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Har ek friend

….kameena hota hai. Or rather ek na ek toh hota hee hai. An hour back one of my friend put me in a very awkward situation. I was having a fb conversation with this very close college friend, he is a kind of celebrity in Dubai, a very famous RJ with one of the most popular radio channels. We were catching up after a long gap, he said apna no. de, I gave and he immediately called me. We were talking regular stuff, he called me from between his show and then he said just hold on, I was like sure. I was like apni entry dega and then would continue talking.  He went on air, he said something about weird habits of collecting stuff, telling the listeners that during college i had this habit of collecting clutchers and rubber bands of my classmates. I understood where it was leading but it was too late to cut the line. He said and to prove the point I have a classmate on the phone line who will tell you how I was in college. And there guys I got my two minutes of fame. Half panting, half eating my words. Excited and nervous at the same time. 

He then said again on air, let me cool her down tab tak you guys listen to this song. And I gave him a good scolding. I don’t like my voice on air. We have had this in college, I would never record anything in my voice (we were media students). He said I knew if I would have informed you, you wouldn’t have agreed. He was right. But I am telling you agar woh same city Mai hota, agar hometown mein hota where people would have recognised me, I would have killed him. 


Friends Forever

3 years old S explaining it to 2 years old me :

“mai toh ‘la’ ko ‘la’ bolti hu na, isliye mai ‘laam’ ko ‘laam’ bolti hu, lekin tu toh ‘la’ ko ‘la’ bol leti hai na, ab bolke bata ‘laam’. I said ‘laam’

S : uffo… aunti dekho kitni buddhu hai OHW, kuch samjhati hee nhi.

Me : perplexed.  🙂

…Mine & her mom laughing 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Just had an hour long conversation with my childhood bestie S. And this was one our most popular jokes. It is such a beautiful feeling to have a friend for that long a period, we still laugh about same things, we still gossip about one particular girl we disliked since childhood, we even plan our kids to grow up and become best friends too, we still share almost everything without inhibitions and recently we had a fun trip together, the best part is now the husbands have also joined the group. Nothing like when partners also get along well with the respective partners of your closed friends)

They are Pregnant!!!

Did I tell you two of my best friends are expecting. For one it could be any day. They both got married some couple of years ago and now expecting their first child few months apart. I am so happy for them. Both the days when I heard the news I was jumping with joy which is very unusual for me because I am not one of those person who gets excited with baby news.

Also I belong to a very big family, there is always some young aunt, bhabhi or one of innumerable cousins expecting. There is always a new baby in the family whom I haven’t seen and everybody waits for the next big family wedding to see the new borns.

So where was I; on my friends. I was saying I have seen pregnant women/colleagues/family around. But this time it feels so different with my two besties going to be moms. With all the talks, details, doctors’ visits, sonography details it feels as if I am pregnant. Their excitement resonates in me. I can’t wait to see the babies; I can’t wait to be the mausi; I can’t wait to see my girls turning into moms.

For all the ladies out there, does it happen to you or has it happened with you as well. With friends the feeling is totally different, it’s like one among us. This bit is helping me to loosen up a bit about the whole motherhood stuff. It’s weird how things work out.

And there is a slight chance that for one of them the baby’s birthday coincides with mine. Now that’s is just doubling the whole excitement.