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Hey People, I am here – alive and kicking !!!!

Just wanted to say I am still alive, still mothering Bunny who is growing at a super fast speed and still loving life :).

A lot has happened over the last few months I have been away. Biggest of them is Bunny turning almost 11 months old and our lives revolving around him completely.

I started my own venture. Yes something related to one of my discoveries during almost an year of being a Mommy. More about it later.

The motherhood discoveries continue to baffle me, more so the fact that how many of us live in a world of complete myths when it comes to motherhood,

TBH is busy than never before, and that’s why a little difficult for me to have free time.

We had our first weekend vacation at a beach resort. Bunny’s first experience with beach and pool happened.

In almost three years of living in the same society, I have finally found someone to go to, to walk with, to bake together with, the relationship is still fresh, so a bit early to comment, but so far so good.

And did I tell you first time in being married stage, my birthday is planned in advanced, tickets are booked in advance for a short holiday.

Only constant has been continuous inflow – outflow of guests, constantly being on the go and catching movies almost every weekend. Yes with Bunny in tow.

In recent news Bunny’s long adorable silky soft locks have gone last Sunday, as expected I cried more than him in the whole process of getting his head tonsured.

And apart from my Busyness, Bunnyness and new business -ness the biggest reason of being away from Blogworld was my time away from my iPad. I am not sure if you guys know or not, this ipad was a gift from TBH on our wedding day after he learnt I am not so much into jewellery and other stuff. Couple of months back one of my naughty nephew got hold of this, dropped it and the screen broke into million pieces. And my cousin got it repaired as well but something went amiss for me since then. It dint feel the same to me :(. It’s only now that I am trying to love it back.

Anyhow, I have not been very regular with reading also, if there is any big news I have missed, please update me :).


Broad minded errr…. Blog minded indeed.

Have you ever realized that how similar we are? We are a majorly a group of open minded people. We support women causes. We are against hardcore feminism as well; we want our male counterparts to get equal treatment. We are against a lot of things together. We have civic sense imbibed in us. We want to be new age parents whatever it means. We are good at empathizing with each other. We aren’t afraid of being on our own. Most of us have some or the other creative talent. We are warm hearted, good doers, foodies, and wanderer sort of people. We feel together on a lot of issues, we agree with each other on lot of other issues. We have an affinity for writing or love for the written word. At some point or the other all of us dream to travel the world. We have something to say on everything. We are leading ordinary lives with everyday miracles. We are affected by more causes than your non blogger friends. We are collectively more aware of the world through some or the other blogger writing about it.

We have mostly very supporting and open minded spouses. We have children who are not being prepared to be a doctor or an engineer. We respect other individuals. We respect women who are homemakers because it’s no an easy feat.

We are same more than we ever realize. We are not afraid of expressing our love or anger for someone or something. We are not afraid of sharing stuff to our virtual world. We have a special trust among ourselves.  Together we cross so many hurdles of life; we put it out in the open, wait for responses and take the advices religiously.

Though leading different lives….in different cities….in different cultures….in different situations…it is nothing but surprising that how similar we are. There is a special solace in this virtual world; there is more power in the written word of your regular bloggers than in the words of people we daily meet.

And have you ever realized that gradually from being broadminded we turn into something called blog minded. A lot of our life decisions consciously or unconsciously get’s determined by similar stories of our blogger group. A lot of us while experiencing something can’t wait to put it up on the blog. We miss each other on long absence. We think from the perspective of what will my blogger friend say if they read this and we change the course of action more than we change the course of our words. Even when we were not the perfect cut type, we start adapting few traits influenced by the blogger group we find ourselves a part of. We are honest bunch of individuals putting up our life out there unadulterated – unedited.

And without even realizing we become blog minded. To all those wonderful bunch of blog minded people out there, this one especially for you. Thanks for being there and sharing stories of your life.

Btw are you one?