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All well that ends well

The latest guest at our home are finally on their way back journey, though they are only gone to return back after three weeks. But still on a happy note.

The couple was here for the aunt’s eye surgery. Last few days we have spent multiple days in hospital for various tests. I have ranted enough about being in hospitals; old age and how they were partially responsible for spoiling my birthday. Which was no doubt very mean on my part. They were sweet natured, very easily manageable guest, without much fuss and demands. Only the old age made them slightly dependent.

After that agitation of couple of days around my birthday I was back to my normal self. Managing them was going fine.

Multiple tests revealed that her body is unfit to under go an eye surgery. She has recovered from very serious cancer a few years back, and aged much earlier owing to it. She had some other lung infection which could not be treated properly because some medicines were banned for her to save the reoccurrence of cancer.

She started losing all her hope reluctant to undergo any tests. But finally yesterday the oncologist gave a green signal that her cancer is totally cured and she can now take the other medicines as well.

The lung related doctor prescribed various medicines for three weeks, also assured that lot of her problems would be taken care of and has asked her to return back for a check up. If the progress is all good they would also allow her to have her eye surgery done.

So since the time they have returned back from hospital yesterday she was more live than she has ever been during her half month stay here. Medicines were not yet started but I could see how psychology plays a important role in illness and why friendly doctors are required.

Even uncle was elated, he is someone who supports her and suffers the most. His own old age seems to have taken a back seat to be with his wife at every step. Me and TBH were more than happy to get the news. And some how all the minute negativity and grudges were gone. All our efforts seemed worth it. In fact we were only glad that we could support her and be with her.

We bid her bye with all our wishes only to welcome her back much healthier after three weeks.