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Friends Forever

3 years old S explaining it to 2 years old me :

“mai toh ‘la’ ko ‘la’ bolti hu na, isliye mai ‘laam’ ko ‘laam’ bolti hu, lekin tu toh ‘la’ ko ‘la’ bol leti hai na, ab bolke bata ‘laam’. I said ‘laam’

S : uffo… aunti dekho kitni buddhu hai OHW, kuch samjhati hee nhi.

Me : perplexed.  🙂

…Mine & her mom laughing 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Just had an hour long conversation with my childhood bestie S. And this was one our most popular jokes. It is such a beautiful feeling to have a friend for that long a period, we still laugh about same things, we still gossip about one particular girl we disliked since childhood, we even plan our kids to grow up and become best friends too, we still share almost everything without inhibitions and recently we had a fun trip together, the best part is now the husbands have also joined the group. Nothing like when partners also get along well with the respective partners of your closed friends)