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All to make P happy

I have decided I will dedicate a large portion of my life to P. To get his love, his attention, his approval, that pride look on his face. I will keep that secret aspiration for a zero figure at bay, I will stop indulging in all those sinful deserts, I will not aim for being naked on beach vacations or even for that matter to fulfill my various cloths fantasies. My whole sole aim would be making P happy. I will move my hip, my legs, my shoulders, my face in whichever direction he wants. If only he would approve of me.

I am ready to be parted with my morning slumber. I am ready to dedicate few hours to him without the TBH being around. I am ready to gulp down that horrible aloe vera juice, but God please make him like me.

Who is P, you would ask. For some the aloe vera must be a clear give away. P is no one but my Gym instructor. He instructs (read forces/pushes) me and TBH during our morning workout sessions. He is very much responsible for us to try things and accomplish few of them which we never thought was possible. It is a good feeling. But somehow I am not able to make him happy. Not able to make him like me. Whatever I do there is still lot more to be done. I know I resist a lot of movements, I am not someone who loves the workouts naturally, but gradually very gradually I am building a liking towards it. But this guy he just refuses to acknowledge my efforts. I think my face says what going inside, he is commonly heard saying the following:

Aap na thoda enjoy karke kiya karo. Isko punishment mat samjho.

Please aap ghar jakar bhi kuch karna. It really helps.

Pehle aap accha karte the ab pata nahi aapko kya ho gaya.

You don’t push yourself enough.

If he has given some target, he would ask

To TBH: Sir, hua aapse? Comfortable tha?

To Me: Kar paye aap? (In a very sad – sarcastic way)

Also he showers all his gyan to me only even when both I and TBH are standing side by side, he would look at me and say.

Rice khane se aisa hota hai.

Hamari health hamare haath mein hee hai.

Koi aur thodi hamare liye work out karega.

Dekho mujhe I wake at 4.30 and come.

Jabse aap aaye ho, mera weigt kam ho gyaa. (I am yet to figure out what it means)

He would also give me a lot of information (read bullshit) about Muscle Mass, Body Fat and other BMI terminology.

I know I am a bit responsible for this, mostly I would not be able to complete his set targets. If he wants me to run at 8.2 KMH for 45 minutes, I would not be able to do anything more than 15 minutes that too at a lesser speed with multiple breaks.

And today it was too much. I went there after a week’s break doubting if I would even be able to lift my finger. On the contrary I jogged for all 20 minutes he asked me to on the speed he wanted me to. I was feeling like a queen. He seemed to totally ignore my achievement. When I shamelessly I mentioned that, he gave a dry smiling saying good. And went ahead to explain me how I have decreased my muscle mass by not doing any form of exercise during the break.

TBH also agitated him against me in the wrong way because his latest results showed improvements despite the fact that he ate out more number of times than me. Sat for longer durations than me, still his results were on a positive side. First time I felt jealous of my own husband.

Anyway that’s apart. Like I said I have decided to impress P, make him smile more often, make him notice my efforts as well, make him like me. Wish me luck guys.