No No….Not the romantic – mushy version of it. But KISS as a principal of engineering and management. KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid! You can read the details about it here.

I was introduced to it during my MBA. As much as this concept is applied to designs and other engineering processes, it is equally applicable in communication and marketing. During my MBA, I endorsed it completely. I have never been a big fan of highly complicated communication structures, those jazzy presentations, or those uber dynamic way of conveying a rather simple thing. I believed marketing messages are best transferred to the target audience if put directly and simply. Ain’t all of us adore the simple, neat and clutter free designs of Google and Apple products?

But this post is not about that also, it is about how this concept can be applied to real life too. Yesterday I met a couple and witnessing their current situation made me realize that how adapting this concept would make a difference in our life on day to day basis. If only they would have talked more before taking the big decision. 

If only we would be more open and direct in our communication. If only we will not wait for that phone call from someone close to us, and just dial his/her number. If only we will not entertain our useless egos and have a face to face conversation. If only we will start accepting that at the end a simple home made meal of dal-chawal is more satisfying than a 5 course meal in a 7 star property. If only we will stop collecting that technical junk and live with the basics. If only we could be more transparent, open and direct a lot of our complications would automatically vanish. If only we can stop assuming and living in presumptions. IF ONLY. 

I know keeping it simple is not as simple as it sounds. But I am surely gonna give it a try, I know I will end up being more happier, less cluttered and definitely more satisfied. 


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