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Little Discoveries Part Four – Coconut Oil

Ahh, I don’t think I have used so much Coconut oil in my 27 years of existence, that I used in my one year of motherhood. If you guys remember, I mentioned that we don’t use any soaps, powder, moisturizer or other baby products for Bunny. And it’s been an year of no skin troubles ( touch wood and thank god).

All this while Coconut oil is my biggest discovery. Be it for rashes, body massage, mosquito bites, scratches or as a head oil. You get the drift right? I am so happy that leaving all the fancy baby stuff I chose something basic and desi. Reading about various skin issues in babies scare me to hell. Thanks to our doctor who mentioned that the biggest cause of various skin troubles in babies is using all the marketed baby products which are harsh for their sensitive skin and gladly we followed it.

I am yet to calculate how much money I have saved but it must be a lot 😉

If you can get pure/virgin Coconut oil nothing like it, I used the regular oil available in retail stores. Even if you don’t end up using only Coconut oil, please be aware of the side effects of using a lot of other baby products specially Johnson and Johnson and any baby powder. Google it, or will add links later.

What products you guys use? Share the ones you swear buy, now its been an year, I am planning to use a bath gel sort of during Bath time. Do suggest.


Movies with Babies

Yesterday we watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan with Bunny in tow, where he slept all through out. It must be Bunny’s 10th film and he just completed 12 months couple of days back. This post is not to be judged as a careless parent who make there little ones face such harsh sounds and fast moving visuals, but to share my experience about taking babies to movies if you wish to.

As a background we are complete movie buffs and that is only thing that remains unchanged for us post becoming parents. We took him when he was five months old to PK. And then there was no looking back.

Please note movie theaters are not recommended for Babies below 2 years. So this is not to encourage taking them in anyway. This is just summarizing what can work if you wish to take your babies.

1. Do not take a sleeping baby in, sleep time is okay. But not a sleeping baby, because when he wakes up in between, the darkness, sound or motion pictures can scare him.

2. Don’t feel guilty if your Baby cries or shouts in the theatre, be ready to move out when ever things go out of control
I usually go to a secluded seat, which ever is vacant, if Bunny seems particularly difficult.

3. Master Nursing in public, theatres are a great place because of darkness. And feed the baby whenever he demands. Usually they sleep because of disinterest n darkness.

4. Take some no sound toys. I usually tie them at one end with my scarf or something, while Bunny plays sitting on my lap, so that I don’t need to struggle with picking them from floor/under the seats every two minutes. Also Bunny loves to play with water bottle kept in the chair arm and a straw.

5. These days as Bunny has started solids, I also engage him with some corn or other finger foods, while he enjoys some music.

6. It was much easier when he wasn’t mobile, since he has started crawling and now walking, he doesn’t like confined to spaces. So we usually go with family or a group of friends who don’t mind if our baby is creating a scene. Or one person or other will be there who ain’t much interested in the movie and can take him out for a round or something. Luckily this wasn’t needed till now.

7. Always prefer a corner seat while booking so that you can move out, or give baby some space without disturbing others.

And just don’t be nervous, keep taking to baby that we will be doing for a movie today and what to expect when there. And worst case scenario, leave the movie in between or watch from the entrance/stairs.

These tricks have worked for us so far. I usually avoid very lour or action films, and choose reputed theatres with good sound and acoustics systems.

One year of Bunniness !! One year of Momminess !!

Last I remember I was writing about one month of Bunniness. And now its going to be an year in six days, and I still can’t believe it. Its been a beautiful motherhood journey. Feels like totally non mommy material like me was born to be Bunny’s mom.

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this now not so new role. I am loving every single moment of it.

Bunny is a sweetheart, I can’t probably explain in words how much I love him. He is a complete attention seeker, loves socializing. Melts everybody’s heart with his smiles. He will keep smiling/calling you in his own way until you respond to him and smile back. He absolutely love being in crowd.

Has already been to around 12 cities and has been constantly on the go since birth. And the inflow-outflow of guests at our home has almost doubled as contrary to what I earlier thought. So has not really been alone with us.

He is a happy -healthy kid generally. Has been quite a supportive baby. I just feel lucky and blessed to have him.

He is quite a active baby. And if I am around he doesn’t need anything else :). And I am always around, even in loo we kinda accompany each other. I think when time comes for his school or when i would be required to be out of home, the separation would be more difficult for me than him.

I am just overwhelmed and so excited. July has been great since the start. First we had this impromptu road trip to Amritsar – Chandigarh with sister and her friends. Which was great by all means, Bunny got slight fever on Day two, which worried me a bit but as soon as we realized it was due to teething, I was relived. And by next day evening he was completely himself. Tomorrow we are flying to Pune for a short weekend trip to Lavasa (for my birthday) then joining family in Bunny’s birthplace for his birthday and some celebrations :).

And our one year old household with a baby has been quite different with what me or my family envisioned.

– Its been a Johnson baby or any baby product free household. Yes no soaps, no powder, no creams for Bunny :). Only our very own coconut oil and mustard oil in winters.

– Its been a cerelac or any sort of pureed free home. I have not even learnt to force feed Bunny or feed him by distraction. Funnily I love khichdi and since Bunny’s arrival, unlike popular belief, it has been the least cooked food in our Kitchen.

– Also I have never bought a single box of formula milk. Breastfeeding and practicing Nursing in Public has been a boon for the kind of life we are leading with the Baby.

– Teddy-bears and soft toys free home. The ones we got as gifts are happilly lying in some corner, Bunny just doenst play with them. May be now as he grows. he will develop a fondness with them.

– No jhula, no walker, no crib, not a lot of fancy toys for him.

– Very early into the motherhood journey I learnt, that the kinda toy and how colorful/beautiful or expensive it is hardly matters to babies, they happily play with even kitchen or everyday stuff. What is important is giving them exposure to everything, sounds, colors, words, music, motion etc.

– Still no single pics of Bunny hanging on our walls, regretfully true.

– I have not once lost my temper with Bunny or regretted being a mom in this one year.

My only indulgences has been cloth diapers to an extent and Baby Carriers which has opened up new avenues for me, so I really do not mind.

Needless to say, i have been lucky with the kinda of family support system I have. The supportive partner I have, who supports me unconditionally, stands there as a pillar and trusts me with my decisions and ways to raise Bunny. Also for getting right information at the right time rather than being misguided and following some things which I would have regretted later.

Only thing I would like to change is TBH spending more quality and engaging time with Bunny and he learning to be with his Pa, even when I am not around. Somehow it is still not happening, and somewhere I am also a culprit because I kinda always intervene as soon as I hear things going out of control and do not give TBH fair chance. He has also been extremely overloaded with work lately, but he needs to be more hands on dad.

Like all the overwhelming emotional posts, I have no idea where did i start and where it is ending; Just that I am so happy to have a wonderful – beautiful motherhood journey, all thanks to my little munchkin.

Leaving you with a pic from our recent trip, somewhere enroute to Chandigarh from Amritsar.

One year of Bunniness !! One year of Momminess !!

One year of Bunniness !! One year of Momminess !!

Little discoveries Part Two – Babywearing and Babywearing Stuff

I know I have mentioned about Babywearing before, it was first a discovery, then very subtly it changed into a passion, something I would like to introduce to each new mom to. I have seen the positive changes it has brought in my life after being a mom.

The biggest fear of every new mom specially first timers are being confined to homes, because how would you take such a small baby out? How would you manage the stroller and all the stuff alone, and Babywearing (practice of carrying your baby in safe and ergonomic carriers) has come to my rescue in this case. Since the time I have started wearing Bunny in slings, wraps etc, by dependency on others specially TBH has drastically reduced. And amazingly its not about carrying babies when out, it has so much more to it.

While I work around managing time and be regular here, I will post what I have written about Babywearing on my website :). Yes, remember I mentioned about opening up my own venture? Its been a little over three months and its been a great experience. I will write in detail about http://www.babywearingstuff.com, later. But if you have time, i would be glad if you can just have a look, browse and read a bit about it. In short it is India’s first Baby Carriers estore, One stop solution to all Babywearing needs. But apart from the business prospering, what I would like more is Parents being introduced to this beautiful bond of Babywearing. If you would open the links mentioned in the below write up, almost all Babywearing related queries would be resolved.

Copying my introduction on my website Blog –

Originally  written on – 21 April 2015,

When me and my other half were expecting ourBabywearing_Bobacarrier little Bunny baby (9 months old today, yay already?), like every other parent we had a lot of dreams about enjoying with our baby. We both envisioned carrying him in the regular baby carriers available in the market. Why you would ask, because one thing that is constant in our life despite everything is being on the go all the time. We wanted a way to carry our baby with us without much hassles.

Like frantic new parents who research on everything that is related to the baby, (thanks to smart phones, faster net, and Google), I started my research on Baby carriers. And realized that the most common ones you see in the market our not so good for your baby – read here why. Unfortunately due to lack of knowledge and available options new parents end up buying the usual narrow based carrier and give up on them as soon as they buy.

Through some blog connections I ended up on this awesomely managed Babywearing India group where the admins and members are doing their best to spread right babywearing in India. They guide new parents in the best possible way and direct them to places where right carriers can be bought.

And that’s where the addiction began. I have been wearing/carrying my little boy since he was four months old and we both love it. It’s comfortable, its keeps my hands free, it’s safe for the baby, it makes roaming around easy, it makes travelling with a baby super manageable and I can just go on and on. Also I can’t complain about all the attention we getJ.  If you want to read more about why you should carry your baby in ergonomic carriers along with scientific research supporting it, read here.

So now I own four carriers all from Indian makers, and they all are great products.  Babywearing Stuff is essentially formed to bring all the Indian makers to one platform. Making not only buying easier for all the interested parents out here but spreading awareness about ergonomically designed baby carriers and how can babywearing help you. It won’t be a wrong if I say that one of the mojor factors of me enjoying motherhood throughly is because of Babywearing.

Welcome to the world of Babywearing !!!

You might feel it’s new concept in India but Google Babywearing and you will be surprised how evolved it already is.

And just if you are wondering wasn’t stroller an option, it definitely was, we bought the lightest, the best one in the market as soon as we were back to Delhi alone with the baby. It’s been used exactly three times, lying untouched from past five months. And I am too lazy to even use to carry groceries.  


What motherhood has taught me!!!

It’s been only seven months of being a mommy and I think I am, already a changed person. A couple of hours back we came back home after running few errands. I was very very hungry, the food was prepared already but I patiently waited to feed Bunny and he felt sleepy. I had to further wait to let him sleep soundly. The earlier me would not have done it at all, if not proper food, I would have asked TBH to put anything in my mouth.

In the afternoon right after when Bunny woke up from his nap, TBH was holding him. He made some funny noise and Bunny was totally startled. He started crying loudly, I came rushing, held him tight and calmed him down. It took him few minutes to come back to his normal self. The earlier me would have bombarded TBH with accusations.

In the same situation the earlier me would have started crying with Bunny. Infact I did cry in the initial few weeks, each and every time Bunny cried for no apparent reason.

It has made me a positive person, we are consciously working on creating positive environment for Bunny. And my faith is only getting stronger when I see how Bunny’s behaviour changes, catching our temperament on some specific days. For the very same reason you see me complaining less and less these days.

It has made me really grateful to God. When I hear about tough conceptions, tough pregnancies, difficult deliveries and postpartum period, i thank god for giving me a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and a very supportive family. Despite being extremely over weight, despite having PCOS and despite not doing anything vigorously for my weight management.

It has made me strong and bold in very subtle ways. I think have become stronger just to let him face the big bad world out there and bold with regards to clearly mentioning my decisions and choices in bringing him up.

One thing I picked up early after being a mom was being less and less judgmental about parents and babies. Even a single casual remark about babies leave huge impact on the new parents, – has he lost weight, he cries a lot na, seems he is hungry, you don’t produce enough milk, his legs seems bent, how much he pees, etc etc. Like I said a causal unthoughtful remark from near strangers and your whole day is wasted in worrying about it. Each parent only wants best for the baby and if you have made certain choices for your comfort also, it’s completely fine. Moms are not Gods. And no criticism or opinion sharing unless I know the whole story.

And as an extension to the above point, I have a new found respect for my both set parents. What we are today, we owe it to them.

It has definitely made me a fast worker and a multi-Tasker. I realise I can do so much in so little time. Though the list of to dos is never ending, but nevertheless in Bunny’s multiple half an hour nap sessions I have started prioritising and dividing tasks to be more effective.

Started feeling less guilty for no fault of mine. If I am out with friends and Bunny needs to be fed, I don’t need apologise, or when I need to cut an important conversation because my baby has just pooped or when we are late because I dint want to disturb Bunny’s sleep. You get the drift right?

Also have learnt to be prepared for the unprepared. Like when you are almost ready to go out, everything has been perfect though out the day, you make the baby ready, you change yourself, the husband is ready, you take the keys, go to the lift and right there the baby poops with a big loud weird sound and weirder expression. And while changing diaper he not only gets dirty himself and needs a whole change of cloths but pees on your dress too. So being prepared for the unprepared is the key.

Last the feeling of letting it go, big biggest change so far. Letting go of a lot of glitches, fears, ego clashes, useless talks, taunts, unnecessary complaints just to make infinite space for love :

Seven memorable moments in Seven months

When the first time he was bought to room and latched like a pro. I mean when I was all unsure about Bfing, this little fellow seemed to had it all worked out :).

His first poop which I had to handle, day three hospital. The sister and I were spending some time with Bunny alone. She being a photographer was all over the place clicking his believe nephew from every possible angle and suddenly a weird sound followed by weird expressions and pop, poop was out. He was lying on the hospital bed, it was too gross for us to handle the first time. I mean I cleaned him properly but thrown the bedcover along with the nappy in the dustbin. I just can’t forget that sight.

The very same day he showed us his first smile :). It’s so precious and luckily captured in time.

First time I took him to hospital for vaccination, I couldn’t stand the sight and his cries and stood outside the room shedding tears.

The first time he participated in a religious ceremony which was kept for him. He was not even three months old and used to feed every hour or so. But that day in the temple, he stayed without milk for three hours straight that too without crying. Adding to it not on lap but the temple floor. Everybody was surprised including me. God do have some magical powers.

The first time we took him to a restaurant at 3.5 months and he played on his own on a makeshift bed letting us eat in peace.

And the first movie with him on his 5mo birthday where he dint trouble us at all and slept most of the times :).

There are so many but just wanted to note these seven on his seven months birthday today. 🙂

And in other news Bunny has started crawling not on all fours/knees yet. But crawling nevertheless.

Little Joys of a New Mom

When you wake up to a smily baby :). No matter how hard the night was, the smile makes up for everything.

When the stuffed nose clears automatically after a bath or with a big sneeze, you do a little victory dance in your head.

When the morning poop is in the night diaper vs fresh diaper/nappy.

When you see little pieces of food in the poop knowing your baby ate at least some food.

When he hungrily latches and nurses for few minutes and falls asleep satisfactorily.

When baby doesn’t wake up from sleep when shifted from lap to bed.

When he loves what has been cooked for him.

When he laughs uncontrollably for a silly thing you didn’t even notice before.

When he loves seeing you after a gap and happily calls you in his own baby language.

When he lets you watch your favourite show without creating a fuss or let you have a shower which lasts more than two minutes.

When he loves all the experiments you subject him to like baby wearing or putting him in a stroller or making him wear what you like.

When he licks your cheeks and toes :).

And just watching him grow each passing day :).