That horrible night

This day, last week, when I had these horrible horrible stomach cramps. Something I had never experienced before in my entire 27 years of existence. It’s not an exaggeration when I say I don’t even remember the day I went into labour and delivered Bunny for pain as much as this day. Had to do with anaesthesia and the fact TBH was holding my hand.

I started having pain from evening around seven which would reoccur every few minutes, I considered it a case of gas ( I had two tiny uttapams a day prior and urad dal doesn’t suit me much) called up my gynic inquiring which medicine is safe to take as I am breast feeding Bunny. She suggested a common medicine which I took within few minutes, I couldn’t eat much that evening just ate few spoons of khichhdi to take the medicine. But even after an hour there was no relief in pain infact the intensity only increased, I took couple of more medicines suggested by one of the well wishers of my inlaws (medical shop owner who themselves become half doc) but only after confirming with my doc. But then too the relief was only temporary. By this time I was crying out loud, TBH was out of town. My MIL, FIL did everything too soothe me but to no avail. TBH’s absence, bothering my inlaws and worrying about Bunny was aggravating the situation.

But that one night showed me yet another side of my in laws, both my inlaws were standing by my side, my MIL was constantly pressing my back/ legs to make me fall asleep. In fact she had to clean up my vomit as well, as I took turns in vomiting and passing motions, everything that was in came out even the couple of sips of water and glucose I took. It was a surprise because she is not someone who is associated with such things, kitchen, taking care of children, homemaking doesn’t attract her; she is more into managing our college, working on investments and finances and taking interest in TBH’s business and alike. But that night she became my saviour, my mom :). My FIL was pressing my head and constantly being in touch with the doctor. My pain kept worsening and I had to take pain relieving injections at around 11 in night. And Bunny what a supportive kid he is, he took his feed just before my pain intensified around eight in the evening and slept through out my crying/vomiting period and woke up for his next feed only after when I felt better after the injections and for the first time after coming home from hospital slept without me with his grandparents. And luckily his digestive system worked fine, the thing we were most worried about as whatever goes in me has an effect on him.

I met a local doctor (thank god she was related and I had heard good reviews about her) the very next morning and it turned out to be extreme case of indigestion. I took complete medicine dose for five days and started feeling better the next day itself. Looks like my stomach needed some rest considering the hogging I had been doing but I feel extremely hungry post every alternate feed.

As an after effect I have again moderated my diet, eating less portions more frequently, making fruits a compulsion, trying new stuff which I was avoiding since Bunny’s birth in very small quantity, and most importantly moving a bit, I became a bed bug since i am at my inlaws where there is less work to do and nothing is expected of me, yup I am one of those lucky souls who have chances to gain weight at sasural instead of the mayka :P.

Ab sab changa hai 🙂 and TBH is also back :).


3 thoughts on “That horrible night

  1. smdeea11 September 26, 2014 at 3:07 pm Reply

    Its a relief to know that you are alright now. You know, such incidents actually show us how much people around love us. I can imagine my in-laws doing exactly the same. Infact, they have showered me with so much love that its been almost four years I visited my maayka, but frankly speaking, my inlaws never let me miss them.
    Its good that you are keeping a check on your diet now. Even I felt very hungry after the feed.

    • onehonestwriter September 26, 2014 at 3:22 pm Reply

      We are lucky 🙂 and not visiting mayka Really? I can’t do that, I visit my mayka or call them at our place and live with my parents as frequently as I stay with my in laws :). But yup having good inlaws makes life beautiful in totally a different way.

      And diet I was doing it before also, but being extra careful after that day.

  2. vishalbheeroo September 27, 2014 at 1:28 pm Reply

    Hey hop everything fine, now, it’s always good to be surrounded with family who supported you and doff my hat at your wonderful in laws

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