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Little discoveries Part Two – Babywearing and Babywearing Stuff

I know I have mentioned about Babywearing before, it was first a discovery, then very subtly it changed into a passion, something I would like to introduce to each new mom to. I have seen the positive changes it has brought in my life after being a mom.

The biggest fear of every new mom specially first timers are being confined to homes, because how would you take such a small baby out? How would you manage the stroller and all the stuff alone, and Babywearing (practice of carrying your baby in safe and ergonomic carriers) has come to my rescue in this case. Since the time I have started wearing Bunny in slings, wraps etc, by dependency on others specially TBH has drastically reduced. And amazingly its not about carrying babies when out, it has so much more to it.

While I work around managing time and be regular here, I will post what I have written about Babywearing on my website :). Yes, remember I mentioned about opening up my own venture? Its been a little over three months and its been a great experience. I will write in detail about http://www.babywearingstuff.com, later. But if you have time, i would be glad if you can just have a look, browse and read a bit about it. In short it is India’s first Baby Carriers estore, One stop solution to all Babywearing needs. But apart from the business prospering, what I would like more is Parents being introduced to this beautiful bond of Babywearing. If you would open the links mentioned in the below write up, almost all Babywearing related queries would be resolved.

Copying my introduction on my website Blog –

Originally  written on – 21 April 2015,

When me and my other half were expecting ourBabywearing_Bobacarrier little Bunny baby (9 months old today, yay already?), like every other parent we had a lot of dreams about enjoying with our baby. We both envisioned carrying him in the regular baby carriers available in the market. Why you would ask, because one thing that is constant in our life despite everything is being on the go all the time. We wanted a way to carry our baby with us without much hassles.

Like frantic new parents who research on everything that is related to the baby, (thanks to smart phones, faster net, and Google), I started my research on Baby carriers. And realized that the most common ones you see in the market our not so good for your baby – read here why. Unfortunately due to lack of knowledge and available options new parents end up buying the usual narrow based carrier and give up on them as soon as they buy.

Through some blog connections I ended up on this awesomely managed Babywearing India group where the admins and members are doing their best to spread right babywearing in India. They guide new parents in the best possible way and direct them to places where right carriers can be bought.

And that’s where the addiction began. I have been wearing/carrying my little boy since he was four months old and we both love it. It’s comfortable, its keeps my hands free, it’s safe for the baby, it makes roaming around easy, it makes travelling with a baby super manageable and I can just go on and on. Also I can’t complain about all the attention we getJ.  If you want to read more about why you should carry your baby in ergonomic carriers along with scientific research supporting it, read here.

So now I own four carriers all from Indian makers, and they all are great products.  Babywearing Stuff is essentially formed to bring all the Indian makers to one platform. Making not only buying easier for all the interested parents out here but spreading awareness about ergonomically designed baby carriers and how can babywearing help you. It won’t be a wrong if I say that one of the mojor factors of me enjoying motherhood throughly is because of Babywearing.

Welcome to the world of Babywearing !!!

You might feel it’s new concept in India but Google Babywearing and you will be surprised how evolved it already is.

And just if you are wondering wasn’t stroller an option, it definitely was, we bought the lightest, the best one in the market as soon as we were back to Delhi alone with the baby. It’s been used exactly three times, lying untouched from past five months. And I am too lazy to even use to carry groceries.  



This Sunday

Finally a Sunday, almost after three years of marriage where we did not watch film at the theatre or lazed around in house or ate out or attended some guests or were out with family or hosting lunch. We did not do any of the above, basically the usual for us :).

Instead had a social setup to attend, how so ever small, personal but had to meet an almost complete group of strangers. Complete because neither of us has met them in person. Almost because I knew few faces on fb groups I have been following post Bunny and constantly boring you guys with.

So the meet up was for Delhi moms who are a part of Baby wearing India group. Around eight of us attended with spouses and babies in tow, it was a fun afternoon. We decided on potluck and had loads of new stuff to try, baby friendly and healthy. I took a baked cake. The host was beautiful, so was her home. Each and every thing seemed to be hand picked with love. Every corner was praise worthy. I loved her place to bits.

The main objective of these meet ups is mostly to have fun, ask any queries regarding BFIng, BLW and baby wearing. There is a small collection of slings and carriers which anyone can try before investing in a carrier, also try each other’s and learn from experience. I had fun. First it was cloth diapers and now carriers I am getting obsessed. And ready to trade our eat outs and movie outings with some slings. I never knew the importance of right carriers, how baby wearing is much beyond carrying your baby etc. I tried quite a few, had a great time. I am loving these little discoveries in my mommy hood journey.

And you know it felt nothing short of a personal achievement. Why I would say that because it’s been very long I met a group like that. Instead of Bunny I sure felt a bout of stranger anxiety before landing there. I had to constantly boost myself up and prepare myself for what was coming. The what ifs kept haunting a night before. But Bunny and TBH are surely my confidence boosters and stress busters. Bunny was happy the moment we entered the host’s house. The colours and the babies kept him happy, smiling, in high spirits all through out :). This guy makes me fall in love each day. Even after a tough night, seeing him smiling in the morning makes up for it.

It was a great weekend just wanted to share with you guys. In other front I have been catching all the flicks I missed in past months. So this weekend it was Haider, Finding Fanny, and The hundred feet journey. Suggest me some more.

leaving you with a pic of me and bunny trying different carriers.