Lines for me – Memories that make life beautiful :)

I thought of writing on letters, few letters from past which are precious to me. And while rummaging through my memory box of old letters, cards and scribbles, I found these lines written by my bestie J, dated nearly seven years back, around 6th march’07. Reminding me how time just flies away. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing these.

Needless to say I find them beautiful, reason being they are for me. J writes beautifully and she and A together presented them on a wonderful morning with a warm hug….(after few days of silence, misunderstandings, and mute fights……)

She who has been a responsible child
A friend at a far mile
She who has been a commanding sister
A friend with enigmatic smile
She who has always been a support
A friend, obviously mine
She who always want to be something
A freind who forget been someone
is rather fine’
A & J

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