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Long Drive + Sakleys + Great food + Surprise Cake = One beautiful evening

I want to document this before the beautiful evening fades away from my memory. Yesterday was going just like any other day. I and TBH were occupied by our respective share of work in the first half of the day. In fact we planned to head to our fixed mall after lunch to finish some pending shopping and catch a show of The Reluctant Fundamentalist. But post lunch we were cuddling in the bed and god knows when we or rather I fell asleep. I woke up in the sleep only to realize that he was already in the office room over constant calls. I thought he will wake me up when he is done and went back to sleep and next when I opened my eyes it was already 5. The agitated me woke up questioning him for not waking me up and going as per planned, he smiled and said I dint want to disturb you in sleep.

Then while having our evening tea and shuffling tv channels, I have no idea where this idea came up in my head that I have seldom been to a beautiful open air or rooftop café, he didn’t seem to listen and concentrated on checking mails. I also forgot about it and started doing some other stuff. After a while TBH reappeared asking me if I would like a long drive. I said where to, he said just anywhere on any empty road. I was like would love to, then I asked what about dinner, he said we will have a coffee and something with it, skip the dinner.  That made me super happy :). He said we would leave by 7 – 7.30 pm. I got ready in time and he again got busy in calls, and when I started getting furious he said there is a reason for being late.

Then around 8 we left home…the weather was in our favor so were the songs on the radio. I was also feeling very elated. Then we left our area, also the roads I was hoping he would take….and then we took the turn towards Gurgaon, I was like no way. I was expecting something more. Going to Gurgaon for us means Ambience mall and that was the last thing in my mind, we go there like every other day, probably three days a week – for movies, shopping, meeting friends, food, bowling, taking friends and family or any other thing. I like it and it solves nearly all the purpose, but I also need a break more so because I have nearly been to all the cafes/restaurants of that mall.

My heart started to sink, and despite all my efforts I could not hold my disappointment. I overlooked the fact that he is taking me out to have some nice time and I kept mumbling

–           Isse accha toh jaldi aa jate, shopping wala kam bhi hojata.

–          Ya fir atleast ek khanta pehle, movie catch kar lete.

–          Kahi toh new jagah jate

–          You said there is a reason for being late, there better be. It should not be just a fluke.

He simply said, accha abhi ka koi show time nahi hai? Ab ro mat padna. And actually I was fighting with my tears….. And suddenly as soon as we paid the toll, instead of taking left towards Ambience he kept on going straight. So he did plan something else, and though I smiled but I gave up on my tears too because of the guilt.  I said why didn’t you say something when I was going on and on. He said with his heartwarming smile, fir surprise kaise rehata.

Then he took me to this sweet little quaint café – Sakley’s – The mountain café. The five small tables were all the time full during the 2 + hours we spent there. It claims to be the original mountain café, originated in Nainital by someone who was in love with mountains. They play beautiful music and also offer some a nice collection of books about hills, mountains, people of hills, travelling in hills etc.  And saying that it is small is an understatement; it ends as soon as it starts. But still there was something about it I loved, the lights, the wooden deco, the coziness, the smiling attendee, the happy customers and a hunk like owner – manager. It was neither roof top/ hill top nor it was open air but like I said the kind of cozy warm welcoming place one immediately falls in love with. The kind of place where you would want to sit for hours with a book in hand, enjoying the music, relishing the food and having a good time and the fact I was sitting with TBH across the table, with a dim candle light between us and happy faces around us was making it more special.

And then came the best mocha cake I ever had, with a love message from TBH so he did actually planned an impromptu dateJ. And the reason for being late was the cake only. They prepare fresh cake on preordering two hours before and mocha cake and all the desserts they had on the counter display happens to be there specialty. The menu hardly had 15 options that too with very less vegetarian options but the club sandwich and mixed pasta we ordered were out of this world. Same holds true for all the options, limited but selected and extremely tasteful. Next time we are going to try the wai wai noodles, which we learnt is amazing from the regulars and we are no doubt going to be regulars thereJ.

As I type it, we are still relishing that cake and can’t have enough of it.  And can’t thank TBH enough for the perfect dateJ. Loved every bit of it.

Please note this post was suppose to be published on 12th June.