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I have so much to say !!!!

On so many things and I am unable to do individual blog posts. So let me do a update kinda post again, will take up topics later if I feel.

On my obsession with facebook Mommy groups. They are nothing but addictive, there is a world of cloth diapers (thanks Prakatan for leaving me their like a kid in candy store), there is organic vs the usual baby carriers to chose from, then so many preloved baby stuff and knowing the uses of individual things, then groups where babies are discussed from their sleep to food to playtime to malish etc etc. This by far the biggest hindrance coming in my blogging, I am spending hours on these blogs just browsing, reading, getting to know.

The big maha dharmik Mahotsav I mentioned in my last to last post was a HUGE HUGE success. It was a six day affair and actually by the end day 10 k people gathered. The police troup on duty did a great job managing the crowd. Everybody congratulated my FIl for organising and hassle free management of the event, be it food, cleanliness, time management anything. It was a proud family moment. Bunny also managed just fine with the croud, noise, strangers touching him, he was in huge demand. I got a lot of compliments on having a fuss free baby. In other news the ladies consider even religious ceremony an opportunity to showcase their jewellery and saree. and a platform to scrutinise others on same, judge new moms like me on my each and every move, the way I hold him, dress him, put him sleep, play with him etc.

Also how I am a total failure when it comes to feeding in public even only when females are around. In the above function, I tried once and gave up. Either I would seek the privacy of our car or try to be in the hotel room I was putting up when ever feeding was due.

On TBH’s birthday where all my possible planning failed. I couldn’t make anything like I planned. The in,ine gift I ordered  arrived a week late, I couldn’t even bake a cake which I wanted, couldn’t order anything either, considering it was the next day after Diwali stores were closed. Still it turned out to be better than expected. We went for family lunch at Raddison, which was also Bunny’s first official food outing. He loved being their. And when we returned the whole extended family gathered at our place, it turned out to be an impromptu dinner with them. With the help of TBH’s cousin managed to get a cake by evening which was cut with the whole family. Then their were dhol wallas waiting downstairs (it is a kinda hindu tradition will find more and write) and everybody danced to their hearts content. While sleeping I gave TBH the bunch of letters I have been writing for his 30th birthday and we read together, they were thirty reasons I love him, thirty moments want to relive, thirty food memories, thirty reasons why tbh would be a great dad and lastly thirty things he should improve.

Then Bunny updates his antics, his playtime with everybody, his masti, him being an individual, his everything.

Then the ever growing Mommy feelings, proud moments, melting moments, guilty pangs etc etc.

and finally we are going Delhi,  I m happy and excited and slightly nervous about managing him alone in Delhi winters.  Wish me luck guys.


Joys of July

Disclaimer: A very long post ahead of happy July. 

I know it is the same month when I cribbed about a whole screwed week. It’s also the same month when I added undue pressure on myself and TBH for my birthday celebrations and ended up spoiling some precious moments. It the same month when the Sister’s much awaited internship did not turn out the way we wanted and she left in between. It is also the month when I was worried about managing endless guests.

But it also happened to be one of the most fulfilling and memorable month. Snippets of the Joys, July bought with itself.

It is the month when I got to know about yet another side of TBH – compassion. I mean he is a gem of a person in all aspects but don’t all of us have some or the other genuine reason to excuse ourselves from some responsibilities. But not him. His going out of the way to help/support our relatives in the time of their need. Making their stay, their treatment, and their multiple hospital visits as comfortable as possible. He could have easily asked them to manage on their own, but he made sure that either I or he himself was with them all the time. Personally going to doctors and consulting in length. Actually I can just go on and on with praises for my better half. Let me stop this here.

It is the same month when the sister learnt a great deal in her not so good internship. She was flustered when she left but later it all turned out to be okay. She learnt to be independent, she understood she has great potential to do well in her chosen path. She became clearer to pursue her dreams. She became better in handling people. She understood what not to do when you call interns. She became far more driven then she was before coming here.

I and TBH got numerous praises and specially blessings to be there with our relatives when it was required. Both side parents were exceptionally proud of us. It feels nice to be appreciated that way. To know that you have the heart and capability to make difference in someone else’s life.

Having guests is an amazing learning experience as well, it teaches you a lot of things about yourself, it builds immense patience, and it teaches you to manage time accommodating someone else’s schedule too. It gives you a window to other people’s lives, it makes you learn from their experience. It teaches you humility and a lot more.

Movie wise it couldn’t have been better. We caught two movies in the PVR Director’s Cut screen, which was an experience in itself and to top it all both the movies – Lootera and Bhag Milkha Bhag turned out to be great ones in their own special ways.

Cakes and more. In all I guess I had three – four cakes this month. Two on my birthday. And one a basic sponge cake I baked a day prior to my day. And we had multiple pastries at different outlets on different days. Luckily they all turned out to be great. I have a big sweet tooth I tell you.

Coffee dates with TBH which TBH lovingly refers to as ‘Coffee with Biwi’.  These are the days I love the most and wait for the most. No they aren’t planned days but random surprise dates according to our whim and fancy. These are the times when we both listen to each other, when we have heart to heart conversations with each other. When we simply spend some genuine good time together. A couple of days after my birthday, TBH took me to the tea café cum lounge of the Taj Hotel here in Delhi. And the time we spent there and the peaceful drive we had refreshed my mood immensely.

Continuing on the Food part, this month we explored some amazing food options as well. Because more than often we end up eating at our favorite joints only. Last weekend, we had dinner at ‘Gulati’ in South Delhi, which I would highly recommend if you are fan of Indian food. Also at ‘Sattvik’ another Indian restaurant in Select City Walk, South Delhi. Both turned out to be beyond our expectations. And we have plans to go to Little Italy sometime soon. I haven’t tried the Delhi Branch, I was a huge fan of theirs in Hyderabad.  I am not much fan of Indian food when eating out but recently I have got very vary of smells in various restaurants and ended up going to the above. We also had the veg zinger burger at KFC and I have definitely liked it a lot.  

Surprises and Stay, you remember how my birthday was not the way I expected and I cribbed about it. But TBH has planned it to perfection only he could not execute it due to overstay of our guests. So the last weekend when I posted a couple of happy posts, he was bringing his plan into action. He booked this luxury hotel attached to one of the biggest shopping and food destinations in Delhi and somehow managed to do it in total secrecy. He took me there Friday afternoon and we had some great time together till Sunday afternoon. It was my kind of celebration – Love, Sex, Shopping, Swimming, Sleeping, Food, Ice creams, some more love, love notes and a lot of smiles, all put together in two relaxed days.

Continuing his trend what could have been the best way to say thank you to the husband. A surprise candle light dinner at our very own balcony. When TBH was out for a meeting day before yesterday, I surprised him by prepping up our otherwise boring balcony with some basic stuff – Two chairs, table, colorful cushions and spreads, side table with food, homemade chocolate mug cake with choc sauce, icecream and some of our favorite songs lined up in the music player. And off course a thank you + Love note. He was totally surprised and was very happy. Ye tumhari meri baatein, humesha yuhi chalti rahe

He also sent me a courier knowing my love for receiving things via post. A very pleasing perfume which I wanted of his choice only.

My reading list had Shiva Trilogy for this month. Not only I completed all the three books but loved it. Now I am keener to read more stuff.

Work related, things are in a great shape. I am able to get a lot of work of my liking as well as something which is commercially viable too. Though I did not give as much time I wanted to but I know I have finally created a niche and can scale it up when I have time. More importantly my mind has again got back to the working gear churning good ideas.

Not to forget the news shared by my Bestie one who became a mother and also the other one expecting and ready to shift to a new city post-delivery where after two plus years of marriage she will be able to create a life of her own away from her very strange in laws.

Also my beloved and very talented MIL has been selected for a national level award. The celebrations has just begun.

I know this has turned out much longer than expected. But I can’t end the Joys of July without mentioning the feeling I am getting after successfully accomplishing this self-imposed blogging challenge. Setting a target and completing it on my own is a big thing for me. I am known to wander around a lot. But this time I did it, I know it’s the positive effects of being in the company of the better half.

Ending it with a thank you to all of you, you guys have been a great source of both encouragement and support throughout this month. I have bored you, overloaded you but I continue to do so :). May be not daily but very regularly indeed. Hope you guys do not run away.

Birthday letter from the Sister

( I am going to do a cheat post today to continue the self appointed July Blogging challenge. Surprising fact is that it’s not dearth of topics that is stopping me from posting something original in fact it is just the opposite. There are so many things going in my head simultaneously that it is getting difficult to pick one and write)

So I am posting this letter which the sister wrote for my birthday.


I don’t want to sound cheesy but I do want to say how much I love you and miss you. I can’t ‘awww’ much or send the e-kiss in form of ‘muaaaaah’ but I do want to wish a very cheerful and dramatic (in a good way) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  

I really love to have you as my elder sister, a friend, a guide and a big support. I do get irritated and may shout at times when you act like mummy but at the end I realize although you don’t stop me and even ask mom dad not to but you always sow in my heart a tiny little seed of wisdom to choose between right and wrong. And probably that is the reason my life has been an easy go most of the times.
I feel so happy to see you happy. Big thanks to jiju for that.  I have seen your crying days; and I love you so much that although I wouldn’t talk to you face to face, but I would cry alone and wanted to beat all those who made you feel so sick. You have been there for me always. Sometimes more than I have been for myself.  Times I lost all hope in me; you were there to show me the doors.  That’s more than being just didi. The sweetest part was and is, you cry for mistakes that are not even yours. You cry for us.
You are a wonderful person. A little over sensitive but we also need your kinds to make us feel so good. Otherwise one would die of the extreme practical nature of today’s world. May the almighty keep you happy and safe. May he doesn’t do any more mistakes like he did when he forced an year old child to wear specs.  
Love you cutie pie 😛
Yours only
(ya that’s what I called her lovingly and I am very sure the last line came after she read this post)

My 26th Birthday – Part Two

We decided to leave home in the evening for what TBH said he has plans but only thing was I had to cook dinner for the guests. I was very sure they would say no or say we will manage or say we will order in but expectations, they say keeping it to zero.  I did not and had a shock when they said ‘haa banakar chale jao’. My heart was kind of broken, I was in no mood to cook a full meal, I wanted to invest some time in getting properly ready or maybe it was lack of sleep. Also by that time TBH slept. I did not like spending my birthday time in kitchen all alone and from there the mood started to swing in not the desired direction.

Anyway I cooked, came in room asking TBH to wake up and prepare tea for himself and the relatives at home. I got ready in few minutes, applying a beautiful lip shade and nail paint which was suiting me so much. Mood was still okay but when TBH told me where we were going, I asked him very rudely to look for another place, regretting the moment I said it because he had plans post that also. I only realized he changed his mind when we got into the car. And I regretted but also cribbed that what kind of plan is that if he can change it at the last moment.  He was on calls and I was fuming inside. Thinking about a lot of things, how no one even sent me any flowers or gifts, I know I don’t like flowers but could have managed with a bunch on my special day. I was hating how TBH did not ordered even a single thing online even after knowing how much I love getting couriers, even if it an empty envelope of my name. How there is no magic no surprise element. I had no idea what was causing my mood to ruin itself so much. The traffic added to the agony, I hate commuting in peak traffic hours, I wanted to leave early, I was shocked how TBH was not making any efforts to talk to me during the car journey, and it was getting hard for me to control the tears.

In my irritation I also commented in the car that next year I am not going to be dependent on anybody, I continued if one thing I have learnt post turning 26 is dependencies bring disappointments and delays. I told him that next year I will plan a perfect day for myself and invite you for that. I went ahead and said I know you are above all this thing; nothing matters to you, celebrations or no celebrations. I said we will do exactly this on your birthday – nothing.  Just order food – drinks and see back to back senseless comedies at home, no plans, no outing, just nothing.  He kept on listening without saying a word.

Finally we reached which felt like an eternity because of the silent journey. He had plans to get me a watch but lack of time kept it at bay and luckily so because I would have also liked to try the pieces in my hand before making a purchase. We did exactly y that. After exploring all the options, he bought me a beautiful TISSOT watch. I was in love with it and had wanted something similar from long. That bought a big smile on my face but only momentarily. He kept trying to cheer me up; my mood was swinging back and forth. I told him for some reason I am not feeling nice, not birthday like – not looking birthday like. He kept on encouraging me lovingly.

We then went to the place he has chosen at the last minute, there also confusion persisted. First the manager took us to a seat which TBH did not choose, the place had a night life – club type of ambience and I am not very fond of such places, I was shifting uncomfortably in my seat when TBH returned back saying let’s go to the rooftop. That was the place which he has chosen, with flowing water beneath the glass table top. I love water and started to relax a bit was also relieved to see no crowd. But this time insects bothered us. We had to again shift to another table.

By this time TBH had that guilty look, I said what you could have done, jaakar he toh pata chalta hai about any place. He said this looked totally different in pictures and had a high rating in Delhi Restaurants. Menu also offered very limited options for vegetarians. TBH was misled during the booking call. We ordered some starter which was just okay. I was still thinking to change the place, but looking at the traffic situation decided against it.

We ordered some more drinks alcoholic and non alcoholic both luckily they were amazing. And food wise took the safest option possible ordering pizza and pasta which turned out to be tasty as well. That all ended up with a chocolate cake again, which TBH made sure has less of icing/frosting as per my liking. And then again the drinks did its part on me and I started talking my heart out. I said I was waiting for a surprise, despite me making extra efforts to make birthdays of important people a bit special all my birthdays have been pretty plane. Still each year I get equally excited about them.

I said I was looking forward to this day, and he explained me how all his plans did not work out for some reason or the other. And I totally understood, it had been a crazy week for him as well. Rather more demanding than mine, work wise as well as personally with me giving him hard time too.

I kept on crying and kept on saying stuff. And he being the god like person he is, said because I doubted, I doubted this day won’t turn out to be a good day and something more on philosophical lines. He is a firm believer of the theory of manifestation. I had a lot more to say but I left it there, I thought may be some other time.  Whatever he was saying was right, we both said our parts.  By the time we reached home I was feeling light, relaxed and assured. I was Happy.

In retrospect it was a beautiful day indeed. Cakes, calls from loved ones, beautiful gift, blessings, movie date with TBH, lunch date with family, dinner date with TBH. Also in the morning he posted a beautiful message for me on face book wall, I never knew he was the PDA kind of guy. Mixed day but memorable by the end.

On a sadder note, I have no pictures or rather no post worthy pics. I will get a good click of my new watch and share it with you guys.

My 26th Birthday – Part One

It had cribbing, it had cooking, it had crying but despite everything it turned out to be a great day. Now where should I start it from? Let’s start from the evening of 16th July.

One of the guests was suppose to leave at 10 in the night. TBH and he do business together and they were out almost the whole day of 16 like the other prior days of the same week. TBH and he returned home at around 7 pm only to leave again at 8. I was in the worst of moods from last two days. I decided to take reigns in my hand to have a memorable birthday rather than crying and making TBH also feel miserable. TBH was suppose to drop him at the airport and I thought of a possibility. While everybody else was having dinner TBH said he will have it after returning, my heart sank a bit. I messaged him from my cell asking if we can go to catch a movie after the airport drop if he isn’t very tired.  He replied back saying okay but also added that he had planned it for the next day, but I did not want to see any movie on my birthday, that’s no way to spend time on a special day. I said if he is okay I would like to go today, he agreed and came to the dining table.

I ate in a rush and went to change. Meanwhile he informed about our plan to the other guests/relatives who are here for a treatment. They were okay with it. We hopped in the car, dropped guest one and to my surprise TBH asked the driver to go to Ambience, Vasant Kunj. I know where it was going, and that brought a big smile on my face, we were heading to PVR directors cut like I have earlier said it’s like the business class of theatre. With couches so comfortable and food so delicious that it’s a perfect setting for a movie date.  We got tickets for the last show, giving us an hour to eat my favorite ice cream and pick few things to wear the next day. I had plans to wear a one piece dress but that had to be postponed with the guests at home.

I got a beautiful nude colored top going perfectly with a cotton jacket I had already bought for the birthday. So with that and a few other things in the bag we headed to the theatre. For the whole hour I talked nonstop and that made my mood so much better, if there is something I hate more than anything else is not been able to have a heart to heart conversation with TBH and I also told him that it’s for this I wanted to come out, to at least set my own mood for the birthday.

We ordered few things and enjoyed the movie thoroughly, the top corner tickets made sure we had our privacy and all in all a very romantic setting. We were half lying, eating and having a great time. At 12 he kissed me and wished with a delicious pastry.

We returned at 2.30 in the night and first time I felt a very comfortable Delhi Breeze. We tiptoed in the house not wanting the guests to wake up, and when I entered our bedroom. TBH had already placed a cake there, a delicious chocolate cake waiting to be cut and relished. He got it during the interval in the movie and hid it in the shopping bag.

 We ended up sleeping at 4 only to be woken up by TBH’s tea. I had a smile on my face that meant a good start. Also when I checked my work mail, I had good reviews from the contact about the current project I am handling. I cooked breakfast for all of us, attended endless wishes over calls. Sister also dedicated an emotional blog post to me, read that. Took bath and went with TBH to the customary birthday temple visit. Then he dropped me at the saloon for a haircut, which I glad I took. It made me feel/look fresh and I liked it this time unlike the last time I got one.

We planned to meet at a nearby restaurant. The aunt cannot travel much even in a car, she has severe motion sickness problem. So we went to the nearest eating destination from our place. And had a nice family lunch unfortunately what I ordered did not turn out to be great but nevertheless it was a time well spent. We came back home, I went to sleeping and leaving TBH to finish up his work.

(I honestly wanted to wind this up in one post, but was turning out to be too long, so folks wait till tomorrow)

It’s the D day guys…

It’s the much talked about birthday today. Chalo wish me now :). And then tomorrow I will tell you how did it go.

Yes, I am selfish that ways :). Let the wishes pour in.