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Newborns on Facebook !!!!

How do you feel about facebook accounts for newborns? I have seen few of my female fb contacts who as soon as they become mothers, create a account for their newly born. Sending friend requests from that account to close friends and relatives, tagging the chid in all the related updates, uploading pictures and even at times giving captions as if the baby is saying that.

I know the new parents are obsessed with their kids, it is normal as well, it’s not an easy feat to bring a baby to world. For some period of time their world revolves around their kid; work life, travelling, outings, shopping, food everything is decided keeping the new born in priority. All this is fine, but I fail to understand the rationale of having a fb account with the name of their babies. Is it because they want the world to be updated about their baby activities/ growth and alike. Is it because they want to give their child a readymade account once he/she grows up and take the fb route? Is it because they fear fb won’t be free in the future? Or is it merely a fun activity Or there is some other reason which isn’t popping in my head, please enlighten me if you are aware.

To all the mommy bloggers out there, if you also maintain similar accounts for your child then please make me understand the reason behind it.

And I m sorry if I have hurt your feelings…..