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Have you ever quit your current job without having another? Or rather have you ever quit your first most celebrated campus job within a month of joining? This is what happened to me.

I was one of the top student of our MBA institute with two offers from two top notch companies of the country, let’s name them CN & CD. I got placed in CD first and accepted the offer with all my heart. I was super elated and had a feeling I would love the profile. Then unfortunately I sat on CN’s recruitment process as well, you won’t believe when I would say I only went in to support my best friend. The company, profile, and field everything was different to my specialization. It was an investment bank, I was 200% sure I will not clear the interview process. But I did, they somehow selected me.

Despite my heart saying otherwise I gave in to the pressure and joined CN which was giving almost double the package of CD. Also, it has close connectivity to my hometown. Only later I realized these should not be the criterion to decide the place where you would like to work. I was always the person who considered money as the last factor when I came to learning, I knew I should have stuck to that theory only.

We were given a 5 star stay for a fortnight and a five star treatment in the one month of training program. The whole group was highly impressed with the infrastructure, the facilities, and the food. Only important point they forgot to mention in that one month is we will be put into various shifts supporting different international time zones. When they did mention it they also mentioned as a policy females will not be given the night shifts at the beginning. That was a relief only to realize that their policies change within few hours.

They put me and my roommate in US hours, evening 5 to midnight 2. I was highly against it and very disappointed. I was new in the city, first time out of home, new to the workplace I wanted a decent timing to get accustomed. Same for my roommate, we asked them that they can change it later (very 6 months the shift changes). Put me in another shift than this. If they would have tried to convince us, probably we would have given in. But the way they treated us once we approached the HR, the higher authorities was unbelievable; the kind of words spoken to us was unacceptable. I can handle the work pressure but not ill-treatment of employees. Our supposed to be mangers stopped talking to us, we were literally out casted. On more inquiry we realized the employees weren’t empowered, they had no say, the work environment was horrible. More than often people had to overlap two shifts. Holidays were nonexistent. I never wanted a work life without having a personal life. And just like that, without planning, without having another offer, we QUIT.

The months that followed were the worst three months of our lives. We were these super bright students of our alma mater, thinking we can own the world. But not, once you are out of campus. But they say everything happens for a reason, I started respecting my parents like never before, their support changed me completely. I understood the importance of family in all new way and that change is the only constant in life. I approached CD and they offered me the job again after a couple of more interviews. My friend also got a well deserving job which aligned completely with her work interest with ample growth opportunities. Probably the first experience taught us to be super sincere in our second first jobs. We both were top performers there as well. We were happy that we did not waste more time in a job where our heart dint aligned.

And as far as our escalation is concerned, the company made it a point to convey about shifts and other details in the pre placement talk itself, so that the students can make an informed decision then and there.

Below our few lines I wrote after I Resigned.


– not just from a job.
– i resigned from the artificiality – superficiality it bought with it.
– i resigned from the deceitful environment.
– i resigned from work where my heart wasn’t lying.
– i resigned from a brainless job
– i resigned before i became a part of the sick corporate culture.
– i resigned from the comfortable – easy but unsatisfying life.
– i resigned on my conditions.
– i resigned without compromising on my values.

– and a lot more…

it’s a difficult time.. feels strange struggling for jobs…going for interviews… that uncertainty.. confusions.. and everything that comes with this phase. But I have deliberately chosen it on my will; with just a wish that things would be fine soon.



Oops moments

All of us have our share of those embarrassing moments which turn out to be something to laugh about in later years of life. I particularly remember few incidents of my life which still friends and family use to pull my leg. 

Now this one is truly embarrassing, when I was really really small, just two and half year old, I came out of the room trying my mother’s inner wear, that too bra in particular, and was trying to put cotton where there should be some elevation . My mother had a shock of her life, she just managed to grab me before my grandfather could see me in that state.

During my second standard me and some building kids used to ride our cycles to piano classes. I was the only girl and the youngest. Our building was on a slope. One of the evenings while returning from the class, the guys managed to smoothly peddle the cycle in between two pillars (on one side of the road). I thought what a big deal, I should try that too. I did, only to totally overlook a hard iron cable in between those two pillars. I banged the pillar head on, falling off with few few bruises to boast about.

The same group used to go for swimming classes. So one fine day, we decided to pull in some money and have some eat out sessions in one of the road side joint on the way to our swimming. The same day our parents decided to check our progress, they followed us to the class. only to find us gorging on to some local food. We had a hard time convincing them that we actually planned to go to swimming after the little break :P. 

And then hits of hits, all those who know me are aware of the fact that I dislike dancing. It was one of my cousin’s wedding.There were very few youngsters to perform on the sangeet ceremony. I was emotionally blackmailed to do my bit that too right at the start of the ceremony. being the only sister and all. It was a very small piece of 2 minutes or so. I was so nervous that as soon as the music started, I started performing whatever moves were taught to me. And suddenly the music stopped in between. I was like what, and the organizer apologetically announced, sorry wrong song :P. Can you believe it, that was not even my song. My family had a hard time stopping their insane laughter and concentrating on next performance. All my plans to flirt/impress the bride’s handsome brothers went for a toss. 

In another marriage, Vidaai (farewell of the bride) was going on, everything was okay till the bride’s brother hugged her tightly and both of them started crying nonstop. In another corner of the room, another crying voice joined them. It was me, it was something about that scene that I could not stop myself, I started crying loudly. I was a newly wed then, i was attending first wedding after my marriage.  All my cousins looked at me followed by a  silence for few seconds and suddenly all of them started laughing together. And then someone said a midst laughter tears, she dint cry at all in her own wedding which was just two months back and see her now. 

I can add few more, but I can’t handle more embarrassment than this for a single day :P. 

Lines for me – Memories that make life beautiful :)

I thought of writing on letters, few letters from past which are precious to me. And while rummaging through my memory box of old letters, cards and scribbles, I found these lines written by my bestie J, dated nearly seven years back, around 6th march’07. Reminding me how time just flies away. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing these.

Needless to say I find them beautiful, reason being they are for me. J writes beautifully and she and A together presented them on a wonderful morning with a warm hug….(after few days of silence, misunderstandings, and mute fights……)

She who has been a responsible child
A friend at a far mile
She who has been a commanding sister
A friend with enigmatic smile
She who has always been a support
A friend, obviously mine
She who always want to be something
A freind who forget been someone
is rather fine’
A & J

Jobs and more

It’s funny how I am not working in an official setup now. I could have been the near perfect employee, in fact I was one in the brief period of time I worked in a corporate setup. My team lead and manager trusted me to no bounds, gave me opportunities which were not given even to colleagues senior to me. I have always been good with jobs and tasks when delegated with a proper deadline rather than building something from scratch or taking complete initiatives on my one. I need that extra push or external pressure to do deliver my best.

Since college I have always worked, not for money though, but mostly to learn. I have always believed that working makes you learn a great deal, makes you confident and you learn how to handle timelines and different kind of people. It gives you practical learning which books and formal education cannot.

Before the other aspects of life get hold of me and I completely forgot all my odd jobs period, I would like to pen it down here and reread at some later stage.

I was a media student and from my first year itself I started assisting my seniors in shoots and other projects. I used to leave home at 8.30 and come back only by 7-8 in the evening. I learned no job is a small job.

By the end of first year I wrote and produced couple of features program for all India Radio, and got my first official pay. In that 2000 Rs. I planned my whole life ahead :). That’s the magic of getting your first pay.

By third year I and my group started producing small videos for private setups in our city and for personal portfolios . We learnt to negotiate, to network, to ask for money (which was the toughest part and I was pretty bad at it).

During this time we also became a part of core branding team of two investors who were planning to bring a totally new concept college/education in our city. And made our first official trip to Delhi to take part in an education fair to get first hand response from visitors. It’s unfortunate that it never materialized after that. We learnt how lack of initial planning and research hampers your plans.

For official internship me and my two college buddies became a part of a creative team of a software company, me basically handling the content.  I wrote few pieces in Hindi for a hospital website especially for its maternity wing and some of those still hangs on the hospital wall that makes me so proud.

We kept on having discussions on opening up our own setup but college ended and all of us took different paths and got busy. I took a break for higher studies and even that time I used to handle the front desk of my coaching center for few hours/day. Counselling students and sharing first had experience why I chose my center.

Meanwhile I got admission and there were few months before my MBA started, I got an opportunity to join the first lifestyle magazine from our area and started working there. I loved my work, and the editor was highly impressed by it, he continued paying me full salary even when I reduced my work hours after college. He planned to promote me within 4 months of joining and I planned to leave to concentrate on my college.

I wanted to get some experience which would help me in my MBA, that’s when I joined yet another firm as a Marketing lead in a very niche service category.  And got a chance to meet a lot of industry big shots during this period. Also my first stint of handling a team. That improved my presentation and communication skills tremendously.

Once that ended I also kept on taking few freelancing market research projects for private firms and for my seniors. Making questionnaires is something I love and got quite good at it.

And I was the only one who had two very impressive job offers from two biggest firms of the country. I still can’t forget that golden period :). I ended up joining both in due course of time because of certain unforeseen situations that will be covered later covering what I learnt from a company where I dint work.

Wow, it feels so good recalling all those moments of jobs/working when money/promotion/proving was not the only thing. It was for sheer fun of learning. And all those small stints have made me a better professional in many ways.


Image I found this image in my Facebook feed today and I immediately knew my topic for the Day 3 of A to Z blogging challenge. Its strange how the mind works, when we are at something we start relating everything to it.

Coming back to the topic, I belong to the typical big fat Indian family with couple of dozens cousins on both sides of family. And major part of my childhood specially the summer vacations has been beautifully spent with them. For me it was very different at both sides of family. But I am lucky that all of us love each other and stay connected through various means. 

At my maternal Grandma’s place it was all girls gang, there were around 13 girls as against just 2 boys while I was growing up. There were only 2 cousins and my sister who were younger than me. So I used to get a lot of attention and lot of pampering. My cousins would wait for me to come and Mom would be freed from all my responsibility. Some one would make me bath, someone would get me ready, someone would cook my favorite food and play different silly games just to make me happy. As i was the daughter of their favorite aunt and they would meet me only once an year. 

I won’t even remember days slipping into each other converting into weeks and before I knew it was time to go back home. Its there I learnt to eat all veggies as everyone would eat together in a fun way. My cousin S used to mash everything in the plate, lying to me for things I won’t eat n I was too small to pick up the taste.

My fondest memory is of sitting near nanajee and just talking to him. In the evening everyone would gather in his room and spend some quality time together. Every trip we used to have a session for re watching old albums and funny home/old marriage videos. What fun it was.  

It’s there I did my first business, me and my cousin would have a comics stall where we used to rent out comic books to his friends, we would also provide free pick-up and delivery services sweating ourselves in the sun just to earn few pennies and eat ice cream. Yup life was that simple, financial planning was limited to saving and eating ice cream in the evening. 

I learnt about sharing and letting go. I learnt about different people and personalities. As i grew up my cousins started to confine their deepest fears and insecurities, wishes and dreams with me considering me their friend from an early age. Probably because I used to give neutral opinions or simply being a listener and strictly refrained from sharing their secrets with anyone else. 

But gradually the dynamics started changing. I got busy with life and my visits reduced drastically. It has also to do with both my maternal grandparents passing away in quick succession. My cousins started getting married. And when I would talk about studies, making career choices, corporate job; their talks were more towards in-laws, jewelry, make up and sareers. They all are perfect daughter in laws of their families, talented, excellent cooks, perfect in every sense. But I couldn’t connect with them at that time. Sometimes it used to break my heart seeing their talent and if they were pushed to make a career, how great they all would be. But guess as long as they are happy it doesn’t matter. Things are again back to track now, not the way it used to be in carefree childhood ways but still the feeling of special connection and belonging remains. The visits are now limited to family weddings but facebook/whatsapp/mobiles have given way to connectivity and being updated. 

At my paternal side it was different. After initial years of love showered from all sides (as my dad is the elder of the two brothers and I was the first born among them) I had to play the elder one among a lot of my cousins, had to be responsible and act bossy as most of the times the gathering would take place at our residence. I would make the kids to eat together, not letting them creating a mess, take them to gardens in the evening and just having fun in a different way. At my nani-ghar the vacations would be confined at home as it was a small village and my uncles being businessmen couldn’t spare a lot of time on outings.

On the other hand on this side of the family, we were city based and majorly service people. We would plan outings, eat outs, entertainment parks, sight seeing, shopping trips in nearby places so on and so forth. And it was more a boys gang so the elder ones (teenage and beyond) stopped accompanying their moms on the annul trips after a certain time. But it was fun nevertheless. Experimental cooking was done. Trial sessions were held. Hairstyling and stitching – crochet was done. Serious movie watching and reading done. Endless talks and leg pulling done. Aah all fun done. Though the younger ones still adore me, consider me their favorite didi, share everything with me, take guidance but I grew close to some of my elder male cousins when they shifted to my hometown for studies and lived with us for sometime or at-least had regular weekend trips. I connected them at all the levels of education, career and crushes. 

Over the years somehow I realized and my sister feels the same that its your paternal cousins you feel more connected to. In my case it could be similarity in our circumstances- family situation, city upbringing, struggles of making a career, corporate jobs or simply same values being passed on but it still holds true. 

But I love them all. You can have best of friends, I do have my share of them. But the way your cousins understand you and family takes them to a different level of friendship. At least one set of parents have the same finicky nature :P, at least they would be aware of your family’s real situation, or your parent’s dynamics and million other little things. They would always be the first best friends I ever had. 

I am so glad TBH is equally comfortable and gels well with all my cousins. I am still the go to person for most of them. They still call me at odd hours for advises or to share the firsts of many happy news When someone gets drunk and the matron threatens to call their family, they make me their temporary mom. When they get a few days off, they plan to travel and stay with us rightfully. They religiously like all my fb posts and updates – that in itself says a lot about our relationship :P. I love them, life wouldn’t’ be the same without them. And today I am gonna call at least three of them in honor of this post. 


Happy Birthday TP !!!

This post is especially for you TP. You all know her from her blog www.tandooripanipurilife.wordpress.com . This is a late entry in fact very late, around 3 and half months late. We (Me & TBH) happened to meet TP & PK on Dec 6th and since then I have been meaning to write a post about that wonderful meeting. And last Friday it was TP’s birthday, now what better occasion to actually dedicate a post to her.

Somewhere around last quarter of 2013, TP on her blog kept mentioning about her upcoming India trip in December for her sister’s marriage. You could read her excitement and happiness through her words. During one of those blog conversations she asked me about the weather status in Delhi. And I caught the hint; she would be travelling via Delhi. Few emails exchanges later, our date and time was fixed. In our excitement we totally forgot to exchange cell numbers, though hers & PK’s would most likely wouldn’t be working but they could have contacted on ours if need be. But we just missed exchanging numbers, at the last minute I mailed her but she was already on her way to India by then.  It was like one of those earlier times when you would meet someone without the privilege of calling/reconfirming prior to the meeting.

It was decided that we will pick them up on a set time from their hotel and go to a nearby coffee shop. They had very few hours to spare and a very early morning flight the next day, so we dint want to waste a lot of time commuting.  We left well before time as I hate to be late and we took good enough margins to find the place where they were staying overnight. But as fate would have it that day the Delhi traffic condition was way beyond horrible.  Everybody seems to be on the roads and everybody seems to be in a rush. Only later we got to know that was the day when maximum marriages took place and the area near/around airport, where we were suppose to meet have a lot of wedding venues. We were badly stuck in traffic and had some confusion finding their hotel as there was another hotel with the same name. Every minute I was getting restless and was bothering TBH though nothing was in his hands. Finally we managed to reach the place around 20 minutes late. The guilt of being late, of not been able to communicate TP, of making her wait and leaving a bad first impression was grounding me. I was looking at every face anxiously as they could be them. Nervously I went to the reception asking about TP & PK.  The reception guy got me even before I could complete my statement, I realized TP would have been equally excited and would have waited and left with instructions to the receptionist. 

Enough said about the logistics, now about the actual meeting. The moment I met TP, it was like somebody walked out straight from her words on the blog. I always got an impression of fun, talkative, pure heartedness, innocence and genuine personality whenever I read her. She was all that and much more. She and PK dint made any fuss about us being late, or when we took them to totally random place which came first on our way to avoid the horrible traffic and actually catch some time talking. They dint make us feel any bad when the place did not have any decent thing to serve. We just kept talking and talking. You know the first thing I noticed was her footwear; a picture of which she had already shared on her blog. Even PK and TBH got along quite well. We talked about everything under the earth. There were so many connections we could draw, like our love for food, her sister being married in my hometown, the big fat Indian family, having a younger sister, couple of her friends belonging to our community and talks related to that and off course panipuri.  How can you meet TP and not talk about gol gappas? When it came to work, TBH and PK belong to totally different industries, but PK & TBH shared some connection there as well.  They make a wonderful couple, so easy going and fun to be with. TP is one beautiful soul inside out. We both couldn’t hide our excitement and how much we knew about each other through our blogs which amazed our partners.  We just kept talking nonstop. It was so refreshing. She is so humble and modest. It actually breaks your heart to see someone bothering and misunderstanding this girl. She is so good hearted and transparent.  She is someone who loves to laugh and live life to fullest.  (And for all those who are interested her hands and feet are beautiful, so maintained and just pleasing to look at :)).And did I say she got us a big bar of yummy chocolates which we I and TBH religiously indulged in next two days. I still have the wrapper saved :). One of these days I will post a picture of that and that of all four of us.

On your birthday TP, I wish you all the happiness in life. You are a blessed soul with a partner like PK, and such a loving family back in India, that everything and everyone else should just fade in the background (I hope you understand where I am hinting). You know you are right and there only so much you can do to please others.  I wish you all the success in all your ventures; fun filled and food filled days with PK. May all your dreams come true. Just stay the same ‘YOU’ TP. You are wonderful.

Hope to meet you again on your next India trip, for longer duration this time. Sharing a meal together, some shopping time and more talks :). 

Memories in Pictures

I just spent around past one hour reviewing some old albums on my fb profile, I do that often. I am a photo stalker; I would randomly go to any of my friend’s profile and view their pictures with keen interest. Sometimes I would reopen my photo folder in my hard drive and relive all the past moments with TBH, during my job, in college, while growing up, school madness, on family vacations and more. I own a vast collection of photographs and it is one of my most prized possessions. TBH is totally different in this regard or used to be, and during early days of our relationship I used to feel guilty being so photo crazy when he considers it as a totally useless exercise. But few months back I read an article in the newspaper about capturing moments and how it is associated with making people happy. How re- watching some old memories triggers happy hormones in the human body. Since then my guilt has suppressed big time, probably also because TBH has started taking some interest too.

With the digitization of this technology along with instant connectivity to share your details with the world, it’s getting very big. It has become a very integral part of our lives. Now we click around 300 pictures for each occasion when it used to be 32 selected and proper frames.

And I don’t mind it at all. In fact I love it. I love every moment being captured, the irony is I am not at all photogenic nor is TBH. But that doesn’t deter my enthusiasm. Coming to think of it, this runs in the family.

My Nanajee was very fond of photography; he would click numerous pictures of his children and wife. And he even got a small lab to develop them in home, not only that he used to color some of them too.  He also owned that Polaroid camera at one point of time. I have never seen that many pictures of people of my parent’s generation. I remember every time I used to visit my nani-ghar, he arranged for an exclusive photo session for all the kids; capturing our growing up years beautifully.

And then dad. He has clicked thousands of pictures of us as a family, of mamma (probably because she is so pretty J ) and he himself is a not only a very sensible photographer but looks amazing in front of camera too. My sister too, she is just extremely photogenic.

For a brief period of time I picked up photography during college and was pretty okay with compositions if only my hands were more stable, I could never actually handle the camera properly. My very new and very high end camera became kind of my group’s property. They would practice their hand on my device which at the end proved to be quite fruitful for me as I landed with the largest collection of college memories. The golden years. The craziness. The Fun.

Now the sister, she is going to make a career in this field, she is great with kids and so with kids photography where she is planning to specialize. Her drive, her passion, parent’s support, her learning makes me super happy. I think from the time she has picked up this skill I have taken a back seat. I mean I don’t care too much about good photographs, I just believe in capturing the memory, the moment.

I have no idea why this post came up and why it is ending so abruptly. It’s probably because TBH is not around and I am missing him a bit more this time and have seen our some memorable photographs like multiple times since morning. 

I will sort some of my favorite snaps and do a photo post sometime soon, the thing is it’s so difficult to share stuff maintaining anonymity.

Good night folks!!! So tell me about your most memorable pic?