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Xerox Copy

Me, of my Mom at least in looks. A lot of people except my dad say so. And I proudly accept it, because she is so damn pretty. Even after being a sasu ma, my mother has the ability to look like a newly wed and I for one look more like her sister or a close relative. She looks quite young for her age, infact dad too and they compliment each other wonderfully. If only I would have been 20k lighter and had a flawless skin like hers, papa would have been convinced too :P. Anyway people have started relating more now after my marriage specially when they see me wearing Indian, a bindi, sindoor etc. Yes I do look like my mom. 

And I so wish the similarity goes much beyond that. She is a beautiful lady inside out. An exceptional professional, a sought after orator, a literary personality and a total family person too. Not the typical mamma material who would care for the child, worry unnecessary about the routine things like if her kids are well fed or are sleeping enough, how they are dressed, staying awake with their exams, no not at all. But she comes as a pillar of strength when we need her. It’s only now when I have seen few ups and downs in life I have realized how wonderful and strong she is. She and dad together give the best advice possible. She sometimes seems so vulnerable but at other so strong. I can’t put in words how much I respect her and want to be like her.

I read somewhere that its only in your late 20s that you feel you are tuning into your mom. And I feel it so many times, on all her habits I used to crib as a child, I follow exactly same now. The sister usually calls me her second mom, because my behavior with her is more like our own mom in fact only more interfering. Mom has this immense ability of keeping herself detached from us where necessary, giving us our own space. I always wonder how she does it, it’s so difficult letting your child commit mistakes, fall right in front of you and than standing on the other side a support. Only once in my entire lifetime I saw her weak and the reason was me and in the end she turned out so right, I can’t imagine my current life if it wasn’t her taking command of my life.

All I wanna say is I love you Mom !!! Would never hurt you deliberately ever again, no matter what. Can’t thank God enough for making me your and dad’s daughter. 


Funny Age Fact

I am at my parents place since past week, swamped with fasting, feasting and family. Amidst that mom brought this funny fact in light. 

Right now I am 26, and the sister is 20. Mom said, she was 20 when she conceived me and 26 when she conceived the sister :). 
And we just wondered on the changed scenarios over the years. How both me and my sister are far away from our mom’s situation when she was passing our current ages. 

How over the years you realise your Mom is always right!!!

Some random examples….

 – I was 16, first year college, when after years to be confined to a same uniform, we get to explore our fashion sense if any or the lack of it. I loved the Jeans and Kurta look i adopted along with the people who used to compliment me almost daily. I used to add some funky accessories too which were equally appreciated. My jhola bag collection was also quite talked about so was my desi street style footwear collection. 
Ya you are getting it right, sort of the then Journalist look, so next came the  kajal, the smudged eyes. I wore it once, and my mom said its looks awful, funny in a way. I ignored her that time, like when we do in peak teenage. I wore it for a couple of days,  third day when I was back from college Mom wore the Kajal and yes she looked awful too. That was the last time I wore Kajal. How did i came to conclusion so quickly, i resemble my Mom almost 80%, it was an easy one. 
– The sister grew, she came in college and she was fascinated by danglers. Kajal looks beautiful on her. Mom warned her too, telling her how overdoing it looks bad, she like me ignored her…. and one day while getting ready for a party Mom wore the Danglers and showed it to the Sister…and the decision was  made once again.
– Now on some serious issues, Mamma is a very open minded person, she would have been okay if I would have founded a guy for myself. I do know that, still she always emphasized that it would be better if the person you marry is of the same community, I used to laugh saying ‘agar aisa hai,, toh aap hee dhoond dena’.  Laugh because I am not a religious person by any standard.  In fact I always felt more inclination and interest in other religions than my own because of the rigidness in ours. My mom used to reason out saying there are somethings that goes in you without you even knowing about it and as you grow up in age, those things starts appearing on the surface.  And years passed by we sharing that joke, i got into couple of relationships which fortunately did not work out.
And now when I am married to TBH, I am glad we share a common community and religion, I am glad we are so comfortable among each other’s family, I am glad it is gradually becoming one family, I am glad the way we can share so much together, I am so glad the way life is unfolding. And I am so surprised by the fact that how my Mom is always right.
– Me and TBH are trying to reduce the extra flab we have acquired over the years, I have finally started realizing the importance of being fit, I am reading a lot about the same thing and you know how they say always dividing your meals in 5-6 small portions, Ms Rujuta Diwekar (Kareena Kapoor fame dietician shares similar opinion), how it is always right to listen to your stomach and stop eating right before you feel full etc etc. Its difficult for me to cook less in quantity, first for just two people and second that too just enough quantity without wasting the food and without punishing our stomachs.  All the reading and trials remind me how Mom always emphasized on fresh cooking, how the quantity was just enough, how there were hardly any leftovers used to be there in her kitchen, and sometimes when we used to argue for some of our favourite stuff – rice, kheer, halua, all chat items etc that ‘zyada banaya karo,  we want to eat a lot’. She calmly used to say this is just enough. Now I understand the importance. And still ours was one of the house where get to gathers every weekend was a common place and still is, I have never seen any family among my peers having so many family – friends lunches dinners. 
– How she always used to make sure that all grocery is stuffed before the fridge/boxes get empty.
So on and so forth, and I am happy that a lot of her is in me in looks, in nature and the habits she has inculcated in me. Gradually and beautifully they are surfacing in my character and I am lovinnn IT :).