Life of a Toddler Mommy

This morning –

Bunny woke up, I was still sleepy. He as if on a mission stepped off the bed, I had no idea where he was going, just to redirect him and keep him in the same room, I asked him to switch off the fan.

He did that, and forgot what he wanted to do. I said come to mamma again. He came and started feeding and I caught couple of more minutes of sleep.

Again as if on a mission, he kept saying Kela Kela, and went off the bed. I excitedly followed hoping he finally wants to eat something after two days of no food, right in the morning, that sounds like a good day.

He actually wanted the ‘kela’ only to practise peeling it off and throw the waste in dustbin. New found discovery of pressing the dustbin with foot to open the lid. First crying session, when I asked you can do it after two minutes.

Then picking every possible ‘kachra’ and putting it in dustbin. And if you are concerned about the banana, it was offered to mamma and when she took couple of seconds to hold it, it was shown the floor.

Then we went off to brush his teeth, he was least interested in brushing and wanted to play with the Tap. Second shouting session, to take him off the tap/washbasin.

We again came to kitchen to have something like breakfast and tea. Encountered the third and longest tantrum when he wanted to stand and fill water from RO. No amount of coaxing, distracting worked, and he found his way and played happily for 15 – 20 minutes.

I prepared tea and breakfast and we went to another room. He somehow found the plastic knife and took two fresh tomatoes to practise his cutting skills. Which was met with more shouts because he wasn’t able to do it.

Somewhere in the middle of all this he also got hold of my phone , opened a video of playing in ball pit couple of days back and cried for balls balls. I had to fill all his balls at home in his bathing tub to make him happy.

Daddy is not at home for more than three weeks, we were looking at some pics, and another shouting session followed because I mistakenly scrolled a pic which he wanted to see and recognise his folks.

It’s only 12.30 here, the boy slept few minutes back. And I have been practising deep breaths since morning.

Something seemed to changed overnight since Bunny turned 18 mo old. Their independence, interest in learning everything around, practising skills of jumping, running, banging, throwing; practising their vocal chords definitely get on to our nerves.

But all I know is there is a better way than shouting, getting upset or having an emotional breakdown in front of them. They are just being themselves. Tagging them little monster, stubborn and feel guilty for their behaviour  do more harm for us.

I am just trying to find gentle ways, to what feels like a regular being a toddler mommy scenario, sitting here with my copy of toddler calm.


Meet the big boy :). When you are really angry, seeing their pics is a great stress reliever and a reminder it’s all worth it.


2 thoughts on “Life of a Toddler Mommy

  1. vishalbheeroo March 19, 2016 at 4:06 pm Reply

    WoW!! He is growing up fast and inquisitive, smart in honing his skills:)

  2. Greenboochi March 21, 2016 at 3:34 pm Reply

    Aww there is the prince charming 🙂 He is cute as ever! Hugs OHW.

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