I got this idea from Hrishikesh’s tag –  As a part of the tag I am required to share:

  1. Write 5 happy moments.
  2. Write 5 sad/regretted moments. (Only place where you may write less – who wants to remember the sad moments)
  3. Write 5 goals that you achieved.
  4. Write 5 other events or moments you would like to share.
  5. 5 other moments or goals you would like in the next 5 years.

But as I am in a mood to only retrospect I am leaving the last point for now, maybe I will take that up as a dedicated post in itself.

Write 5 happy moments

  • When I won an international UNICEF award for a radio program which I wrote and produced.
  • Being a rank holder in State MBA entrance exam, Topping the college in under graduation and being university topper in MBA and getting a gold medal for that ( I actually realized my worth as a student only after school, I have never liked the school level padai).
  • Getting placed in two big companies in post-graduation (more about it here).
  • Falling in love with my workplace and getting promoted within 6 months of joining.
  • Coming to TBH and finding the true meaning of friendship, love, relationships and marriage with him.

Write 5 sad/regretted moments

  • Falling in for a wrong guy and continuing that screwed relationship even after getting subtle hints every now and then about the messed up situation. Also letting him take control of my life, my future and giving in when he tried to blackmail me after my marriage got fixed.
  • Not trusting TBH enough and doubting him in our courtship period and early days of marriage. Spoiling our so called honeymoon big time, I don’t know if TBH has forgotten it or not but I can’t in my entire lifetime, the way I have ill-treated and mistrusted him.
  • Giving my parents the hardest time of their life in the months that led to my marriage.
  • Joining CN over CD, after getting placed in both and then resigning before getting another job offer.
  • Dad’s accident right after my marriage.

Write 5 goals that you achieved

  • Gaining corporate work experience and doing well there, I was never sure I would work or survive in a formal setup.
  • Losing weight around 12 kgs, no not coming in the ideal weight category but still the attempt of following a healthy lifestyle and the knowledge that I have gained in my efforts is worth it. More of that story here.
  • Finding work options from home post leaving my full time job, I never wanted to sit idle at home post marriage.
  • Finding this perfect guy as my life partner (though my parents did it, but still) and creating this beautiful life with TBH, something I always imagined my married life to be.
  • Cakes and more, I have always loved the homemade cakes and now I can make variants anytime I want, gives me a different high.

Write 5 other events or moments you would like to share

  • My parent’s expressions when first time they saw me happily settled in the marriage.
  • Getting a firm level opportunity at the onset of my first official job.
  • Both set of parents staying with us first time after marriage and their chemistry, the happiness around.
  • The surprise TBH gave in my birthday month.
  • Actually every moment spent with the better half, I keep falling in love with him over and over again.

Guys, feel free to take this tag.

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One thought on “Retrospection

  1. Santulan April 21, 2014 at 3:19 pm Reply

    Baking cakes is awesome 😀

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