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I can’t believe a to z blogging challenge is already towards its last two days. I am so proud of myself for not missing a single day, I have missed the timings I wanted to post but not any day. And how can I complete a challenge without doing a Food post. In recent months our eating out has reduced and my love for home cooked meals and all things Indian has increased manifolds. So most of the pictures would be about Shuddh Desi Khana :). Thanks TP for the reminder !!!


This was my version of Poori Bhaji on a leisure winter Sunday afternoon. The alu curry was cooked bengali style, and I can’t tell you how tasty it turned out to be. This blog – http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/ is turning out to be my new favorite for everyday vegetarian cooking. The style is simple, healthy and with very clear instructions.



Veg cutlets/kebabs in breakfast with almost zero oil, also a tasty way to finish the left over veggies in your fridge.



Instant Sooji Uttapam, I know the picture doesn’t do justice in this case. I have tried many versions of this, but this one time it turned out to be really yum – crisp, healthy and fast :).


That is to say the summers have started. And salads have become a regular during meal times. So did you check my salad platter :P.


TBH’s version of banana milkshake to surprise me one hot afternoon. Did you see how he tried to put hearts with rooh afza? Not bad I would say 😛


Summers for me are for rice meals along with papad, achar, dahi and any dry veggie :). This was with alu-baigan.



That’s ‘Yukta-ahar’, fancy name to a north Indian thali in a shudd veg resturant in South Delhi – Sattvik. We went there last Sunday. It was tasty beyond words and surprisingly everything single dish was awesome. Btw did I tell you my new found love for thalis? I am consuming thalis like crazy wherever I am going these days. I even tried a south Indian meal/thali over dosa twice in our favorite south Indian restaurant in Delhi. That says enough.


This was this Sunday, I finally ordered Rava Onion Dosa, after multiple trips of consuming thalis :P. If you love South Indian and in Delhi, you have to visit Sarvana at Janpath. They have their branches world over but this one is beyond world, specially try having breakfast there.



This was again in Sattvik, two non alcoholic but slurp worthy beverages. Orange one is cranberry + pineapple. Green is cuccumber based. Great summer choices. And I am planning to try mock tails/shakes at home this summers, all recipes and suggestions are welcomed here.

P.S. Considering the length of this post, I am leaving the baking behind.

To end this post, what better to post something that adorns our dining area and something we truly believe in.



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9 thoughts on “Yumminess Around

  1. alifemoment April 29, 2014 at 2:53 pm Reply

    Nice post with really nice food 🙂

  2. greenboochi April 29, 2014 at 3:54 pm Reply

    The last pic is so lovely!! 🙂 And great food pics 🙂

  3. tandooripanipurilife April 30, 2014 at 8:46 am Reply

    Foooooood.. Aahhaa.. The first love of my life 😉 😀

  4. Little Fingers April 30, 2014 at 9:29 am Reply

    Looks so good, I had my dinner but I can eat all these now. Looks super delicious.

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