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Chasing Rats and facing other creatures

Disclaimer:  Some of you will definitely find this creepy. Read at your own risk.

So it started with when I was five or six year old. The family was lazy-ing around on a Sunday afternoon, and a lizard dropped on my feet. Everybody had a shout of their life except me. I did not find it scary or odd and moved towards balcony very very slowly; the way when you don’t walk and just drag your feet; and shrugged the lizard from the railing. That surprised everybody.  And honestly later we realized that I am not afraid or get that creepy feeling which most of my people claim to get with the normal creatures found at home or close vicinity like lizards, cockroaches, rats, grasshoppers and even frogs.

Came school and I realized how girls are super scary of cockroaches – lizards and alike. If they witness a cockroach, they used to shout, first in hushed voices then when the teacher also notices in loud combined force, with teacher also joining them. Most of the times I would act like a hero and grab it with it antennas and throw it away, I am totally against killing them so I don’t like that shoe tapping thing, I prefer to get hold of them and throw them away. And when I used to be at my notorious best, I would find cockroaches, frogs, grasshoppers; and pack them in a transparent box or poly bag and scare the hell out of everybody at school. Wow, what fun!!!

Then my obsession with Rats started, btw did I tell you I got these traits from my Dadi, my paternal grandmother. We would together chase the rat out of home. And there is nothing like making the rat fall in your trap. If you haven’t done it, you would never understand that joy.

My rat tale can’t be completed unless I share this one in particular. I was probably in my 9th or 10th standard. There was this big motu rat which found a comfortable stay at our home or to be specific in the store room connected to my bedroom. We could not find it during the day, but every night he would get super active and make loud noises from whatever stuff he could move or shuffle. That made my nights horrible for a while. I can take anything but no disturbance to my sleep. I need my daily dose of 8-10 hrs sleep to be active – happy throughout the day.

One fine morning, I woke up earlier than usual to study for some class test, and headed to the bathroom, to my surprise the rat was in there too. I thought that was it, the opportunity of a lifetime. I locked the door from inside and slowly emptied the bucket and picked bucket in one hand mug in another. The rat was also not able to move anywhere, it was looking at me, and I was constantly keeping an eye on it. It was stuck at the elevated platform of the washroom and maybe has lost all the hopes because it restricted its movement for the fear of falling in the pot. And in that spur of a moment I placed the bucket below it, pushed the rat from back using the mug and there it was in the bucket. I had never seen that huge rat in my entire life till then. I ran out of the bathroom, covering the bucket with whatever I could get in my hands, picked my Scooty key and took the rat to the barren land some couple of kms away from our house. And what a feeling it was. If only, you would know.

And latest in my rat pakdo aandolan was in March, I was at my in laws place and there was again a rat bothering us. It was a step ahead, it would only come in night to a specific location and won’t eat potato or onions from the basket lying on the floor besides its favorite spot, but it would travel several rat miles and will fetch plum, mangoes, chikoos etc from the fruit basket n dry fruit basket (from the dining room) and feed himself. Surprisingly, only at his favorite spot and nowhere else would he even wander around. We would have left him in peace but needless to say the fruit love was turning out to be an expensive affair. More over its not healthy to live mutually with a rodent while it spreads the infections in the house.  And I being the ultimate rat catcher could not take it even for a day. I observed his habits for two days and third day kept a rat plate at its fav spot (the new device to catch rats in the market)….and there it was, stuck to it in the morning…another happy morning it was J

Now don’t go about judging me on this…I am someone who doesn’t even kill a ant or use that now popular mosquito bat ever …it just the fun in catching some creepy creatures that I wanted to share.

So anybody in need of a rat catcher? Hire me!!! Or spread the word J