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I got this idea from Hrishikesh’s tag –  As a part of the tag I am required to share:

  1. Write 5 happy moments.
  2. Write 5 sad/regretted moments. (Only place where you may write less – who wants to remember the sad moments)
  3. Write 5 goals that you achieved.
  4. Write 5 other events or moments you would like to share.
  5. 5 other moments or goals you would like in the next 5 years.

But as I am in a mood to only retrospect I am leaving the last point for now, maybe I will take that up as a dedicated post in itself.

Write 5 happy moments

  • When I won an international UNICEF award for a radio program which I wrote and produced.
  • Being a rank holder in State MBA entrance exam, Topping the college in under graduation and being university topper in MBA and getting a gold medal for that ( I actually realized my worth as a student only after school, I have never liked the school level padai).
  • Getting placed in two big companies in post-graduation (more about it here).
  • Falling in love with my workplace and getting promoted within 6 months of joining.
  • Coming to TBH and finding the true meaning of friendship, love, relationships and marriage with him.

Write 5 sad/regretted moments

  • Falling in for a wrong guy and continuing that screwed relationship even after getting subtle hints every now and then about the messed up situation. Also letting him take control of my life, my future and giving in when he tried to blackmail me after my marriage got fixed.
  • Not trusting TBH enough and doubting him in our courtship period and early days of marriage. Spoiling our so called honeymoon big time, I don’t know if TBH has forgotten it or not but I can’t in my entire lifetime, the way I have ill-treated and mistrusted him.
  • Giving my parents the hardest time of their life in the months that led to my marriage.
  • Joining CN over CD, after getting placed in both and then resigning before getting another job offer.
  • Dad’s accident right after my marriage.

Write 5 goals that you achieved

  • Gaining corporate work experience and doing well there, I was never sure I would work or survive in a formal setup.
  • Losing weight around 12 kgs, no not coming in the ideal weight category but still the attempt of following a healthy lifestyle and the knowledge that I have gained in my efforts is worth it. More of that story here.
  • Finding work options from home post leaving my full time job, I never wanted to sit idle at home post marriage.
  • Finding this perfect guy as my life partner (though my parents did it, but still) and creating this beautiful life with TBH, something I always imagined my married life to be.
  • Cakes and more, I have always loved the homemade cakes and now I can make variants anytime I want, gives me a different high.

Write 5 other events or moments you would like to share

  • My parent’s expressions when first time they saw me happily settled in the marriage.
  • Getting a firm level opportunity at the onset of my first official job.
  • Both set of parents staying with us first time after marriage and their chemistry, the happiness around.
  • The surprise TBH gave in my birthday month.
  • Actually every moment spent with the better half, I keep falling in love with him over and over again.

Guys, feel free to take this tag.


Happiness Is

I was feeling relatively low today for some no reason at all. Just one of those morning blues I would say. That’s when I decided to write about Happiness and random things that make me happy to simply cheer myself up, and while cooking today’s lunch, I started thinking things I would write about and you won’t believe even thinking made me happier.  I am in a much better mood now. See how our mind works. So here is a list of few random things that makes me happy. Happiness Is

  • When TBH exactly knows what I am feeling – like no mood to cook, mood to go out for a movie, mood to eat an ice-cream, to get a new foot wear, to just sleep, sit or talk. It never stops to amaze me that how much he knows me in and out in our 2+years of relationship. I just love him for that.
  • Waking up to TBH’s teaJ. He has been making the morning tea since last two weeks because he gets up much before me and the tea pushes me to come out of bed. Haven’t I already told that he is just super awesome husband?
  • Super elated sister on the other side of the phone – sharing random happenings of her life.
  • Curry leaves + curd combo in every possible way – aloo raita, cucumber raita, curd rice, plain curd with tadka etc etc.
  • My new found love – fruits and everything to do with them, fresh bowl as a snack, juices, shakes, smoothies, fruit lassis – just about everything.
  • Shudh desi khana – this is also new but I am not able to get enough of it. All rice combos, all vegetables, everything to do with Indian khana. I was never someone who would eat roti when eating out but now I only look for Indian options.
  • Cold showers in summers.
  • Clean kitchen top. Dustfree house. Well stocked fridge.
  • That extra squeeze of lemon in everything you eat.
  • Random hugs and kisses from TBH.
  • Talking to both my mommies (Mine and MIL). It always cheers me up. They are two super awesome moms.
  • Talking movies with Papa. That’s the only topic that makes us exceed our one minute call time: P.
  • Afternoon nap with TBH on his laptop besides me.
  • Finishing tasks on deadline – home cleaning, personal projects, professional initiatives, shopping etc.
  • Baking and surprising a new mom with the super yummy cake.
  • Clean bathrooms with everything at proper place.
  • Reading regularly and finishing books after books from the reading list.
  • Catching up back to back good films in the theatre.
  • Reading some amazing blogs out there.
  • Walking with TBH.
  • TBH cancelling all work travel plans to be with me. 
  • Rewatching your bachpan ke photos – the sister uploaded a lot of our childhood pictures on fb and re-watching them again and again gives me immense joy.
  • When the radio plays your favorite song.
  • Being able to freshen up right in the morning, this one thing sets my whole day in a positive note. This is so evident that day before yesterday my dad whatsapped me this article – http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/opinion/edit-page/You-gotta-go-gotta-go/articleshow/33404651.cms
  • Writing in Hindi after a long long time, that too a six page speech for my MIL to be delivered in an event and getting appreciated for it. 

So the list can just go on :). There is lot to be happy about, and when next I am in low mood, I will probably just come here and read this again:). 



A to Z Blogging Challenge – Day 1

Here I am announcing out loud that I am participating in the April Blogging Challenge, boasting the challenge badge on my blog. Some reasons for the decision:

1. I am most regular under the pressure of a challenge and I need some regularity on this space.

2. It seemed simple enough writing on Alphabets for each day.

3. Though its a month long challenge but we need to write 26 posts for 26 letters, i like this little cheating.

4. And its my blog, i need no reason to justify my participation or lack of it or even if I fail.

5. As a favor to myself and to come over my vigorous mood swings I will be doing as much happy posts as possible.

6. Will try to keep it short and sweet.

And yes it should count as Post 1 for the challenge, as the title starts from A 🙂

Broad minded errr…. Blog minded indeed.

Have you ever realized that how similar we are? We are a majorly a group of open minded people. We support women causes. We are against hardcore feminism as well; we want our male counterparts to get equal treatment. We are against a lot of things together. We have civic sense imbibed in us. We want to be new age parents whatever it means. We are good at empathizing with each other. We aren’t afraid of being on our own. Most of us have some or the other creative talent. We are warm hearted, good doers, foodies, and wanderer sort of people. We feel together on a lot of issues, we agree with each other on lot of other issues. We have an affinity for writing or love for the written word. At some point or the other all of us dream to travel the world. We have something to say on everything. We are leading ordinary lives with everyday miracles. We are affected by more causes than your non blogger friends. We are collectively more aware of the world through some or the other blogger writing about it.

We have mostly very supporting and open minded spouses. We have children who are not being prepared to be a doctor or an engineer. We respect other individuals. We respect women who are homemakers because it’s no an easy feat.

We are same more than we ever realize. We are not afraid of expressing our love or anger for someone or something. We are not afraid of sharing stuff to our virtual world. We have a special trust among ourselves.  Together we cross so many hurdles of life; we put it out in the open, wait for responses and take the advices religiously.

Though leading different lives….in different cities….in different cultures….in different situations…it is nothing but surprising that how similar we are. There is a special solace in this virtual world; there is more power in the written word of your regular bloggers than in the words of people we daily meet.

And have you ever realized that gradually from being broadminded we turn into something called blog minded. A lot of our life decisions consciously or unconsciously get’s determined by similar stories of our blogger group. A lot of us while experiencing something can’t wait to put it up on the blog. We miss each other on long absence. We think from the perspective of what will my blogger friend say if they read this and we change the course of action more than we change the course of our words. Even when we were not the perfect cut type, we start adapting few traits influenced by the blogger group we find ourselves a part of. We are honest bunch of individuals putting up our life out there unadulterated – unedited.

And without even realizing we become blog minded. To all those wonderful bunch of blog minded people out there, this one especially for you. Thanks for being there and sharing stories of your life.

Btw are you one?