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Moments: Being a Customer

Has it happened to you, it has happened not once but multiple times with me, moments as a customer when at times I am overwhelmed by the courtesy, at times when I am sightly embarrassed. And mostly simply at loss of words. Let me tell you what I am talking about.

I bought a pair of sleepers last week, invested in a branded pair this time so that they are durable and most importantly comfortable, good for my feet as they are the basic footwear i will be wearing. I took my time and selected one pair and was pretty happy with them, they looked and felt good to my feet. But within three days the print started chipping, i felt bad but still that was okay because the slippers dint lose it’s basic property of being comfortable. ┬áBut yesterday the belt broke off, that was too much. I know they can’t work forever but less than two weeks is totally unreasonable for the amount of money i paid and the no. of reassurances by the shopkeeper.
I decided to go to him and at least ask for repair, I couldn’t find the bill which was a first set back as I usually save bills of all my purchases for a pretty long period. I thought the shopkeeper would use that as an excuse for not compensating. I prepared a long speech of making him recall the purchase, then going on telling him about how the print came off and how it broke off even without using extensively etc etc. I picked my wallet, stuffed the slippers in a carry bag and went to the shop with all the anger boiling in me. All sorts assumptions and alternate plans churning in my head, what if the same salesperson is not available, what if he blames me for over using it, what if he denies the purchase as the bill was missing, As I am temporarily staying at this place he is not suppose to oblige me as he won’t lose a permanent customer or get the risk of getting bad publicity in the neighbourhood etc. etc.
I went in, took a sigh of relief when the same salesperson was there, and another when he gave me an amiable smile letting me know he recognised me. I took out the broken one and just said you remember I bought it last week and pulled the belt and before I could speak my well rehearsed piece or start using my tactics he directed his colleague to replace and asked choose. I was flabbergasted.  Totally at loss of words.
This has happened with me earlier too but not in such a simple manner, not without talking, not without creating some fuss so not trusting shopkeepers or salespersons for sheer sake of their business comes natural to me and I believe for most of us.
But this simple experience helped me recall similar incidents of genuineness with me and around me. It also reinstated my faith in genuine shopkeepers, salesperson and in marketing gimmicks like CUSTOMER is truly the KING.