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Movies with Babies

Yesterday we watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan with Bunny in tow, where he slept all through out. It must be Bunny’s 10th film and he just completed 12 months couple of days back. This post is not to be judged as a careless parent who make there little ones face such harsh sounds and fast moving visuals, but to share my experience about taking babies to movies if you wish to.

As a background we are complete movie buffs and that is only thing that remains unchanged for us post becoming parents. We took him when he was five months old to PK. And then there was no looking back.

Please note movie theaters are not recommended for Babies below 2 years. So this is not to encourage taking them in anyway. This is just summarizing what can work if you wish to take your babies.

1. Do not take a sleeping baby in, sleep time is okay. But not a sleeping baby, because when he wakes up in between, the darkness, sound or motion pictures can scare him.

2. Don’t feel guilty if your Baby cries or shouts in the theatre, be ready to move out when ever things go out of control
I usually go to a secluded seat, which ever is vacant, if Bunny seems particularly difficult.

3. Master Nursing in public, theatres are a great place because of darkness. And feed the baby whenever he demands. Usually they sleep because of disinterest n darkness.

4. Take some no sound toys. I usually tie them at one end with my scarf or something, while Bunny plays sitting on my lap, so that I don’t need to struggle with picking them from floor/under the seats every two minutes. Also Bunny loves to play with water bottle kept in the chair arm and a straw.

5. These days as Bunny has started solids, I also engage him with some corn or other finger foods, while he enjoys some music.

6. It was much easier when he wasn’t mobile, since he has started crawling and now walking, he doesn’t like confined to spaces. So we usually go with family or a group of friends who don’t mind if our baby is creating a scene. Or one person or other will be there who ain’t much interested in the movie and can take him out for a round or something. Luckily this wasn’t needed till now.

7. Always prefer a corner seat while booking so that you can move out, or give baby some space without disturbing others.

And just don’t be nervous, keep taking to baby that we will be doing for a movie today and what to expect when there. And worst case scenario, leave the movie in between or watch from the entrance/stairs.

These tricks have worked for us so far. I usually avoid very lour or action films, and choose reputed theatres with good sound and acoustics systems.


The curious case of

Our upar wale neighbors: I don’t know what’s with them or with this building. The wall to wall – wall to door soundproofing is so foolproof that you can shout your lungs out but if the door is closed no one will hear your shouts. But the floor to ceiling sound system fails miserably.  We are aware of every move our upar wale makes, every step they take, every sound they create. In day time it is still okay as there are numerous sounds around – calls/talks/construction/traffic/music/tv etc. But night time it’s horrible. No not that kind of sound you dirty mind, but very strange sounds. Like someone walking in high heels, somebody skipping, and someone gymming, sometimes it’s like someone has dropped a string of pearls etc. Bizarre I know! And I am talking about way past midnight.  It has made us conscious of our own movements. Though now I want to but with the intensity of the sound that we hear, I am embarrassed to ask our neeche wale if any sound we make during night bothers them :P.

My sister and her over worked brain: She is a wonderful human being, though too opinioned, strong minded and slightly into herself, but her honesty and openness subsides everything else. But she just thinks too much. I want her to give her brain a break, she will think about smiling at someone, serving water to guests, or massaging mamma after a tired day or asking dad for a tea. Though she wants to do all this for others but she thinks that makes her someone else, someone she is naturally not. It’s like when asked she will do that but she can’t do it herself. And I say these are too small things to spare your mind cells at, just go with the flow and be you. Sometimes it’s no harm doing things for others specially your own people.

The DINK category couples: The double income no kids couples.  I am totally fine with couples taking a conscious decision of not having kids. In fact I feel amazed with their clarity of thought and clarity about the kind of life they want to lead. As this isn’t a short term decision. This is a decision for a lifetime. I fully understand their situation especially in a country like ours where everything is everybody else’s business. How they must be tormented by the family to take the family way; how the females must be listening to unsolicited gyan about the so called biological clock, how they have learnt to dodge it/face it/feign it. But then they go about justifying their thinking/their decision out in the open; ranting out their frustration; stating how this isn’t anyone else’s business; how they can adopt a baby or better a pet when they feel so; how they can’t procreate for personal motives of sheer joy, or to shut others up or because it’s time now and alike. But ironically in the process of venting out they go about blaming and accusing a lot of couples from their circle who have gone the parenthood way. People who have decided to have children but according to them aren’t great at raising them. It is such a paradox they being judgmental when the core of their problem is others’ judging them.

Increasing count of four wheelers in our society: Ours is a new society with four building blocks and around 120 flats. When we shifted last year there were only about 32 flats occupied. Now that number hasn’t changed much in past year may be around 15 more families have shifted. But the sheer number of cars surprises me. It was around 114 on my last count. For Delhi people it’s definitely car nahi caaaaaar. They have big jigra and no doubt bigger cars. A round in our parking lot and you will see all luxury car brands shining in their glory. And every now and then I see a new car being parked. What amazes me is, new cars but no new people in sight. That’s boring life in a metro for you.

My missing pair of sandals: I love foot wears. So much so that I notice footwear first and faces later. When people with me are checking out dresses/makeup/hairstyles and alike, I check out the chappals others are wearing.  I myself own what I call not so modest number of pairs. And I love and cherish them all like treasured pieces of jewelry. During some phases when I decide to control myself and not to buy anymore, I make others gift them to me. That’s another reason I miss regular workplace so much, that’s the place where you can wear new sandals every day and get noticed. Elevators are the best places to notice and talk chappals. So when one of my sandals got missing, I just couldn’t take it. I tried to find it everywhere but to no avail, I even started getting dreams about that missing pair. I organized search committee in all three homes where I usually stay (Parents – Inlaws – Bhabhi) and knowing my love they obliged my request but no luck there as well. Now I have no clue where they are gone. I am very sure I haven’t left them at any place I have recently travelled. And unless I buy similar pair or look for them myself in all three homes I don’t think my anxiety would end.

My mad maid: She is punctual, does okay work, reachable by phone, always informs before taking an off, comes at a moment’s notice when guests are around, brings veggies while her way to work if I am in no mood to go and buy, has been honest in 1+year of working for us. You would think what else one’s need and why the rant. Rant is her responses. As long as you don’t utter a word it’s alright. But anything you to say to her, she has an answer prepared. And that irritates me to no bound. By all standards she must be aware that her work level is just okay but due to all the other reasons I am reluctant to change her. But words like Ha, okay, alright or simply nodding her head in affirmative doesn’t exist for her.  Look at this:

Me: Waha kachra reh gaya.

She: Roz lagagti hu kabhi reh jata hai.

Me: Palang ke peeche se le lena. (When it’s visible that dust is lying there for days)

She: Kal he toh liya tha.

Me: Ye khidki ki dhool saaf kar dena. (Because the house has been locked for days)

She: Apke bolne ke pehle kar deti hu.

Me: Aajkal pouchha acche se nahi lagta, aaj acchese lagana.

She: Arey itna toh maine chamka diya, pehle se kitni saf ho gyi hai zammen. Ab isse zyada nahi hogi.

You get the drift right?

She irritates the hell out of me. Best is keeping mum when she is around.

Crazy Candy Crush Saga: I have played games in the past, I have been really into them for random phases, I have liked them to play it for longer durations but I have never been this crazy for any other game. It’s super addictive, in recent few weeks I have spent days together playing this one. TBH is not far behind, we fight over to play it on the IPad in turns. For the first time in life I feel competitive about crossing a level, for the first time I have skipped sleeping or delayed it to cross certain difficult levels. For the first time I dream about gaming and this particular game like crazy. For the first time I have opened my eyes and reached for the tablet first thing in the morning. I won’t suggest to try it out if you haven’t already.

Zero TV time:  That’s another new for me. I have been a lover of the idiot box as long as I can remember. Earlier it used be mickey mouse and duck tales, then came the golden period on Sony entertainment from 5 pm to 7.30 pm – Dennis the Menace; The three Stooges; Different Strokes; I dream of Genie and Bewitched. Small wonder was also a part of this golden era on a different channel. Then the weekly shows; Bournvita quiz contests; travel shows; the real music/dance shows; the sensible serials in early cable days; the craze of music channels; the senseless Ekta Kapoor Era; the not so real reality shows; the Food shows; the English sitcoms and the list is unending. I have always boasted about managing my TV time; being abreast with the latest entertainment industry happenings; being a loyal TV watcher; the early birds in buying Tata sky plus first then with HD, using the recording feature like we own the brand. But recently it’s like TV no more exist for me. TV time has reduced not just drastically but has come down to zero. The candy crush is one reason, constant internet connectivity is another; getting back to vigorous reading also counts and then lack of sensible shows on air these days is the major one I guess.

The movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button from where the title is inspired. I watched it few months back and have been amazed with how people think such unique concepts. The concept, treatment, make up, visualization, acting everything is commendable. Do watch it if you haven’t.

The post hast turned out to be longer than expected. I might have few more things to add for which I will do a Part two may be. Thanks for bearing with me.

Queen, the Movie

We, TBH & I are two movie freaks. We hardly miss a movie. In last five weekends we caught 4 releases on each Fridays. Some we download, some we watch on television, some of our favorites we keep on re-watching.  Yet there are no formal reviews on the blog mostly because I am very lazy that ways – writing recipes, book & movie reviews seems like a big task to me.

Also there is another angle – being from the media background I know how much hard work and efforts go into making a film, even if it’s a bad film. It’s not all fancy and glamorous as we usually perceive. I believe even acting is a big – big talent, though the sheer number of our TV – Film actors make is feel it is an easy  job. But imagine multiple camera setups and a couple of dozen people watching you when you are acting. I think it’s a tough job.  It definitely breaks my heart seeing some films which could have been great; seeing some great actors being wasted in mediocre cinema. But who are we to judge.

With TBH, I have also developed a liking for the mindless cinema. I have understood there are different set of audiences for them.  For example, audiences who are looking for a break from heavy work and want pure entertainment. People who watch movies as movies and not care about the social message it is sending across. But it is true that movies are a great medium of setting trend and broadening the audience.  And I hate movies which humiliate women or any particular group; movies which show women in stereotypical and restricted roles. But nevertheless as there are different type of individuals there ought to be different kind of movies.

Any way I can go about movies and my journey with them.  As the title suggests this post is supposed to be about the movie Queen, starting Kangana Ranaut. In one sentence I loved it. In short, the story revolves around Rani who has been dumped by her long term fiancé a day prior to the wedding. Sighting reasons like he has changed with a job abroad but she is still the same, a behanji from Rajouri, Delhi, India.  After the early shock and grieving, Rani still goes ahead to her pre planned honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam.  And it’s her journey in those two weeks. My view on the movie in pointers:

  • Kangana actually got a platform for the first time to showcase her talent, though I have always liked her, but this has to be her best till date.
  • The movie makes you believe that slowly and gradually Bollywood is getting there.  It’s says that filmmakers are ready to take bold steps without an actually hero or ghisi – piti love themed storyline.
  • That how a tragic/taboo like situation in context of so called Indian society can be managed just fine if the family is open minded and supportive. And it may be my personal belief and experiences in real life but I think Punjabi families actually have the heart to live life to the fullest. I have seen closed friends managing personal calamities with a smile on their face. Situations, which in other societies could have been fatal.
  • The movie makes you fall in love with Pujabi dadis all over again after the super cool granny in Vicky Donor.
  • I loved the subtle and gradual transformation shown in the protagonist. She did not have to completely change herself (read being modern or get a makeover) to prove a point and nobody gets changed in a two weeks time.  Actually it was not transformation; it was just finding herself and her capabilities. It was the revelation that one need not be dependent on parents/spouse/anybody else for that matter to be happy or managing life, it was getting to know herself and finding confidence in what you are.
  • The way parallels are drawn in during her travel and past experiences. There are view incidents when her fiancé restricts her from getting a job, scolds her for not being able to drive or dance in public and how she comes over these inhibitions when she is on her own and manages just fine.
  • And the music – soulful, beautiful. Too many songs but perfectly synchronizes in the background, taking the story forward.
  • It is not a laugh riot as I expected it to be, it is not a fast paced film as well, and it goes on a slow steady pace. And that’s how it should have been otherwise you would never feel with the character or understand the gradual changes she goes through.
  • Though there are few cliches or unbelievable moments for us, as in the movie is based in today’s age and time and at some instances the innocence and obliviousness of the lead amazes you.

Actually honestly my words are not doing justice with the film, I just loved it. Though me being in Delhi and a female might have something to do with my opinions here. But its a good watch and there could not have been a better day then Women’s Day to release this movie.