Little Discoveries Part Four – Coconut Oil

Ahh, I don’t think I have used so much Coconut oil in my 27 years of existence, that I used in my one year of motherhood. If you guys remember, I mentioned that we don’t use any soaps, powder, moisturizer or other baby products for Bunny. And it’s been an year of no skin troubles ( touch wood and thank god).

All this while Coconut oil is my biggest discovery. Be it for rashes, body massage, mosquito bites, scratches or as a head oil. You get the drift right? I am so happy that leaving all the fancy baby stuff I chose something basic and desi. Reading about various skin issues in babies scare me to hell. Thanks to our doctor who mentioned that the biggest cause of various skin troubles in babies is using all the marketed baby products which are harsh for their sensitive skin and gladly we followed it.

I am yet to calculate how much money I have saved but it must be a lot 😉

If you can get pure/virgin Coconut oil nothing like it, I used the regular oil available in retail stores. Even if you don’t end up using only Coconut oil, please be aware of the side effects of using a lot of other baby products specially Johnson and Johnson and any baby powder. Google it, or will add links later.

What products you guys use? Share the ones you swear buy, now its been an year, I am planning to use a bath gel sort of during Bath time. Do suggest.


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2 thoughts on “Little Discoveries Part Four – Coconut Oil

  1. popgoesthebiscuit August 12, 2015 at 12:10 am Reply

    Coconut oil is the best diaper cream. Not used anything else for the 2 plus years we were in a diaper.

  2. The Girl Next Door September 11, 2015 at 4:25 pm Reply

    I have used Tedi Bar and Himalaya oil for Bubboo with good results. I don’t want to use any commercial brands from now on – to stop using them gradually – for both of us and for Bubboo, Don’t know how to manage this, though.

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