Bunny Baatein

Title Inspited by TPPL Latest post Dus Baatein.

Bunniness, So like I mentioned Bunniness is all about being busy with Bunny and I have to admit I am keeping extremely busy with Bunny around, I am now at my inlaws place and all I have to do here is manage Bunny and his stuff and keep eating and get fat, still I have no idea when days are turning into weeks and where the time is flying.

Bunnypoo, yup which ranges from turmeric yellow to mehandi green from five to ten times a day. It is like dining table discussion these days and surprisingly it doesn’t affect me or the family in any gross way. Amit from Mashed musings wrote an exceptional piece about it when his daughter was born under the tag daddy diaries. Go read it if you have time, I have no time to link it.

Bunny pressure, it’s the extreme pressure he subjects to himself when he wants to poop. He turns all red and black applying the pressure. It works in following stages Blankness – where he realises he needs to take something out of his system
Poop face – try to say poop and see the formation of your lips, exactly that.
Pressure – the one I mentioned above turning all red black and grunting
Release – the obvious, waste out of body
Relax – full of smiles just before he realises he is all wet and needs a change

It’s a common verb these days in our household, somebody who is not able to pass smooth motions would say need to put bunny pressure ;).

Bunny cries, are his various cries/ calls. Different for different needs like when he is wet, hungry, wants to sleep or just needs to be cuddled with his mommy. Funnily enough I hear him saying my pet name every time he cries for his feed. But no one believes me :(.

Bunny Fans, people whose heart melts for bunny. People who have seen him from day one and fallen in love with my little munchkin. Specially his nani, nanu, mausi, s mausi, badi Maa, bade papa. Earlier it was dadi ghar who use to crave for him now it’s nani ghar. They keep calling to hear him make various sounds or even his cry and feel like coming out of phone and coochi-cooing him, I have seen his not so emotional mausi shedding tears and getting extremely worried when she saw bunny in a little pain.

Bunny surprises, are the special treats he shower on us. Like full toothless smile, sometimes turning into laughter, at times when you take your tongue out ( the teasing gesture) he does exactly same, or the way he holds hands exactly like his dad. Or when you think in mind that Bunny please smile, he would do that exactly at that moment. Or the other moments when you crack a joke and he smiles as if he got that, or cries when you are faking to scold him.

Bunny meditation, the times when he goes beyond the worldly affairs, and does not respond to any of the actions/ sounds around. Doesn’t look at anybody and just kinda meditates with open eyes, the reason we call it meditation is he makes his hand position exactly like his dadi when she actually meditates.

Bunny wish tree, this one actually makes me believe the age old saying ‘Baccho mein bhagvan ka roop hota hai’. We were at my mothers whole of august and everybody kept asking bunny to grant their wish and every single one came true,the sister got highest photoshoots in the month of August and despite the monsoons everytime she asked bunny to pray for a sunny day and it was every single time. She got placed in the same month in a reputed firm, off course the credit goes to bunny. My mom wished for some of her school event to turn successful despite lack of preps and yup bunny granted that, Bunny’s mamma prayed for his dad’s work trip to get cancelled and yup was granted twice šŸ™‚ and so on.

Bunny hair, he was born with quite a good amount of hair and every body loves to play with them. I can actually now confidently guess he was with whom. Everybody parts his hair in different way. The young mausis try to make spikes, badi nani makes centre partition, the possessive mom tries to cover his big forehead ;). You get the drift right?

That’s all for now, till I come with more please wish for another successful month with bunny full of health and happiness :). My little fellow is two months old today.


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4 thoughts on “Bunny Baatein

  1. Scribby September 22, 2014 at 8:44 am Reply

    mwah Bunny… lol @ Bunny Pressure šŸ™‚

  2. onehonestwriter September 22, 2014 at 8:03 pm Reply

    šŸ™‚ bunny sending back some love to you :). And you know he wore the bunny dress you gifted on his second month birthday šŸ™‚

  3. smdeea11 September 22, 2014 at 10:37 pm Reply

    Now I am a Bunny fan! Lots of love to Bunny šŸ™‚

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