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Unending Wishlist

I would like to believe that I am this content, happy go lucky kind of girl. Which usually I am, barring for few low days, few glitches here and there, Life’s Good. Despite that I can’t stop wishing for few(?) things which I would really like to have/experience in this life. So I thought of putting down a list only to see how many of these wishes get fulfilled in due course of time, and probably keep adding on to it.

Travelling: We have our fair share of travels but it always leaves me slightly unsatisfied. One reason is TBH’s and mine travel concepts are poles apart. Another is we usually chip in our travel with TBH’s work, his work nature doesn’t allow him to have leisure time off with total disconnect.

Getting extremely thin: This is actually what cropped up this post. I was lurking at some pictures of a friend who is extremely thin and wears whatever she feels like. That’s what I want to do. Nor that I am conscious about my overweight structure but I know where to draw the line, where it would cross the line of being indecent. And so I wanna get this really thin skinny kind of physique if only for few months to fulfill all my cloths fantacies :). Like a micro mini short with a ganji, a two piece swimming costume and the likes :). 

Dream Home:  I am extremely fond of spaces and good interiors. As long as I can remember I always wanted a home that would look like out of a magazine. People like our current home too, but somehow rented spaces doesn’t allow you to do everything you want to do. I know TBH is planning for it, he has even given me a proper timeline, we have made quite a few investments in the right direction but with the exorbitant prices these days, I am afraid by the time we will buy a home, we won’t be left with anything to do the interiors :P. I want to  handpick everything and decorate my home with unlimited money. 

Being a parent: I mean being this cool – sorted Mom to our future kid. TBH and the sister keep pulling my leg that how mommy like I already behave as they are the ones who face it the most, and what our future baby will have to handle. Their teasing puts undue pressure on me and I really wanna change myself before being a mommy.

Having a Social Circle: In delhi. We are social animals and have a big family on both sides who keep entertaining us every now and then (Yes the unending guests at home). But we lack the kind of circle working couples or localities boast of having. More than often it’s only two of us hanging out on weekends. Few friends we collectively have live either very far off or are too busy in their own lives. A reasonable group of like minded couples won’t harm us in anyway. I have always had such a big circle that, this is one thing I miss after shifting to Delhi.

Remarrying: With TBH off course. I want to erase the marriage phase from our lives. As I was not at all involved in it and gave a hard time to both side of parents as well as TBH. I want to remarry him with full gusto and fervor. Including a proper courtship period followed by a super awesome honeymoon. I want to undo the past memory and create a new beautiful one. Btw we did took our vows again and kind of remarried on our first anniversary. Will post the story sometime.  

And that’s all for now I guess. Just six, that too not un-achievable makes me super happy.  Haven’t I already written I am this happy content girl :). Will keep adding as and when I feel like.


The kind of guy I wanted to marry

Just stumbled upon this today from my old hard disk. When earlier asked about what kind of guy I wanted to marry, I used to give the below list half true, half wistful; people used to call me crazy for such a reply but in all honesty that was the kind of guy I wanted. 

In bullet points:

  •  A great guy (in all the senses good natured, friendly, helpful, sensitive, responsible etc. etc.)
  • A family guy (families are important to me and being good to people is one of the most important quality I wanted from the guy I would eventually marry), I always wanted someone who would take responsibility of my family with equal zest as being just two daughters I was always worried about this fact, I always wanted to be reachable and available for my family without any obligations or ahsan jatao scenarios. And moreover I love big family get to gathers, family weddings, celebrations etc. 
  • Someone who is a decision maker (wrong or right doesn’t matter but someone who is able to think sensibly and take decisions when required and sticking to it irrespective of the consequences because I for one cannot take decisions, I mean I am very poor at it, take eternity even to decide smallest of the things and then repent over them for another lifetime)
  • Someone who is a sports freak to give my Dad some company where both his daughters failed miserably.
  • Someone who loves movies, and can’t say no to re watch some favorites every now and then.
  • Someone who loves food (First because I love food, cooking, eating out, trying new places, new food, in short everything that has to do with food; and over the years I have realized people who love food are very compassionate people and are mostly fun people.)  
  • Someone who loves Driving: because I love being on the roads sitting next to the driver, I love the convenience of road travel, travelling without planning, short weekend trips, even sleeping while on roads etc. etc.
  • Someone who is settled in his career, because I knew I would be struggling for few more years I did not want the pressure of handling two career growths simultaneously.
  • Someone who’s Job allows him to travel the world and he is ready to take me along to all the places, open-minded enough to let me be on my own, to take control, to roam around and responsible and alert enough to find me when I am lost, which happens quite often as far as me is concerned. 

It was written long before TBH came into my life. People used to tag me over dreamy especially for the last two points, I used to listen to OHW get real, OHW marriages aisi nhi hoti from the likes of caring Bhabhi’s and Didis. My mom just used to laugh over me, sister used to give me looks like you emofool.

But guess my manifestation for such companion overpowered everything and I actually got a husband like that. Exactly like all the above mentioned things plus some more great characters which are hard to put in words. I feel blessed in my marriage and I know for sure it was manifestation and nothing else considering how much I tried not to marry him without knowing him even a bit.


Just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I love you for sticking with me through thick and thin. And after all, making me land in this dream world as against the bitter soup I prepared for myself in past years. Love you loads HONEY!!!!!

And all set to make our world more beautiful place ‘TOGETHER’ and experience what all it has in store for US.


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