Bunny’s Bedtime and sucking at contests !!!

The current recently closed pamper contest on Indiblogger has to be customised for me. Since the time I am back after meeting my two best mates, who are both young mommies like me, I have tons to share. We were together for almost the whole day and still couldn’t finish all our talks. Our endless talks revolved around different parenting approaches, different babies, different timings to achieve milestones and all the usual new mommy topics. One of the major topic of discussion was sleepless nights after being a new mom.

I am the newest mom among the three of us, so naturally the question was thrown at me. And you won’t believe me but honestly I don’t remember any unusual or tough night in past six months of raising Bunny. I have been really lucky in this regard. And decided I will share my little bed time routine on the blog.

Something to do with him being a less fussy and healthy baby. Also the kind of family support I had, I dint have to do anything but manage Bunny. I took full advantage of it. My mantra was going early to bed and waking when ever Bunny wakes up in the morning, that would usually be from 9 pm to 9 am. So in this window of 12 hours even when Bunny would wake up like ten times for feed, I would still have enough sleep.

I also give some credit to the routine I follow. Here is a snap shot of our night routine:

A little massage: I usually start Bunny’s bed routine at 9. Would bring him in the room, undress him and give him a little oil massage while talking to him that’s it’s time to sleep. Nothing vigorous, just applying warm oil on hands and legs to relax them. Owing to the fact that babies are lifted so many times in a day and make so many different positions, a little oil and mamma’s touch calms them down.

Night diaper and fresh pair of cloths:
post massage it’s time to put Bunny in night diaper and a soft night dress. For night time diapering we have been using Pampers active baby, and this is not for contest or advertisement but this diaper is just great, we tried a lot of options and landed on this quite early and since then have been glued to this only. Seriously very soft, no complaints of rashes and actually works for 12 hours plus if you ain’t required to change poopy diaper. One handy tip I got from a friend and turned out to be really useful was buying a bigger size diaper for the baby. So if your baby is in range of 5-8kg, go for a size range higher let’s say 8-12kgs. This makes diaper a little loose on their tiny bumps hence less chances of rashes.

P.S though I am loving cloth diapering him in day time when we are out, but owing to winters and considering Bunny being a frequent wetter and feeds multiple time during nights, I couldn’t find a perfect ninth time solution. So left with using disposables during nights.

Storytime: I think from third month or so I started reading ‘the hungry caterpillar’ book to Bunny, same book every night just to increase his recall value. It’s an interesting and visually appealing book for children, more than Bunny I feel I enjoy reading it.

The Goodnights: After the little story routine, I make him lie down next to me and say loud Goodnights to all important people in Bunny’s life. Starting from his Dadu, Dadi, bade papa, badi maa to Nani side and last to me. Also thanking almighty for everything.

Lullaby: By this time he is usually very sleepy and starts nursing before drifting to sleep. I slowly hum his favourite song which his Dadi started singing to make him sleep. He recognises that song and knows this signifies close your eyes. :).

I have said it earlier, but yet repeating that nothing like waking up to a smily baby. Also not to forget dry baby :). From the very start, every time I watch the visual of happy babies waking up on TV, I always relate it to Bunny and pampers :).

And this is what I follow broadly, nothing hard and fast, it’s not if he falls asleep early, I am going to wake him to do any of the above šŸ˜‰

About the title, because I completed the post after the contest already closed :(.


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3 thoughts on “Bunny’s Bedtime and sucking at contests !!!

  1. The Girl Next Door February 21, 2015 at 9:08 pm Reply

    Baap re, you do so much for Bunny, all to make him a better human being. I don’t do anything with Bubboo, except cuddle her, dress her, play with her, feed her and clean her pee and poop. šŸ™‚

    • onehonestwriter February 23, 2015 at 4:20 pm Reply

      You know your comment made me think. I was discussing the same with TBH. Honestly we do nothing except for consciously creating positive environment for him :).

      • The Girl Next Door February 23, 2015 at 4:48 pm

        We try to do that too, but you are doing that on a much higher level, babes. šŸ™‚

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