Memories in Pictures

I just spent around past one hour reviewing some old albums on my fb profile, I do that often. I am a photo stalker; I would randomly go to any of my friend’s profile and view their pictures with keen interest. Sometimes I would reopen my photo folder in my hard drive and relive all the past moments with TBH, during my job, in college, while growing up, school madness, on family vacations and more. I own a vast collection of photographs and it is one of my most prized possessions. TBH is totally different in this regard or used to be, and during early days of our relationship I used to feel guilty being so photo crazy when he considers it as a totally useless exercise. But few months back I read an article in the newspaper about capturing moments and how it is associated with making people happy. How re- watching some old memories triggers happy hormones in the human body. Since then my guilt has suppressed big time, probably also because TBH has started taking some interest too.

With the digitization of this technology along with instant connectivity to share your details with the world, it’s getting very big. It has become a very integral part of our lives. Now we click around 300 pictures for each occasion when it used to be 32 selected and proper frames.

And I don’t mind it at all. In fact I love it. I love every moment being captured, the irony is I am not at all photogenic nor is TBH. But that doesn’t deter my enthusiasm. Coming to think of it, this runs in the family.

My Nanajee was very fond of photography; he would click numerous pictures of his children and wife. And he even got a small lab to develop them in home, not only that he used to color some of them too.  He also owned that Polaroid camera at one point of time. I have never seen that many pictures of people of my parent’s generation. I remember every time I used to visit my nani-ghar, he arranged for an exclusive photo session for all the kids; capturing our growing up years beautifully.

And then dad. He has clicked thousands of pictures of us as a family, of mamma (probably because she is so pretty J ) and he himself is a not only a very sensible photographer but looks amazing in front of camera too. My sister too, she is just extremely photogenic.

For a brief period of time I picked up photography during college and was pretty okay with compositions if only my hands were more stable, I could never actually handle the camera properly. My very new and very high end camera became kind of my group’s property. They would practice their hand on my device which at the end proved to be quite fruitful for me as I landed with the largest collection of college memories. The golden years. The craziness. The Fun.

Now the sister, she is going to make a career in this field, she is great with kids and so with kids photography where she is planning to specialize. Her drive, her passion, parent’s support, her learning makes me super happy. I think from the time she has picked up this skill I have taken a back seat. I mean I don’t care too much about good photographs, I just believe in capturing the memory, the moment.

I have no idea why this post came up and why it is ending so abruptly. It’s probably because TBH is not around and I am missing him a bit more this time and have seen our some memorable photographs like multiple times since morning. 

I will sort some of my favorite snaps and do a photo post sometime soon, the thing is it’s so difficult to share stuff maintaining anonymity.

Good night folks!!! So tell me about your most memorable pic?


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2 thoughts on “Memories in Pictures

  1. tandooripanipurilife December 4, 2013 at 9:01 am Reply

    my favourite pics will be from our honeymoon 😉 Whenever I see those pics I again feel the same excitement & love in our relationship that we used to have when we were very new for each other 🙂 Not that now we don’t have that love & excitement but us time ki baat hi kuch aur thi 🙂 lol

    • onehonestwriter December 4, 2013 at 5:39 pm Reply

      Hehe true TP. How cute is that 🙂 are you still blushing talking about those sweet – shy days. I am so excited, in couple of days from now I will be able to imagine you saying or thinking or writing all this. I will have am image in front of me 🙂

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