Some recent conversations in our household

So Master-chef India has gone vegetarian this year, we were watching TV and the Masterchef ad was running.

Him – lo maine bola tha na ( I told you na)
Me – Arey baba, I am just a decent home cook
Him – Arey telling this for myself
Me – face palm

Coming from someone who haven’t progressed from Maggie, tea, milkshake, cornflakes, bread butter, in last three years of marriage.


So yesterday a Rs.240 tag got stuck in TBH’s feet from somewhere. It caught my attention when we sat on the floor bed made for Bunny.

Me – so you are priced at 240 now?
Him – huh
Me – or probably your legs
Him – with a poker face) no, mere pair ka kachda ( the dust of my feet)
I wasn’t expecting such instant wittiness, and a good laugh.


This portrays my dumbness. We bought some batteries the other day with MRP 235 and we were billed 300 Rs, we both were in a rush and dint check it. I really don’t like such things, even a small amount bothers me. So I asked TBh to go there the next day and show them their mistake, he reluctantly agreed.

Next day in a complaining voice I said will you be going there, or I should open the packing, I need to use them.
He said, open it, no problem.
I was like problem kaise nahi, how will you show them then?
He said kyu ek hee piece hai iska, unki shop mein aur bhi honge na.
I couldn’t believe my dumbness, which dint ended here.
I continued how will they know we bought this only.
TBH, from the bill !!!! giving me those tum bhi na.


While shuffling channel we caught the glimpse of one of the Sonam Kapoor’s film where she is wearing a halter neck kind of top. Both of us detest her for our own reasons, she said some dialogue with her typical expressions.
Him – Dekhi kya acting hai
Me – I can’t take my eyes off her shoulders, ki aage kuch dekhu. ( I think she has unreasonably broad shoulders as compared to her face/lower body)
Him – Arey usne banaye hai apne shoulders aise, used style hai, don’t you knew she is a fashion icon.
And I had a big big laugh after that :).

This may not sound funny enough to read but the promptness and spontaneity gave some nice smiles :). Just a reminder of us time :).

P.S. Happy Valentine day you guys :). We are off for a weekend gateway and no guesses Bunny is our Valentine.


One thought on “Some recent conversations in our household

  1. The Girl Next Door February 14, 2015 at 8:47 am Reply

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all three of you! Have a great break!

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