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Starting from end

Of Last Post….

I ended the last post abruptly on a sad note, but happy to share that things are back to their normal loving self. I think coming back from Delhi turned in our favour, the family is elated to see Bunny and pampering him to the bits. The photographer sister is going nuts clicking him, her official fb page is full of his pics. And Bunny don’t even ask about him, as if coming back to his birthplace has made him doubly happy, he is such a non fussy happy kid, seeing his happiness has taken all my sad feelings away. Though Tbh is still not able to give time, but I could see him making efforts from that day, I am sure he will make it up for the missing time once we are back to our cucoon.

For me it’s always relaxing to be at your mothers place. And I need to thank my MIL too, not even once she questioned my wish to stay solely at my maiden home despite the fact that they were staying just a few km away and how Bunny attached she has become in last few months. Everything seems to be settled for good. We are almost through with wedding preps, the attires are decided, I got a suit of my liking with a big hole in TBH’s wallet ;p. I just need to work on the accessories part now.

Also meanwhile we had our third anniversary day before yesterday and we had a wonderful celebration with both side of family spending some great time together. It is true nothing can beat the happiness of being with family specially on important occasions of your life. Things are going good, I am back to my chirpy self and have decided to enjoy while I am here, meet friends, explore the new hang out places now that I am not worried about taking bunny out of home, also complete some pending tasks.

Leaving you with couple of pics that I have fallen in love with




Another Letter from the sister !!!

Just when I was getting back to regular blogging and had numerous topics churning in my head I took an unplanned break from blogging. Reasons many yet none. It just happened. I know it should have been a new year’s/retrospect kind of post for being the first one of this year but I am skipping that and posting yet another heartfelt letter from the sister. 

Our 2nd anniversary was last month and the sister surprised us with a photo book on our story along with some beautiful words to go with it. The book ended with this letter, I just reread it and decided to post it. Here you go. And before I forget Happy New Year Fellas. And all of you who are participating in the January Blogathon, I am reading you religiously. You guys are doing an awesome job. 

2nd Anniversary Didi – Jiju

Aaahaa! What a beautiful collection of pictures! With full modesty I accept all the compliments, thank you- thank you! Haha! Jokes apart, Didi and Jiju, you both know how much we all love you; You are the reason the two most amazing families met and became one; Thank you to the two sets of mummyjis and papajis to look up your names in the patrika and calling their respective panditjis. And bless you panditjis and whoever behind the making of this beautiful couple, you did a wonderful job!

Cheers to your two years of togetherness! Your frequent visits to us have always been such a delight. After all they add the no. of food stations to my life and fill my cupboard with a pile of clothes from janpat and sarojini. Haha! I am such a lucky sister and a luckier saali. The glow on moms face each time you guys come is not hidden from any of us. Also my emotional dad sometimes shed a tear or two out of extreme happiness at seeing you both. You guys have made me believe in arrange marriages, not that I was ever against; only it’s a common topic of debate and I have the best example in front of me to speak in for the motion.

I wish you both from each member of the family a very happy married life; a lil chiggu whose pictures would be clicked monthly and who would be all pampered by her/his maasi! Space limits me otherwise I could have gone on and on…

Loads and loads of  love,