Updates wala post again !!!

I am feeling guilty for not full length posts about the things that are going on, but I can’t help it either, life has been going in a pace I am feeling hard to keep up to it.

Again the FB mommy groups are extremely addictive, they are eating up most of my free time I mean time when I am rocking Bunny in my lap, when we are in the car or when he is taking his nap or when I am eating. That’s the definition of free time these days. So back on the groups they are addictive because its their that you can talk babies all day long without feeling guilty, without getting the taunts from non mommy friends and siblings, it’s their you can be informed and aware and learn from each others experience and hundred of new things as well.

We found a good paed in Delhi, I liked him instantly. Again the recco came from the Mommy Group I am part of. I usually like doctors who say no to medicines for common things like cold and rashes. Bunny took his third vaccination without any fuss and this little guy makes me so so proud. He smoothly adjusted to Delhi, the move, the mall day, the local shopping day.

On shopping the wedding is nearing, I spent one whole day in Delhi Market to find something nice to wear which will 1. Looks good on me 2. Is Bunny Friendly in terms of carrying him and feeding him. 3. Is a wedding worthy attire. This time budget was not a constraint I was prepared to shell out a lot, but size became a big issue. And to my disappointment dint get anything. And just at a random store picket three dress material which needs to be converted into heavy dresses, that is another tension altogether.

On coming back to Delhi, we reached on 26th morning, I have been swamped with work since then, but before I knew it, before I could even unpack my whole luggage, we are again going back to my hometown, to sasural, to wedding, sooner, much sooner than expected. Again will be away from home for a month.nNot even staying for ten days here. As if bought Bunny to show him our house where we hardly live.

And the train journey was horrible this time for me, Bunny was alright but he takes the whole space :(. I dint get any space to sleep.

I am getting good at nursing him in public – Since moving back to Delhi I have nursed him in a moving car as well as in a very crowded McDonalds outlet.

On a not so happy note, TBH and I had a major fight last night, his busy-ness due to work and upcoming wedding is getting on my nerves, he is not giving both of us exclusive time and I am feeling fluttered. Also this is the first time he badly misunderstood me. I know he needs a break too but I need him as well. Anyhow though he apologized in the morning, but I am yet to come over it. This is the main reason I agreed to go back this soon, I am not able to trust him with his time and help commitment now we have Bunny in our lives.

I had so much to say but this last update is just making me upset all over again.


5 thoughts on “Updates wala post again !!!

  1. The Girl Next Door December 2, 2014 at 9:55 am Reply

    A LOT is happening in your life, na? 🙂 Good good.. enjoy yourself!

    The OH and I have also been fighting because he has gotten extremely busy after Bubboo’s birth. I know he has a lot to take care of at work and a lot of other stresses, but I need him too. I have been missing him sorely all the times when he is not around. So, I can completely relate to what you mean by your last update. Hope things get better for both of us on this front, soon.

  2. Praktan December 2, 2014 at 3:26 pm Reply

    busy mommy!
    i m glad tht u r liking d FB groups 🙂
    itZ actually a gr8 stress buster!
    and yeah i totally agree d non guilty part!
    I am d last person frm our girlZ grp to have kid n i always used to hate all my fnrdZ who used to talk only abt their kids!
    now i understand all of that but dont want to pakao-fy anyone wid my baby-talks!!
    so these fb groups are like my 24×7 mommy frndZ!! n i luv it!!!!

  3. tandooripanipurilife December 4, 2014 at 5:50 am Reply

    So much going on in your lives right now OHW..
    and the thing is you both are busy in 2 different directions. TBH is busy with his work, wedding preps & all that, while you are busy with Bunny.. and the traveling with the baby sounds so tiresome.. hence all this misunderstanding. You guys just need “your family” time. I hope you both get relaxing family time in Delhi soon..

    On positive note, in this busy schedule Bunny will get lots of time to spend with his grandparents and also he will grow up so fast.. soon you will be planning for his first birthday..
    Aur indore jaake indori pohe bhi toh khaane milenge?? 😀 Cheer up dearie..

    Vaise how to find those FB groups?

  4. Visha December 9, 2014 at 2:45 pm Reply

    phew, just finished reading all your posts which I had missed 🙂 Enjoyed reading all the updates, yayay

    Me-time and us-time, the two most important ‘times’ which come so rarely and run away in a blink of an eye post birth of the baby. Hugs!! I can relate to you. Stolen moments during the day and night might make your day. Like an sms, or a brief phone call..thats how we are surviving 🙂

  5. mythalez December 11, 2014 at 1:20 pm Reply

    Coming back here after a long time. And you have had a baby in this duration! Congrats!!

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