What’s going on?

A lot and yet not much. I have loads to say and not enough time to write separately on each point so here jotting down few updates.

Bunny’s ‘Palna’/Chowk’ function was held on 2nd October, it turned out be much larger event than I had anticipated earlier. It was almost like a mini shaadi with around 800 people coming over and wishing us. It was like any wedding reception except for the fact that the gifts were for Bunny. Now I have enough soft toys, baby toys and baby wear to open a kid shop myself. My huge hearted FIl and the fact that Bunny is the first great grand child of this khandan added to the celebrations.

Extended Stay, it’s been almost three and a half months that I left Delhi home for Bunny’s arrival. I am glad to have such support system and convenience of having TBH around owing to his work flexibility. But now our already long stay would be further extended and I have started missing home along with all the perks of being in your own space. Specially cuddling with TBH anytime anywhere, creating a bunny corner/ space in our home, cooking just to please yourself, eating out sessions, meeting friends, movies movies and movies. Needless to say last point is the most important because everything else is still possible to some level but this being a small town there are no movie theatres :(.

TBH turning 30, I have all the plans of making it big for TBH, but this year his birthday is falling on Diwali, so I thought okay we would celebrate the special day with family and as soon as we are back we will have our kind of celebration but like I mentioned our stay would be extended and it would only be mid November before we reach Delhi. Also I have limited resources and mobility at my disposal so I am getting flustered for not been able to do much, guys please help me out and share what all can be done?

In another happy news TBH and I (okay remove ‘I’ ) have worked out finances for having our own home in Delhi, in all likelihood by next year we will shift in our own space, or at least would have finalised on the property. Wish us luck guys that everything happens hassle free.

Continuing the happiness TBH elder brother’s wife, our Bhabhi is also expecting a baby after undergoing miscarriages twice in her six years of marriage, once delivering a still born. Honestly having a baby before her was one of my major guilty pangs during pregnancy, and she loves kids like anything, Bunny would always laugh in her lap. Please pray for her and wish her that this time it all goes smoothly.

Bunny has more or less fallen into a routine which allows me to have good enough time during the day, now it’s my turn to productively utilise it. I need to stop procrastinating and start that ASAP. Somebody please help.

Also ending with a question to the mommies out there, suggest me some books which I can order online for myself, something light and on Mommyhood and also to read to bunny or give him during his play time to look at.


2 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. tandooripanipurilife October 7, 2014 at 4:41 am Reply

    Have never heard of Palna function actually.. 800 people?? OMG that’s a huge function yaar.. Congratulations & blessings to bunny always..
    Don’t worry you will get that space soon when Bunny will crawl near you guys and you & TBH will watch back to back movies while looking at him.. till then enjoy the pampering from all parents & relatives 🙂
    Yay!! TBH is turning 30 on Diwali day.. what a grand celebration it will be yaar.. all over India everyone will celebrate TBH’s bday & ofcourse Bunny’s first Diwali will make it more special. And giving ideas to the girl who herself can think out of box ideas for her loved ones? nahi baba, Icant give you any ideas ulta I will wait to read about how & what you planned for TBH 🙂
    yay.. such a big news OHW.. Wish you & TBH all the best in finding your dream home..
    I read the post yesterday & said a prayer for your Bhabhi immediately, I cant even imagine what she must be feeling having gone through all this. I really really hope & pray this time all goes well & bunny gets a little sister/brother soon 🙂
    aahhaa.. it was so nice to catch-up with you..

    • onehonestwriter October 9, 2014 at 8:54 am Reply

      Bunny saying thanks TP maasi. Yes it was a huge function, because of the social reputation of my inlaws and this being a small town the turn around was larger than expected.

      I know I will be on our own sooner or later, so just letting it be for now, letting the grand parents enjoy with their little grandson. 🙂

      I know TP, I have so many things to do on his birthday but only in my head, Bunniness and lack of resources is not actually letting me do something concrete.

      Yup we all are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping bunny becomes a elder bro smoothly. And it was actually nice whatsapping with you the other day, I was horribly missing you.

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