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Conversations with TBH

Disclaimer: some dialogues may seem gross to some of you. 

Yesterday evening we were having some relaxed time with TBH in front TV where Indian team was beating Bangladesh in the recent cricket league and I was engrossed in a book. 

And that’s how the conversation went on:

Me to TBH: Honey, do you agree I cut your nails from time to time? (because he is just so lazy as far as nail cutting is concerned, and i can’t handle dirty nails) 

TBH: hmmm

Me: Do you agree that I also regularly color your hair? (Because I feel the unkempt hair and grayness, before age makes one look always unfresh/dull)

TBH: hmm

Me: And you know how handy my nails come when you you are unable to reach some itching points? (He has some serious love for getting itched specially on back, if it goes his way he can make me do it for hours together, and the satisfactory sounds he creates when i hit the exact point has to be censored from this space. 😛  )

TBH: hmm

Me: Also, do you know I take out your blackheads too? (Simply because I love doing it, it gives me different kind of high, yes I am weird that way)

TBH: hmm

Me: So this one time, would you mind removing my toe nail paint? I am not feeling up to it. (Because I have been planning and procrastinating it since a week, and i so want to change the nail color)

TBH: Not at all !!!!

And here I was half hoping he would say hmm only, and believing till now that we have a equal partnership relation. I seriously need to make some rules clear with him. Any suggestion on that front?


I talked to her !!!

To whom? A shattered mom.

I was in a hospital today, taking one our relative to the eye care department. There was this mom before us who was for a consult for her 4 and a half year old daughter. And for some reason I was drawn to the whole set up, as earlier also I saw her distraught face on being attended by a junior doctor, she just wanted to see the very best and was again in the room after a long wait. We were in the same room as our number was next.

I was not only eavesdropping but minutely observing her for some reason. As soon as the doctor confirmed her daughter has squint, I saw real pain in her eyes, on her face and in her being. As if the world just came down around her. She couldn’t listen to the doctor after that, when the doc suggested against surgery, when the doc said that she would like to rather work on the vision, when she said it could be because of anything, weakness in recent past, high fever or any other illness. For those moments it seemed her world just ended.

I followed her out of the room leaving my people there. I heard her talking to her husband with all that the doctor said. And in those few minutes she came down to blaming herself, she kept on saying the doctor said it could be because of mere weakness; I don’t understand; Really. I should have been more careful etc. etc.

I could see where it was going, it was not her words but her face doing the talking. I for obvious reason was imagining my parents in front of the doctor getting the news of their daughter having squint. And random memories kept flashing in front of my eyes. How I was the cutest child with specs since 2 years old. How as I grew up and had a lot of people teasing me for the odd look I had in my eyes. How my parents just shooed all that away and made me stronger. How they were conscious when marriage talks started. How they were conscious when someone suggested I can be a specs less bride and for one minute I wanted it too but dad was dreaded. How TBH wore specs in our marriage even when he could have done without it just to make me feel comfortable. How the beautician kept on saying, eye make up ka kya fayda if you are going to hide it with your specs. All that and a lot more.

Next, I saw the same mom walking towards the elevator. I went to her and said I need to talk to you for a sec. I said, ‘I am sorry I overheard your conversation with the doctor and saw your face. I just want to say that I have lived with a squint and I know how it matters or doesn’t. All I know is that its on parents to bring their children in such a manner that they are not conscious about it. Your four year girl will not even remember this day but you need to forget this. It is no big deal. It won’t matter if you are strong. I said I now know how my parents brought me up and how it never affected my personality, my confidence. I said if you will be conscious of her, she will be too.’ And with tears in my eyes I shared my heart with her. She smiled at the end, said it helped, the couple thanked and I apologized for interfering in a personal matter.

Glad I did otherwise the talking in my head would have kept my sleep away for days to come.

The IPL fever and our Conversations

TBH is a big sports fanatic, he used to follow every sport, every match, listen/read live commentary; modify his work schedules accordingly. He is kind of person who runs cricket contests on watsapp with friends and cousins with proper rules and all, going to the extent of keeping a score board. You get the drift right? And now post marriage his sports involvement has come down to only cricket, I don’t want to go into the whys and let you know how interfering a wife I am. But knowing his passion for the game, I have resolved not to interfere him with the current IPL season and let him do what he wants during the matches. So daily 4 to 12 in the night the TV remains tuned to only Set Max. As the IPL fever is on full swing, so is the launching of new ads. Even rarely when I see a match along with him, I concentrate more to the new ads. But I had no idea that he also gives some importance to the ads until our recent conversations proved me totally wrong.

Here are tits bits of our recent random conversations highly influenced by the ad world.


I recently got one of my old sleeveless top dye-ed, and it is looking refreshingly new though I am not a big fan of sleeveless but yesterday I wore that. And as soon as he saw me, he gave me a melting naughty smile and said ‘you are going sleeveless on me’ 🙂 🙂 🙂


We keep on picking new games on the Ipad and compete against each other. Our latest craze is bowling. And I went to him saying ‘ek game ho jaye ‘and with full volume and passion he said ‘Oh Yes Abhi’


His team was losing in one of the matches and I had a feeling it would and continuing on our some conversation I said ‘dekha’ and he again shocked me by saying ‘sirf dekhne ka nahi, jumping jhapak, jumping jhapak’


He is in other room watching match, I was in other room glued to the laptop, we pinged each other on gchat exchanging some messages and then he asked ‘kya kar rhi ho’. I said ‘was about to write something’. And he pinged back saying ‘likhne ke pehle kuch meetha ho jaye, shubh aarambh meethe se’ 🙂 🙂 🙂


We prefer different things with our morning tea, I mostly stick to one particular biscuits and when today morning I was having those, he started humming these lines, ‘morning evening kya kha rahe ho, kya kha rahe ho, biscuit ki shakal mein maida kha rhe ho, maida kha rhe ho 🙂 🙂


Late night conversation, me asking ‘will you have some milk’, he singing, ‘ha ha mai ready hu, ha ha mai ready hu’ J on the tunes of one of the popular ads jingles.


He has this insane ability to make me laugh in the most unexpected situations and I am yet to witness all the side effects of the matches, abhi toh bus shuruwat hai 🙂

I hope all of you know the ads mentioned in the above instances, if not let’s play a guessing game, guess the ad in each part and put your answers in the comment section.