confidently nursing your baby when outside your home without any inhibitions. Babies need to be fed on demand and not on schedule so practicing NIPing is a boon for new moms who wouldn’t like to be confined in four walls of home or run to car/feeding room every time they are out.

For me a lot of things work in favor, first our life requires movement, we cant even confine ourselves to our home even when we want to.

Second amazing breastfeeding and nursing relationship with Bunny from day one. Doctor teaching me how to nurse lying down which turned out to be a boon in initial breastfeeding journey.

Support from both TBH and family to feed Bunny when need be, irrespective of where we are. Though my MIL was feeding formula as suggested to her by her doc that time, and asking me to start as well, and me gently saying No every time.

And more importantly landing into the Breastfeeding Support Group for Indian moms, exactly at the time when i started doubted my supply at around 4 months of feeding Bunny. Its a support group that is closely monitored with right kinda advise and directions.

Earlier I was feeding him only in car, changing rooms, feeding rooms, when we were out. But once we were in a very busy Mcdonalds, and Bunny was hungry. There was not even a single corner seat available or a decent place to feed him. And my MIL was like yahi feed karlo, whats the big deal, i wasn’t sure how, I went to whatever place I could find to sit, made her stand behind me with a shawl and fed Bunny,  that was first and then there has been no looking back. I have fed him in restaurants, in trains, airports, flights, gardens, taxis, food courts, theatres and where not.

NIPing doesn’t necessarily mean exposing, you can be as discreet as you want to. The whole point is making your breastfeeding journey a part of your regular life, the more you do it, the more normal it becomes for you and other fellow moms. Irony is because we have means and options we rather go for bottle feed or formula rather than choosing the most natural option.

What works

– Practicing at home, finding what cloths work for you. Do it in front of mirror so that you know how comfortable you are with how you look, how much exposing or not you are doing. Two t method like below is great tool if you wear western cloths like me. Kurtas with slit are also great option so as loose ts/shirts.

– See what type of bras work for you. I have hated all the nursing bras i have bought, its too much of trouble, regular bras or the sports bra (without any hooks) is working great for me from past few months.

twotmethod_nursinginpublic twotmethod_nursinginpublic1


– For the initial few times use a regular scarf or a nursing one if you wish to.

– Being confident when you do it, babies catches your feelings very fast, so if you are unsure more likely they will be a lot fussy than usual.

– Talking it with husband/partner and bringing him on board. Very very important, nothing gives you more confident than a supportive partner.

– Being unbothered if you expose a little, it really doesn’t matter.

– Keeping in mind that’s its not shameful in anyway, in fact you should be so proud of yourself for taking this step.

– Getting hang of NIPing is a boon when traveling with, teething baby or when the baby is hurt or in unknown surroundings.

– Always give a reassuring smile if you pass by another Bfing mom.


Step by step instructions to become a NIP pro !!!

Specially for moms among us who feel quite overwhelming when we suggest them to just go out in the open and nurse in public.

Disclaimer: to be read in a light hearted manner only.

1. Become a feeding pro. Practice. Practice. Practice feeding your baby in both different sitting and lying down positions. Specially in the first couple of weeks because that time we have relatively less opportunities, strength and will to venture out. And the frequency at which the baby feeds during those initial few weeks only helps us to get the hang of it.

2. Gradually, when it’s the feeding time, stop asking people to move out of your room or go out in a separate room just to feed the baby. That would really help you to shed your inhibitions, also you will learn to be discreet in your approach. The best time to learn the much talked about two t method or basically figure out which type of nursing friendly cloths work for you. And check if nursing covers are for you. I have seen most babies not liking it including mine.

3. Bring the partner/family/ caregiver on the same page. Talk it out that you wouldn’t stop going out or modify your plans around baby’s feeding time. Say you would be nursing in public when time comes. Awkward spouses are more difficult to handle than a hungry baby.

4. Now when you finally start moving out, the first couple of times you can start by asking to use the feeding room facility of some baby stores/ malls or changing rooms of other stores or even the corner seat in a restaurant. IMO even mentioning that you need to feed the baby right here, is like coming a step closer.

5. Now within no time you will master the art of nursing in public. And then there is no looking back. I have nursed in really busy restaurants, airports, trains, theatres, right in front of friends and family, in the flight, alone in a taxi and where not.

Breastfeeding shouldn’t hinder your normal functioning of life like roaming around, traveling or socializing. Also not being able to nurse in public shouldn’t be reason to start formula or alternatives before it’s the right time. And that’s why not only we need to master NIP but also do our bit to normalize it.

This post can’t end without thanking these awesomely managed support groups who helped so many like me in shedding inhibitions and helped in taking informed decisions for our babies.

Link to group –

Images Source –

Leaving you with a pic of NIPing in a HRC,  when he was around 9 months. Hope this helps, please free to directly get in touch with me if you wish, join the group above for a much guided approach.


Movies with Babies

Yesterday we watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan with Bunny in tow, where he slept all through out. It must be Bunny’s 10th film and he just completed 12 months couple of days back. This post is not to be judged as a careless parent who make there little ones face such harsh sounds and fast moving visuals, but to share my experience about taking babies to movies if you wish to.

As a background we are complete movie buffs and that is only thing that remains unchanged for us post becoming parents. We took him when he was five months old to PK. And then there was no looking back.

Please note movie theaters are not recommended for Babies below 2 years. So this is not to encourage taking them in anyway. This is just summarizing what can work if you wish to take your babies.

1. Do not take a sleeping baby in, sleep time is okay. But not a sleeping baby, because when he wakes up in between, the darkness, sound or motion pictures can scare him.

2. Don’t feel guilty if your Baby cries or shouts in the theatre, be ready to move out when ever things go out of control
I usually go to a secluded seat, which ever is vacant, if Bunny seems particularly difficult.

3. Master Nursing in public, theatres are a great place because of darkness. And feed the baby whenever he demands. Usually they sleep because of disinterest n darkness.

4. Take some no sound toys. I usually tie them at one end with my scarf or something, while Bunny plays sitting on my lap, so that I don’t need to struggle with picking them from floor/under the seats every two minutes. Also Bunny loves to play with water bottle kept in the chair arm and a straw.

5. These days as Bunny has started solids, I also engage him with some corn or other finger foods, while he enjoys some music.

6. It was much easier when he wasn’t mobile, since he has started crawling and now walking, he doesn’t like confined to spaces. So we usually go with family or a group of friends who don’t mind if our baby is creating a scene. Or one person or other will be there who ain’t much interested in the movie and can take him out for a round or something. Luckily this wasn’t needed till now.

7. Always prefer a corner seat while booking so that you can move out, or give baby some space without disturbing others.

And just don’t be nervous, keep taking to baby that we will be doing for a movie today and what to expect when there. And worst case scenario, leave the movie in between or watch from the entrance/stairs.

These tricks have worked for us so far. I usually avoid very lour or action films, and choose reputed theatres with good sound and acoustics systems.

One year of Bunniness !! One year of Momminess !!

Last I remember I was writing about one month of Bunniness. And now its going to be an year in six days, and I still can’t believe it. Its been a beautiful motherhood journey. Feels like totally non mommy material like me was born to be Bunny’s mom.

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this now not so new role. I am loving every single moment of it.

Bunny is a sweetheart, I can’t probably explain in words how much I love him. He is a complete attention seeker, loves socializing. Melts everybody’s heart with his smiles. He will keep smiling/calling you in his own way until you respond to him and smile back. He absolutely love being in crowd.

Has already been to around 12 cities and has been constantly on the go since birth. And the inflow-outflow of guests at our home has almost doubled as contrary to what I earlier thought. So has not really been alone with us.

He is a happy -healthy kid generally. Has been quite a supportive baby. I just feel lucky and blessed to have him.

He is quite a active baby. And if I am around he doesn’t need anything else :). And I am always around, even in loo we kinda accompany each other. I think when time comes for his school or when i would be required to be out of home, the separation would be more difficult for me than him.

I am just overwhelmed and so excited. July has been great since the start. First we had this impromptu road trip to Amritsar – Chandigarh with sister and her friends. Which was great by all means, Bunny got slight fever on Day two, which worried me a bit but as soon as we realized it was due to teething, I was relived. And by next day evening he was completely himself. Tomorrow we are flying to Pune for a short weekend trip to Lavasa (for my birthday) then joining family in Bunny’s birthplace for his birthday and some celebrations :).

And our one year old household with a baby has been quite different with what me or my family envisioned.

– Its been a Johnson baby or any baby product free household. Yes no soaps, no powder, no creams for Bunny :). Only our very own coconut oil and mustard oil in winters.

– Its been a cerelac or any sort of pureed free home. I have not even learnt to force feed Bunny or feed him by distraction. Funnily I love khichdi and since Bunny’s arrival, unlike popular belief, it has been the least cooked food in our Kitchen.

– Also I have never bought a single box of formula milk. Breastfeeding and practicing Nursing in Public has been a boon for the kind of life we are leading with the Baby.

– Teddy-bears and soft toys free home. The ones we got as gifts are happilly lying in some corner, Bunny just doenst play with them. May be now as he grows. he will develop a fondness with them.

– No jhula, no walker, no crib, not a lot of fancy toys for him.

– Very early into the motherhood journey I learnt, that the kinda toy and how colorful/beautiful or expensive it is hardly matters to babies, they happily play with even kitchen or everyday stuff. What is important is giving them exposure to everything, sounds, colors, words, music, motion etc.

– Still no single pics of Bunny hanging on our walls, regretfully true.

– I have not once lost my temper with Bunny or regretted being a mom in this one year.

My only indulgences has been cloth diapers to an extent and Baby Carriers which has opened up new avenues for me, so I really do not mind.

Needless to say, i have been lucky with the kinda of family support system I have. The supportive partner I have, who supports me unconditionally, stands there as a pillar and trusts me with my decisions and ways to raise Bunny. Also for getting right information at the right time rather than being misguided and following some things which I would have regretted later.

Only thing I would like to change is TBH spending more quality and engaging time with Bunny and he learning to be with his Pa, even when I am not around. Somehow it is still not happening, and somewhere I am also a culprit because I kinda always intervene as soon as I hear things going out of control and do not give TBH fair chance. He has also been extremely overloaded with work lately, but he needs to be more hands on dad.

Like all the overwhelming emotional posts, I have no idea where did i start and where it is ending; Just that I am so happy to have a wonderful – beautiful motherhood journey, all thanks to my little munchkin.

Leaving you with a pic from our recent trip, somewhere enroute to Chandigarh from Amritsar.

One year of Bunniness !! One year of Momminess !!

One year of Bunniness !! One year of Momminess !!