Happy Birthday TP !!!

This post is especially for you TP. You all know her from her blog www.tandooripanipurilife.wordpress.com . This is a late entry in fact very late, around 3 and half months late. We (Me & TBH) happened to meet TP & PK on Dec 6th and since then I have been meaning to write a post about that wonderful meeting. And last Friday it was TP’s birthday, now what better occasion to actually dedicate a post to her.

Somewhere around last quarter of 2013, TP on her blog kept mentioning about her upcoming India trip in December for her sister’s marriage. You could read her excitement and happiness through her words. During one of those blog conversations she asked me about the weather status in Delhi. And I caught the hint; she would be travelling via Delhi. Few emails exchanges later, our date and time was fixed. In our excitement we totally forgot to exchange cell numbers, though hers & PK’s would most likely wouldn’t be working but they could have contacted on ours if need be. But we just missed exchanging numbers, at the last minute I mailed her but she was already on her way to India by then.  It was like one of those earlier times when you would meet someone without the privilege of calling/reconfirming prior to the meeting.

It was decided that we will pick them up on a set time from their hotel and go to a nearby coffee shop. They had very few hours to spare and a very early morning flight the next day, so we dint want to waste a lot of time commuting.  We left well before time as I hate to be late and we took good enough margins to find the place where they were staying overnight. But as fate would have it that day the Delhi traffic condition was way beyond horrible.  Everybody seems to be on the roads and everybody seems to be in a rush. Only later we got to know that was the day when maximum marriages took place and the area near/around airport, where we were suppose to meet have a lot of wedding venues. We were badly stuck in traffic and had some confusion finding their hotel as there was another hotel with the same name. Every minute I was getting restless and was bothering TBH though nothing was in his hands. Finally we managed to reach the place around 20 minutes late. The guilt of being late, of not been able to communicate TP, of making her wait and leaving a bad first impression was grounding me. I was looking at every face anxiously as they could be them. Nervously I went to the reception asking about TP & PK.  The reception guy got me even before I could complete my statement, I realized TP would have been equally excited and would have waited and left with instructions to the receptionist. 

Enough said about the logistics, now about the actual meeting. The moment I met TP, it was like somebody walked out straight from her words on the blog. I always got an impression of fun, talkative, pure heartedness, innocence and genuine personality whenever I read her. She was all that and much more. She and PK dint made any fuss about us being late, or when we took them to totally random place which came first on our way to avoid the horrible traffic and actually catch some time talking. They dint make us feel any bad when the place did not have any decent thing to serve. We just kept talking and talking. You know the first thing I noticed was her footwear; a picture of which she had already shared on her blog. Even PK and TBH got along quite well. We talked about everything under the earth. There were so many connections we could draw, like our love for food, her sister being married in my hometown, the big fat Indian family, having a younger sister, couple of her friends belonging to our community and talks related to that and off course panipuri.  How can you meet TP and not talk about gol gappas? When it came to work, TBH and PK belong to totally different industries, but PK & TBH shared some connection there as well.  They make a wonderful couple, so easy going and fun to be with. TP is one beautiful soul inside out. We both couldn’t hide our excitement and how much we knew about each other through our blogs which amazed our partners.  We just kept talking nonstop. It was so refreshing. She is so humble and modest. It actually breaks your heart to see someone bothering and misunderstanding this girl. She is so good hearted and transparent.  She is someone who loves to laugh and live life to fullest.  (And for all those who are interested her hands and feet are beautiful, so maintained and just pleasing to look at :)).And did I say she got us a big bar of yummy chocolates which we I and TBH religiously indulged in next two days. I still have the wrapper saved :). One of these days I will post a picture of that and that of all four of us.

On your birthday TP, I wish you all the happiness in life. You are a blessed soul with a partner like PK, and such a loving family back in India, that everything and everyone else should just fade in the background (I hope you understand where I am hinting). You know you are right and there only so much you can do to please others.  I wish you all the success in all your ventures; fun filled and food filled days with PK. May all your dreams come true. Just stay the same ‘YOU’ TP. You are wonderful.

Hope to meet you again on your next India trip, for longer duration this time. Sharing a meal together, some shopping time and more talks :). 


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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday TP !!!

  1. tandooripanipurilife March 26, 2014 at 11:15 am Reply

    OMG OMG OMG… seriously??? You dedicated a whole post to me?? I am literally in tears now, if you will see which post I published just now you will understand my khushi ke aasu.. just after hitting ‘publish’ I get to read this beautiful post from a very beautiful friend, how can I not be in tears??
    Thank you so much OHW for your lovely birthday wishes & a wonderful gift in the form of this post, I will print this out & treasure this post with me life long, pakka promise 🙂
    I read your post & now I feel like I just met you yesterday. aah.. it was so much fun OHW.. that dark evening, butterflies in tummy to meet each other, cool breeze, finding a quiet restaurant, our chats & oh that mojito.. aaahh amazing evening eh 🙂
    Pakka, we will meet again, maybe next year but I will not give you any chocolate then 😉 ;-);-)

    • onehonestwriter March 26, 2014 at 5:52 pm Reply

      I can’t be happier knowing that you liked it :). And yes we have to meet again. Even I was surprised with how fresh were all the memories of our meeting, it was indeed lovely.

      I read your post and the stuff related to your inlaws always fills me with so much anger that I delay commenting. The thing is you have to leave the things you can’t change. So just enjoy TP, make a beautiful life.

  2. Neeli March 26, 2014 at 3:47 pm Reply

    U know what I seriously wanna meet u SHW n TP.. you gals, ur husbands, ur families n things happening in ur respective lives somehow helps me, n motivates me to portray my future life.

    SHW, from ur post i can make out that u went thru a bad relationship n with god’s grace got very well settled down with TBH. God bless bless u both!

    TP, after reading you, i sometimes get scared about my future in-laws 😦 (n i have expressed that to u as well) but the way PK supports u, rejuvenates energy n hope in me that a supportive husband is all u need to face any challenge.

    HUgs to u both! May god bless u

    • onehonestwriter March 28, 2014 at 7:56 am Reply

      Don’t know what to say….only yesterday was talking to a friend how a well settled and happy marriage liberates you in so many ways, gives you different kind of freedom and its the one thing we run away from as long as we can manage. I know its a gamble and uncertainties associated with it scares us, but nevertheless worth taking a chance. We will surely meet whenever we can.

      • Neeli March 28, 2014 at 8:08 am

        I agree. We run away from it and thats I had been doing. N now that when im at the doorstep of it, im scared. As u correctly sai, its a risk worth taking. Let’s see what future has in store for me n for other gals like me

  3. vishalbheeroo March 27, 2014 at 12:40 pm Reply

    It’s awesome meeting someone after going through hiccups in the journey and such meetings are memorable. It looks like a sweet meet and may your friendship bloom:)

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