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My 26th Birthday – Part Two

We decided to leave home in the evening for what TBH said he has plans but only thing was I had to cook dinner for the guests. I was very sure they would say no or say we will manage or say we will order in but expectations, they say keeping it to zero.  I did not and had a shock when they said ‘haa banakar chale jao’. My heart was kind of broken, I was in no mood to cook a full meal, I wanted to invest some time in getting properly ready or maybe it was lack of sleep. Also by that time TBH slept. I did not like spending my birthday time in kitchen all alone and from there the mood started to swing in not the desired direction.

Anyway I cooked, came in room asking TBH to wake up and prepare tea for himself and the relatives at home. I got ready in few minutes, applying a beautiful lip shade and nail paint which was suiting me so much. Mood was still okay but when TBH told me where we were going, I asked him very rudely to look for another place, regretting the moment I said it because he had plans post that also. I only realized he changed his mind when we got into the car. And I regretted but also cribbed that what kind of plan is that if he can change it at the last moment.  He was on calls and I was fuming inside. Thinking about a lot of things, how no one even sent me any flowers or gifts, I know I don’t like flowers but could have managed with a bunch on my special day. I was hating how TBH did not ordered even a single thing online even after knowing how much I love getting couriers, even if it an empty envelope of my name. How there is no magic no surprise element. I had no idea what was causing my mood to ruin itself so much. The traffic added to the agony, I hate commuting in peak traffic hours, I wanted to leave early, I was shocked how TBH was not making any efforts to talk to me during the car journey, and it was getting hard for me to control the tears.

In my irritation I also commented in the car that next year I am not going to be dependent on anybody, I continued if one thing I have learnt post turning 26 is dependencies bring disappointments and delays. I told him that next year I will plan a perfect day for myself and invite you for that. I went ahead and said I know you are above all this thing; nothing matters to you, celebrations or no celebrations. I said we will do exactly this on your birthday – nothing.  Just order food – drinks and see back to back senseless comedies at home, no plans, no outing, just nothing.  He kept on listening without saying a word.

Finally we reached which felt like an eternity because of the silent journey. He had plans to get me a watch but lack of time kept it at bay and luckily so because I would have also liked to try the pieces in my hand before making a purchase. We did exactly y that. After exploring all the options, he bought me a beautiful TISSOT watch. I was in love with it and had wanted something similar from long. That bought a big smile on my face but only momentarily. He kept trying to cheer me up; my mood was swinging back and forth. I told him for some reason I am not feeling nice, not birthday like – not looking birthday like. He kept on encouraging me lovingly.

We then went to the place he has chosen at the last minute, there also confusion persisted. First the manager took us to a seat which TBH did not choose, the place had a night life – club type of ambience and I am not very fond of such places, I was shifting uncomfortably in my seat when TBH returned back saying let’s go to the rooftop. That was the place which he has chosen, with flowing water beneath the glass table top. I love water and started to relax a bit was also relieved to see no crowd. But this time insects bothered us. We had to again shift to another table.

By this time TBH had that guilty look, I said what you could have done, jaakar he toh pata chalta hai about any place. He said this looked totally different in pictures and had a high rating in Delhi Restaurants. Menu also offered very limited options for vegetarians. TBH was misled during the booking call. We ordered some starter which was just okay. I was still thinking to change the place, but looking at the traffic situation decided against it.

We ordered some more drinks alcoholic and non alcoholic both luckily they were amazing. And food wise took the safest option possible ordering pizza and pasta which turned out to be tasty as well. That all ended up with a chocolate cake again, which TBH made sure has less of icing/frosting as per my liking. And then again the drinks did its part on me and I started talking my heart out. I said I was waiting for a surprise, despite me making extra efforts to make birthdays of important people a bit special all my birthdays have been pretty plane. Still each year I get equally excited about them.

I said I was looking forward to this day, and he explained me how all his plans did not work out for some reason or the other. And I totally understood, it had been a crazy week for him as well. Rather more demanding than mine, work wise as well as personally with me giving him hard time too.

I kept on crying and kept on saying stuff. And he being the god like person he is, said because I doubted, I doubted this day won’t turn out to be a good day and something more on philosophical lines. He is a firm believer of the theory of manifestation. I had a lot more to say but I left it there, I thought may be some other time.  Whatever he was saying was right, we both said our parts.  By the time we reached home I was feeling light, relaxed and assured. I was Happy.

In retrospect it was a beautiful day indeed. Cakes, calls from loved ones, beautiful gift, blessings, movie date with TBH, lunch date with family, dinner date with TBH. Also in the morning he posted a beautiful message for me on face book wall, I never knew he was the PDA kind of guy. Mixed day but memorable by the end.

On a sadder note, I have no pictures or rather no post worthy pics. I will get a good click of my new watch and share it with you guys.


The screwed week

Or what you don’t want your birthday week to be.

First of all who decides the birthday week? Is it the one which ends with your birthday; is it the one which starts with your birthday or is it the one in which your birthday falls in between like the fourth day of the week. Or it’s on us to choose. I would rather have a two week celebration, yes I am that excited about my birthday.
I have been reminding TBH for a while know, and I don’t let my people forget it or miss it that easily. I want my special everyone to wish me.
Anyway I am on the current week with my birthday just two days away. The only good news have been bestie one delivering a healthy baby boy. Apart from that i had this horrible cough since the start of this week. I have been attending guests. Cooking enormously for them. Managing their medical requirement. And cribbing my heart out. And above all listening to their great experience as a guest at somewhere else or how I should cook certain stuff to make it taste better. The worst of all I might end up spending the whole of my birthday in a hospital and all what I had envisioned this birthday to be has already gone down the drain.
I know TBH would compensate soon enough but that day would be gone. He is so occupied in his work that the magic I wanted is just not there. I know I should be happy that I am supporting someone in their need but it’s not making me any calmer. More so because last year I spent the day all alone. Sudden travel for work happened for TBH promising me to return on the d day but promises are meant to be broken and I turned down all celebrations offers from friends because I only wanted to celebrate with the better half that being my first birthday post our marriage.
So that left me more eager to celebrate this one with him. The guest arrival was not all sudden, we got to know it few days back but what we did not know was their trip would be extended and I would need to attend them solely. Going to hospitals depresses me to no bound.
What I thought it to be was something like this – spending one day at a saloon getting pampered and going for something new for my hair. Going for a spa day with TBH. Spending two days shopping my heart out. Eating a different flavored cake/pastry every day of the week. Going on a surprise two days romantic outing with TBH. Specially planning the nights. Wearing my first ever dress kept for this birthday but now that has to be postponed along with everything else. I want to cry so hard and loud but that needs to be postponed as well.
I knew I shouldn’t have kept any expectations but I am unable to help it and all my feelings. I am very bad at feigning as well, my mood swings are on my face. I so wish my birthday was some other time and not this week.
And now I am crying, I thought writing this would help but no. I thought one thing I would learn by this birthday is to control my tears but not that isn’t happening too like everything else. And the guilt of being selfish, interested in vanity when there are much larger issues in life and sabkuch bus I am feeling very upset.