Sometimes in a blogger’s life

So last week I was writing the below post at around 9 in night.

Venting out

TBH was away for almost twelve days which I managed just fine without making him feel bad even a single time or emotionally blackmailing him for being away from me and Bunny. Infact honestly I missed him less with Bunny around.

But now he came back today morning and to my annoyance he did not sit even for five minutes with me exclusively. When he did it amidst his work, it was mostly with bunny or when everybody was around and we did not spend us time which always boosts my energy, in fact the negativity is depleting my energy because I was really expecting him to spend some time with me. I waited till evening not letting myself getting pissed off that may be he is waiting for bunny to fall asleep or his work to get over, but no that wasn’t the case.

From last couple of hours he is non stop talking with my MIl in her room. They are talking, laughing and doing the usual masti which is common at our place but as Bunny is sleeping in another room I can’t leave him alone and join them and they have not even called me once. This is really ………………….

Exactly at this point TBH entered asking for something to eat, he even offered to get it himself but explaining him where everything he wanted was would involve talking and giving insane amounts if directions which I was in no mood to. So I went in the kitchen to get what he has asked for, by this time tears started rolling down as I felt he only remembered me when he needed my services. I served him and went back in kitchen to get myself some water and to avoid conversation, it was pitch dark so he dint see my expressions. By the time he finished eating I thought he would return to MIL’s room but no he started making some conversation holding my hand and all, I kept answering in monosyllables, I am known to give in, I dont like wasting time in being angry but this one time I wanted to stay angry and him to manao me and all that.

Despite it being pretty early I said me and Bunny are retiring to our bedroom, you can watch tv if you want or continue with MIL. He said no I will come with you guys. In bedroom too he kept talking, sharing his travel stories, not understanding my mood, started getting cozy and all. Despite wanting it so much to cuddle with him, sleep on his shoulder, talk to him, I refused to give in and then I realised why I am acting so much against my nature.

In reality owing to my stupidity I did not want the half written above post to go waste, I wanted to vent out completely and if I would have given in at that point the whole vented up feelings would be no more. You get it write? Does this happen with you as well? That you have written a half post and the story completely changes itself by the time you complete it? Or something similar?

As far as our one sided fight goes, I took it to the level of crying and a few shouts from my end and he took it to the level of hugging me tight and pacifying me in some silent ways :). Since then life has been good, he understood my point and has been giving ample time to both me and bunny.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes in a blogger’s life

  1. smdeea11 October 4, 2014 at 3:13 pm Reply

    I am yet to discover if it would happen with me but the emotions and my reaction are exactly the same:-D

  2. greenboochi October 5, 2014 at 9:30 pm Reply

    OHW… I could very well imagine this with me and S as well. Happened some times before. Hugs..

  3. onehonestwriter October 6, 2014 at 3:15 pm Reply


  4. tandooripanipurilife October 7, 2014 at 5:00 am Reply

    yep.. have been there.. many times… probably written on my blog too & then felt guilty & foolish too..
    The main problem is we don’t speak up. We expect our husbands to understand what we want, what we are feeling..

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