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Wedding Invitation

I am suppose to write e-wedding invitation content for a friend this week, while working on it I thought of sharing my own e-wedding invite with you guys. I emailed the below version to all the friends and office people. Got a lot of compliments for being brutally honest in it, so much so that the content of my invite was even discussed in my year end review :). Let me know how do you find it?

P.S – Sorry for the poor editing to maintain the anonymity. Had no time. 



PPS- I wrote the second para more being the wistful me but after being married for 2+ years, I can proudly & happily say it has turned out to be cent percent true for me. :). 


Another Letter from the sister !!!

Just when I was getting back to regular blogging and had numerous topics churning in my head I took an unplanned break from blogging. Reasons many yet none. It just happened. I know it should have been a new year’s/retrospect kind of post for being the first one of this year but I am skipping that and posting yet another heartfelt letter from the sister. 

Our 2nd anniversary was last month and the sister surprised us with a photo book on our story along with some beautiful words to go with it. The book ended with this letter, I just reread it and decided to post it. Here you go. And before I forget Happy New Year Fellas. And all of you who are participating in the January Blogathon, I am reading you religiously. You guys are doing an awesome job. 

2nd Anniversary Didi – Jiju

Aaahaa! What a beautiful collection of pictures! With full modesty I accept all the compliments, thank you- thank you! Haha! Jokes apart, Didi and Jiju, you both know how much we all love you; You are the reason the two most amazing families met and became one; Thank you to the two sets of mummyjis and papajis to look up your names in the patrika and calling their respective panditjis. And bless you panditjis and whoever behind the making of this beautiful couple, you did a wonderful job!

Cheers to your two years of togetherness! Your frequent visits to us have always been such a delight. After all they add the no. of food stations to my life and fill my cupboard with a pile of clothes from janpat and sarojini. Haha! I am such a lucky sister and a luckier saali. The glow on moms face each time you guys come is not hidden from any of us. Also my emotional dad sometimes shed a tear or two out of extreme happiness at seeing you both. You guys have made me believe in arrange marriages, not that I was ever against; only it’s a common topic of debate and I have the best example in front of me to speak in for the motion.

I wish you both from each member of the family a very happy married life; a lil chiggu whose pictures would be clicked monthly and who would be all pampered by her/his maasi! Space limits me otherwise I could have gone on and on…

Loads and loads of  love,


Some Snippets

On Friday it was like facebook coming live to me. I spent some good ten minutes of my morning hopping over pics of one of my acquaintances who fell in love. I browsed the pictures of him with his girl and silently appreciated the beautiful girl. Few hours later I went for grocery shopping and guess what the same girl was walking towards me, I mean she crossed me oblivious to her secret admirer. It was like a movie scene only I was a married woman rather than the handsome hero. 

The next day I was at the gym slogging myself and I saw two people entered with umbrellas. Now in this part of the city that’s a rare sight, there is hardly any rains. I rushed towards the large glass pane, surprised how I missed the rain only to realize it was used as protection from the harsh sun. In my excitement to see the wet roads, the tiny detail I missed was totally dry umbrellas.

We celebrated Friendship’s Day by going to a relaxing spa. I would say a wonderful find on my end, because we were very skeptical finding one which would not turn out to be those shady kind of places that too in our budget. The one in hotels are very expensive and we wanted to make it a regular affair rather than one time experience. And that was followed by a wonderful late lunch at Mainland China, if it’s Chinese, it has to be Mainland China :). The food was so tasty that I just missed kissing the chef because TBH was around 😛

This was what I wrote on the better half’s Fb wall

You became a friend first and the better half later. My partner in love, fun and all the mishaps. My midnight munching and movie companion. My travel mate. My permanent live in partner. My source of happiness, freedom and sanity. In mere 17 months that we spent together, I dint even realize when you became my best friend. A friend for life. Happy Friendships Day TBH. Thank you for being just you.

And this was on the sister’s wall

You were this tiny being when you first entered my life, someone whose existence I quite dint like. Gradually you turned into my biggest weakness, someone who’s every little thing was my concern. Then there was a time I found you after my life, someone I needed to be answerable to. Then a period when I know I was after your life, I know I still am, someone I can’t actually detach myself to.

But now when I look back and also think about the years to come…. I know we are turning into friends and indeed getting good at it. Happy Friendship’s Day Poodle. You mean the world to me.

On other front I have to say TBH is a lucky guy, in last four days….he asked for pao – bhaji and pao bhaji it was. He asked for pani puri and pani puri it was. And million other little things.

We have been missing the morning Gym lately, but to my resolution to not miss a single day without a valid reason I have been going in the evenings without fail. And that’s making me super happy. Only thing that is failing is the weighing scale. But at the end weight is just a number, what should matter is how I am feeling and that’s not a bad feeling :).

We have been catching up on my favorite movies. First it was ‘Shawshank Redemption’ and Then ‘The Terminal’. Both of them are great movies, if you haven’t please watch them. You won’t be disappointed.

It’s a lot of love, laughter, impromptu dance and fun exercise sessions going in the house. We have been spending some good time together and to the maid’s delight giving her random offs.

And I am missing blogging, with no target in my mind I am not being sincere towards it. I think I am gonna devise a plan for myself because there is a huge list on my desktop wall with all things I want to write about.

Just got to know a huge family paltan is expected at the end of month. Mausi – Mausaji for their upcoming treatment. MIL – FIL; SIL for MIL’s award ceremony. And to my surprise In – laws called and fixed my parents program too :). I said arey who called them. But it’s a blissful life when your parents and parents in law are such good friends and gel well perfectly.

How have you been guys?