What’s going on?

On this side of the blog world !!!

I have been missing my blog space and have no time or will to write a full fledged post. So jotting down few updates.

– My parents are here from for a week (they are leaving tomorrow) and I have to admit I am my lazy best. Mom is taking care of the kitchen, though I help her but having her around is a big big support.

– On a good note, Mom was highly impressed with my home and my home management skills, that made me super happy. With moms your talks never end, we almost catch up daily on phone, still there was so much to share and have some long family gossips :).

– I am working on not expecting others to not to expect. I dunno if I am clear in that confusing sentence but recently my peeve has been guests coming over (not parents) or passing by Delhi and expecting us to attend them, screw our schedule and roam around with them, know their taste preferences before hand, arrange for their pick-drop etc. etc. It is one part that we don’t expect the same when we are ones playing guests but the point is wishing they too keep low expectations is also sort of keeping expectation, right? So I am re analyzing that part of me.

– TBH is an awesome awesome Son in law. Dad has been facing some professional tough times and was planning to cancel his trip to Delhi. We coaxed him to come just for a day or two so that his mood refreshes a bit, and TBH went a step ahead and booked tickets for IPL match in our city for the cricket crazy dad. Dad’s mood changed instantly as soon as TBH handed over him the tickets, he was really surprised :). The two of them had some great boys time out.

– My MIL knows me best. TBH has to travel for work and my in-laws are planning to come over to be with me. Yesterday my MIL called and said we will only give TBH’s a week’s time to complete his work unlike earlier times when he goes for a three days and returns in fifteen. I was like yes yes, absolutely. And she said laughingly, ‘tumhare hee man kee bat kehadi na’ !!! She knows I am my happy best with TBH around.

– My efforts to give the cricket crazy husband some company has made me reach a point where I have started enjoying the IPL matches, gained decent knowledge of the game and the players and overall started having some good time co-watching the matches with him, betting for our favorite teams etc etc. And the timing of the new blogadda contest around this couldn’t be better, I am planning to participate, if only I come out of my lazy zone.

On another sad note, I am having double thoughts on keeping this blog or going totally private. I think my anonymity has been compromised, the only person (loser ex) I wanted to hide this from seems to be lurking around. I got couple of comments on few of my posts which seems to be from him. I have no idea what I am going to do. And even the thought of leaving this spaces saddens me.


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4 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. vishalbheeroo May 10, 2014 at 3:08 pm Reply

    Hey! Just ignore or block him and ur blog I’d ur space, don’t let anyone make u close it coz f fear. Apart from that, enjoyed the post on a lazy Saturday. Don’t let others bother you like and keep rocking:))

  2. greenboochi May 12, 2014 at 9:43 am Reply

    Why cant you block him OHW? It would be really really sad if you chose the take this blog private, but then I would respect your decision whatever it is. Hugs dearie! I wanted to write a long comment on all your points, now all I can remember is that last para.

  3. Little Fingers May 12, 2014 at 10:30 am Reply

    Catching up with your posts after the break.Definitely will not like to see you go from blog world . I would say give the damm to ex.he is ex for a reason so why you bother abt whether he is around this space or not .

  4. Neeli July 4, 2014 at 4:20 pm Reply

    Please don’t go Anulika! 😦 I really really love to read you! Knowing you, reading about you is a pleasure n I dont wanna loose that! If possible, block him. N I completely understand the efforts of anonymity! What ever may be your decision, it will be welcomed! Love u, hugs!

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