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And that’s the reason I don’t go to doctors

In standard 5th – I went to the doctor with high fever and weakness I was diagnosed and admitted immediately for jaundice. And within months gained 20 Kgs or more with the medicine given for the recovery. The weight I am still struggling to lose. 

In 7th I went with throat infection and pain and was admitted the next day for tonsillectomy or removal of tonsils.
In 9th I went in vomiting and yes it was typhoid this time.
Somewhere during these years my simple Abscess also needed a minor surgery to be removed. 
Post marriage I went with irregular periods and came out with minor PCOD.
And today I simply went with coughing from last three days and apart from giving medicines she also mentioned something like Asthma Bronchitis or alike. And I above all I was advised to talk less, now that’s a tough ask and I am not sure i can do this.
Did I say I hate going to doctors and hospitals already? 
Sorry if some of you belong to that profession. It just that I am a very impatient patient.