Mai aisi kyu hu? Mai aisi kyu hu?

As much as I try to work upon myself constantly, trying to improve the self bit by bit, I still have long way to go. Though I also feel happy about the fact that I have become a much better person from where I started. Specially since the time I completely accepted my marriage and shifted with the better half. TBH has great impact on me, he actually worked hard on me in our early days of marriage. From making me learn to control my emotions to making me learn how to catch a ball. From being stronger to put my senses where it matters. From making me realize that nothing is un-achievable and no dream is a small dream. From making me see the possibilities out there to showing me how openness automatically reduces complications. To make me learn how not to take small matters seriously.

But like I said there is still a long way to go, and there are certain habits I still need to come to terms with or learn to let them go. Though relatively small things but those which irritates me to no bound. I really really want to get rid of them, because the cribbing and dukh-manana unnecessary eats up my productive time. Guys give me ideas and suggestions to really come over the below mentioned peeves:

– Feeling guilty of a lot of unnecessary things, sister pissed off, dad not keeping well, TBH having a dull day etc etc. I don’t know how but I have this immense capability of giving self too much importance and feeling responsible for some situations which are completely out of my control zone.

– When someone doesn’t eat what I have cooked and served. Cooking is serious love for me, if they planned not to eat at all, it should be informed and if served, it should be atleast eaten as a gesture.

– When I myself pile up things which take less than 5 minutes or so – dusting, drying laundry, folding dried laundry.

– When TBH puts the TV on mute and forgets for hours together.

– When TBH refuses to eat on the dining table.

– When the maid talks unnecessary.

– When the sister forgets to consider the other person on the phone.

– When a shopkeeper gives spoiled fruits and veggies deliberately.

– When the customer care is rude and unresponsive.

– When someone doesn’t get the basics.

– When I feel dull even after knowing that’s because I skipped my exercises.

– When I get sudden cleanliness attacks and bother TBH

– For my constant mood swings and upsetting the overall atmosphere of home.

– For losing patience on silly things like a game of Candy Crush 😛

I don’t want to add further, its depressing. Now I am wondering if the list is so long, where are all the improvements I have mentioned above.



2 thoughts on “Mai aisi kyu hu? Mai aisi kyu hu?

  1. tandooripanipurilife April 16, 2014 at 5:46 am Reply

    Any sane human being will feel the same way as you feel in certain situations. Thodi bahot feelings/emotions toh honge hi naa..This is what I think but if this is not correct than ho sakta hai we both are insane 😀
    Sudden cleanliness attacks – I am also getting these more often now and I don’t know whom to blame, can we blame our hormones??? 😛 😛 😀
    For Candy Crush pagalpan you are only responsible 😛 😛

    • onehonestwriter April 21, 2014 at 12:53 pm Reply

      I know but they somehow spoil that time. But okay life would be too boring without them. And yes safer option is to put that on hormones 🙂 Candy crush – I am still not over it :::::(

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