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My 26th Birthday – Part One

It had cribbing, it had cooking, it had crying but despite everything it turned out to be a great day. Now where should I start it from? Let’s start from the evening of 16th July.

One of the guests was suppose to leave at 10 in the night. TBH and he do business together and they were out almost the whole day of 16 like the other prior days of the same week. TBH and he returned home at around 7 pm only to leave again at 8. I was in the worst of moods from last two days. I decided to take reigns in my hand to have a memorable birthday rather than crying and making TBH also feel miserable. TBH was suppose to drop him at the airport and I thought of a possibility. While everybody else was having dinner TBH said he will have it after returning, my heart sank a bit. I messaged him from my cell asking if we can go to catch a movie after the airport drop if he isn’t very tired.  He replied back saying okay but also added that he had planned it for the next day, but I did not want to see any movie on my birthday, that’s no way to spend time on a special day. I said if he is okay I would like to go today, he agreed and came to the dining table.

I ate in a rush and went to change. Meanwhile he informed about our plan to the other guests/relatives who are here for a treatment. They were okay with it. We hopped in the car, dropped guest one and to my surprise TBH asked the driver to go to Ambience, Vasant Kunj. I know where it was going, and that brought a big smile on my face, we were heading to PVR directors cut like I have earlier said it’s like the business class of theatre. With couches so comfortable and food so delicious that it’s a perfect setting for a movie date.  We got tickets for the last show, giving us an hour to eat my favorite ice cream and pick few things to wear the next day. I had plans to wear a one piece dress but that had to be postponed with the guests at home.

I got a beautiful nude colored top going perfectly with a cotton jacket I had already bought for the birthday. So with that and a few other things in the bag we headed to the theatre. For the whole hour I talked nonstop and that made my mood so much better, if there is something I hate more than anything else is not been able to have a heart to heart conversation with TBH and I also told him that it’s for this I wanted to come out, to at least set my own mood for the birthday.

We ordered few things and enjoyed the movie thoroughly, the top corner tickets made sure we had our privacy and all in all a very romantic setting. We were half lying, eating and having a great time. At 12 he kissed me and wished with a delicious pastry.

We returned at 2.30 in the night and first time I felt a very comfortable Delhi Breeze. We tiptoed in the house not wanting the guests to wake up, and when I entered our bedroom. TBH had already placed a cake there, a delicious chocolate cake waiting to be cut and relished. He got it during the interval in the movie and hid it in the shopping bag.

 We ended up sleeping at 4 only to be woken up by TBH’s tea. I had a smile on my face that meant a good start. Also when I checked my work mail, I had good reviews from the contact about the current project I am handling. I cooked breakfast for all of us, attended endless wishes over calls. Sister also dedicated an emotional blog post to me, read that. Took bath and went with TBH to the customary birthday temple visit. Then he dropped me at the saloon for a haircut, which I glad I took. It made me feel/look fresh and I liked it this time unlike the last time I got one.

We planned to meet at a nearby restaurant. The aunt cannot travel much even in a car, she has severe motion sickness problem. So we went to the nearest eating destination from our place. And had a nice family lunch unfortunately what I ordered did not turn out to be great but nevertheless it was a time well spent. We came back home, I went to sleeping and leaving TBH to finish up his work.

(I honestly wanted to wind this up in one post, but was turning out to be too long, so folks wait till tomorrow)