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One year of Bunniness !! One year of Momminess !!

Last I remember I was writing about one month of Bunniness. And now its going to be an year in six days, and I still can’t believe it. Its been a beautiful motherhood journey. Feels like totally non mommy material like me was born to be Bunny’s mom.

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this now not so new role. I am loving every single moment of it.

Bunny is a sweetheart, I can’t probably explain in words how much I love him. He is a complete attention seeker, loves socializing. Melts everybody’s heart with his smiles. He will keep smiling/calling you in his own way until you respond to him and smile back. He absolutely love being in crowd.

Has already been to around 12 cities and has been constantly on the go since birth. And the inflow-outflow of guests at our home has almost doubled as contrary to what I earlier thought. So has not really been alone with us.

He is a happy -healthy kid generally. Has been quite a supportive baby. I just feel lucky and blessed to have him.

He is quite a active baby. And if I am around he doesn’t need anything else :). And I am always around, even in loo we kinda accompany each other. I think when time comes for his school or when i would be required to be out of home, the separation would be more difficult for me than him.

I am just overwhelmed and so excited. July has been great since the start. First we had this impromptu road trip to Amritsar – Chandigarh with sister and her friends. Which was great by all means, Bunny got slight fever on Day two, which worried me a bit but as soon as we realized it was due to teething, I was relived. And by next day evening he was completely himself. Tomorrow we are flying to Pune for a short weekend trip to Lavasa (for my birthday) then joining family in Bunny’s birthplace for his birthday and some celebrations :).

And our one year old household with a baby has been quite different with what me or my family envisioned.

– Its been a Johnson baby or any baby product free household. Yes no soaps, no powder, no creams for Bunny :). Only our very own coconut oil and mustard oil in winters.

– Its been a cerelac or any sort of pureed free home. I have not even learnt to force feed Bunny or feed him by distraction. Funnily I love khichdi and since Bunny’s arrival, unlike popular belief, it has been the least cooked food in our Kitchen.

– Also I have never bought a single box of formula milk. Breastfeeding and practicing Nursing in Public has been a boon for the kind of life we are leading with the Baby.

– Teddy-bears and soft toys free home. The ones we got as gifts are happilly lying in some corner, Bunny just doenst play with them. May be now as he grows. he will develop a fondness with them.

– No jhula, no walker, no crib, not a lot of fancy toys for him.

– Very early into the motherhood journey I learnt, that the kinda toy and how colorful/beautiful or expensive it is hardly matters to babies, they happily play with even kitchen or everyday stuff. What is important is giving them exposure to everything, sounds, colors, words, music, motion etc.

– Still no single pics of Bunny hanging on our walls, regretfully true.

– I have not once lost my temper with Bunny or regretted being a mom in this one year.

My only indulgences has been cloth diapers to an extent and Baby Carriers which has opened up new avenues for me, so I really do not mind.

Needless to say, i have been lucky with the kinda of family support system I have. The supportive partner I have, who supports me unconditionally, stands there as a pillar and trusts me with my decisions and ways to raise Bunny. Also for getting right information at the right time rather than being misguided and following some things which I would have regretted later.

Only thing I would like to change is TBH spending more quality and engaging time with Bunny and he learning to be with his Pa, even when I am not around. Somehow it is still not happening, and somewhere I am also a culprit because I kinda always intervene as soon as I hear things going out of control and do not give TBH fair chance. He has also been extremely overloaded with work lately, but he needs to be more hands on dad.

Like all the overwhelming emotional posts, I have no idea where did i start and where it is ending; Just that I am so happy to have a wonderful – beautiful motherhood journey, all thanks to my little munchkin.

Leaving you with a pic from our recent trip, somewhere enroute to Chandigarh from Amritsar.

One year of Bunniness !! One year of Momminess !!

One year of Bunniness !! One year of Momminess !!


Bunny in Marriage – 5 days with a 5 months old

As promised, exclusive Bunny related updates in the whole marriage affair. Some dos and don’ts with 5 a month old. I think Bunny too had a great time in the whole 3 days wedding and the two days extended stay we had in the five star property. It was surprising to a lot of our guests seeing such small baby at ease, and hardly crying so thought of writing it in detail here.

First thing Firsts, Some Background.

This baby loves outings. And he always feels like home in hotels. We have observed this from very early phase. If he is unusually cranky, take him to a hotel/restaurant and you have a happy child in hand.

I think he has a habit of being amidst crowd, since its only now that we are alone. Till now we have been in either of the other homes with lot of daily visitors/strangers flowing in and he takes onto them quite well. I am not sure it is just a phase (hopefully not) or his naturally temperament (like his parents).

Also has attended so many big functions with loud noise levels that it doesn’t scare him any more. (Remember his palna, the religious function earlier mentioned in the blog)

What worked for Us.

I have to admit till now he has been a less fussy baby. Mostly he is a happy baby, so it becomes easier for us to handle him. I have been lucky to have the kind of support I have in both side of families to cater to his needs at first priority, so he knows he is been cared for. That makes a huge difference for babies.

I made sure that his sleep is not disturbed. Even if it meant coming in the room early when everybody else is enjoying. Bunny has a habit of delaying his sleep if something else is catching his fancy, that makes him cranky later. So I made sure as soon as he is sleepy I would go in a quite corner or to the room to make him sleep. Also saying firm Nos to relatives who want to wake him up to play.

Same goes with nursing. Not delaying it no matter what. Not waiting for him to cry, going by his timings and other cues. Breastfeeding has been a boon here, no struggling with bottles, formula, cleanliness etc.

Getting dresses that were baby friendly. So I could hold him whenever required. For me it meant getting only salwar suits done, no sarees for all ceremonies. I can’t handle saree well, couldn’t risk it with Bunny.

Baby wearing. Carrying your baby in a sling/carrier. Sling worked best for me. Specially each morning during breakfasts because I used to have breakfast when there were no other trusted relative around to leave him. So I would wear him on me and eat in peace.

Using Stroller. On the same lines of baby wearing, using my stroller vigorously. I loved my Graco stroller. Light to be carried around even when Bunny was not using it. Each day I would make him ready and tuck it in, it worked great in making him fall asleep when coming to room wasn’t feasible, he would have good rounds around and see the festivities. Great to make the big extended family play with him from a distance. Also worked as a shield from the harsh winter.

Making sure Trusted Relative was around. Always. Specially when I had to leave him to get ready or just to eat etc. And that specially includes people he knows/recognises. So for him it was both set of granparents, badi maa, bade papa, chachu. And still keep checking on him from time to time, just seeing the mothers face assures them.

Giving him some Mommy time. Despite the crowd, the festivities, the all day long functions, the urge to be with relatives you are meeting after so long; taking exclusive time for him, making him feel special, playing with him.

Giving him some playtime. Supervised time on the bed/where ever possible. So that he can just be himself, move as he pleases. Take his favourite toys around.

In management front. Taking all the baby essentials – super extra clothing as it was winters nothing was drying, carrying quilts. Oil, creams, diapers, extra caps everything. Not feeling guilty of using laundry for baby. Making sure to take care of your own self, not falling sick, not eating that may cause stomach trouble or sour throat.

Also having Bhabhi around (Bunny’s badi Maa), sharing room with me and Bunny was a blessing when TBH was not around and everyone else was so busy.

And lastly suno sabki, karo man ki 🙂 (Listen to everyone but do what pleases you). Because jitney log utni baatein specially when it comes to baby.

Also wanted to ask you guys, I am toying with the idea of another non anonymous blog exclusively for Bunny updates/posts/records. Should I go for it?

They are Pregnant!!!

Did I tell you two of my best friends are expecting. For one it could be any day. They both got married some couple of years ago and now expecting their first child few months apart. I am so happy for them. Both the days when I heard the news I was jumping with joy which is very unusual for me because I am not one of those person who gets excited with baby news.

Also I belong to a very big family, there is always some young aunt, bhabhi or one of innumerable cousins expecting. There is always a new baby in the family whom I haven’t seen and everybody waits for the next big family wedding to see the new borns.

So where was I; on my friends. I was saying I have seen pregnant women/colleagues/family around. But this time it feels so different with my two besties going to be moms. With all the talks, details, doctors’ visits, sonography details it feels as if I am pregnant. Their excitement resonates in me. I can’t wait to see the babies; I can’t wait to be the mausi; I can’t wait to see my girls turning into moms.

For all the ladies out there, does it happen to you or has it happened with you as well. With friends the feeling is totally different, it’s like one among us. This bit is helping me to loosen up a bit about the whole motherhood stuff. It’s weird how things work out.

And there is a slight chance that for one of them the baby’s birthday coincides with mine. Now that’s is just doubling the whole excitement.