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In the Kitchen I love

  1. to spend time and cook some delicious meals
  2.  the smell of something freshly baked
  3. when my chattapis turn out all round
  4. when the masal dani is all full and colourful 
  5. the sound of the tampering
  6. the combination of white and green
  7. when the kitchen slab is all clean and shining
  8. When the kitchen sink is empty
  9. When all the boxes are full
  10. The perfectly cut veggies on my chopping board
  11. My knife stand
  12. My pepper crusher
  13. That one particular spoon with sharp edge
  14. My wooden serving spoon set
  15. When the fridge is full with sorted out fresh veggies and not left over food
  16. That one particular non stick kadai
  17. When the husband gets naughty while I cook
  18. When the dish turns out exactly like I envisioned
  19. when the husband dons the hat of master chef