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Zero Ground Philosophy

I wrote something on this self developed philosophy on my older blog (now private) around some 5 years back. It was during the time when I found myself standing on the same ground after an year of hard work for CAT. On my first attempt I scored 76 percentile and on my consecutive attempt reached to 98 percentile but still no luck with getting into top notch colleges. I was still standing on Ground Zero. That made me realize how it is true with almost everything in life. College is a passe now, I have no regrets as far as my education is concerned but that got me thinking. That time I vowed to define my own life rules and not fall for the rat race. 

Your peers change, your competitors change and somehow you are always on Ground Zero. First you compete to get a good college. Once you get it you compete to get best possible placement. If you get that, you compete with your colleagues for promotions, to go up the ranks and life goes on in circles. Similarly in personal life, once you get married you somehow start looking for people who have a better life than yours, a better home, a adorable kid, a happening social life, better in-laws, better financial condition etc etc. The vicious circle of life never ends. We remain on the same ground comparing ourselves with people who are better than us or if you are not that shallow, setting goals and aspirations to start off again. To go to the next level. Next level will still be the starting point as you would have new set of dreams by then.

I think this is nothing but human nature. We tend to see ourselves against people who are better off, that too based on our assumption. Reality might not be the same. Probably this is the way society moves towards progression. But the question is how much discontent it adds in our day to day life. Ain’t we suppose to find our own pace? Define our own rules? Be happy with what we have. Isn’t happiness is the ultimate goal? And don’t we keep forgetting it all the time allowing ourselves to be caught up in the rat race called life? 

I did it before, and I am doing it again, vowing to enjoy being on MY GROUND ZERO – what ever it is. Being happy and content with my life right now. No more cribbing and comparing. 

And Yay to completing the blogging challenge :). Happy Me. 


Yumminess Around

I can’t believe a to z blogging challenge is already towards its last two days. I am so proud of myself for not missing a single day, I have missed the timings I wanted to post but not any day. And how can I complete a challenge without doing a Food post. In recent months our eating out has reduced and my love for home cooked meals and all things Indian has increased manifolds. So most of the pictures would be about Shuddh Desi Khana :). Thanks TP for the reminder !!!


This was my version of Poori Bhaji on a leisure winter Sunday afternoon. The alu curry was cooked bengali style, and I can’t tell you how tasty it turned out to be. This blog – http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/ is turning out to be my new favorite for everyday vegetarian cooking. The style is simple, healthy and with very clear instructions.



Veg cutlets/kebabs in breakfast with almost zero oil, also a tasty way to finish the left over veggies in your fridge.



Instant Sooji Uttapam, I know the picture doesn’t do justice in this case. I have tried many versions of this, but this one time it turned out to be really yum – crisp, healthy and fast :).


That is to say the summers have started. And salads have become a regular during meal times. So did you check my salad platter :P.


TBH’s version of banana milkshake to surprise me one hot afternoon. Did you see how he tried to put hearts with rooh afza? Not bad I would say 😛


Summers for me are for rice meals along with papad, achar, dahi and any dry veggie :). This was with alu-baigan.



That’s ‘Yukta-ahar’, fancy name to a north Indian thali in a shudd veg resturant in South Delhi – Sattvik. We went there last Sunday. It was tasty beyond words and surprisingly everything single dish was awesome. Btw did I tell you my new found love for thalis? I am consuming thalis like crazy wherever I am going these days. I even tried a south Indian meal/thali over dosa twice in our favorite south Indian restaurant in Delhi. That says enough.


This was this Sunday, I finally ordered Rava Onion Dosa, after multiple trips of consuming thalis :P. If you love South Indian and in Delhi, you have to visit Sarvana at Janpath. They have their branches world over but this one is beyond world, specially try having breakfast there.



This was again in Sattvik, two non alcoholic but slurp worthy beverages. Orange one is cranberry + pineapple. Green is cuccumber based. Great summer choices. And I am planning to try mock tails/shakes at home this summers, all recipes and suggestions are welcomed here.

P.S. Considering the length of this post, I am leaving the baking behind.

To end this post, what better to post something that adorns our dining area and something we truly believe in.


Xerox Copy

Me, of my Mom at least in looks. A lot of people except my dad say so. And I proudly accept it, because she is so damn pretty. Even after being a sasu ma, my mother has the ability to look like a newly wed and I for one look more like her sister or a close relative. She looks quite young for her age, infact dad too and they compliment each other wonderfully. If only I would have been 20k lighter and had a flawless skin like hers, papa would have been convinced too :P. Anyway people have started relating more now after my marriage specially when they see me wearing Indian, a bindi, sindoor etc. Yes I do look like my mom. 

And I so wish the similarity goes much beyond that. She is a beautiful lady inside out. An exceptional professional, a sought after orator, a literary personality and a total family person too. Not the typical mamma material who would care for the child, worry unnecessary about the routine things like if her kids are well fed or are sleeping enough, how they are dressed, staying awake with their exams, no not at all. But she comes as a pillar of strength when we need her. It’s only now when I have seen few ups and downs in life I have realized how wonderful and strong she is. She and dad together give the best advice possible. She sometimes seems so vulnerable but at other so strong. I can’t put in words how much I respect her and want to be like her.

I read somewhere that its only in your late 20s that you feel you are tuning into your mom. And I feel it so many times, on all her habits I used to crib as a child, I follow exactly same now. The sister usually calls me her second mom, because my behavior with her is more like our own mom in fact only more interfering. Mom has this immense ability of keeping herself detached from us where necessary, giving us our own space. I always wonder how she does it, it’s so difficult letting your child commit mistakes, fall right in front of you and than standing on the other side a support. Only once in my entire lifetime I saw her weak and the reason was me and in the end she turned out so right, I can’t imagine my current life if it wasn’t her taking command of my life.

All I wanna say is I love you Mom !!! Would never hurt you deliberately ever again, no matter what. Can’t thank God enough for making me your and dad’s daughter. 

Unending Wishlist

I would like to believe that I am this content, happy go lucky kind of girl. Which usually I am, barring for few low days, few glitches here and there, Life’s Good. Despite that I can’t stop wishing for few(?) things which I would really like to have/experience in this life. So I thought of putting down a list only to see how many of these wishes get fulfilled in due course of time, and probably keep adding on to it.

Travelling: We have our fair share of travels but it always leaves me slightly unsatisfied. One reason is TBH’s and mine travel concepts are poles apart. Another is we usually chip in our travel with TBH’s work, his work nature doesn’t allow him to have leisure time off with total disconnect.

Getting extremely thin: This is actually what cropped up this post. I was lurking at some pictures of a friend who is extremely thin and wears whatever she feels like. That’s what I want to do. Nor that I am conscious about my overweight structure but I know where to draw the line, where it would cross the line of being indecent. And so I wanna get this really thin skinny kind of physique if only for few months to fulfill all my cloths fantacies :). Like a micro mini short with a ganji, a two piece swimming costume and the likes :). 

Dream Home:  I am extremely fond of spaces and good interiors. As long as I can remember I always wanted a home that would look like out of a magazine. People like our current home too, but somehow rented spaces doesn’t allow you to do everything you want to do. I know TBH is planning for it, he has even given me a proper timeline, we have made quite a few investments in the right direction but with the exorbitant prices these days, I am afraid by the time we will buy a home, we won’t be left with anything to do the interiors :P. I want to  handpick everything and decorate my home with unlimited money. 

Being a parent: I mean being this cool – sorted Mom to our future kid. TBH and the sister keep pulling my leg that how mommy like I already behave as they are the ones who face it the most, and what our future baby will have to handle. Their teasing puts undue pressure on me and I really wanna change myself before being a mommy.

Having a Social Circle: In delhi. We are social animals and have a big family on both sides who keep entertaining us every now and then (Yes the unending guests at home). But we lack the kind of circle working couples or localities boast of having. More than often it’s only two of us hanging out on weekends. Few friends we collectively have live either very far off or are too busy in their own lives. A reasonable group of like minded couples won’t harm us in anyway. I have always had such a big circle that, this is one thing I miss after shifting to Delhi.

Remarrying: With TBH off course. I want to erase the marriage phase from our lives. As I was not at all involved in it and gave a hard time to both side of parents as well as TBH. I want to remarry him with full gusto and fervor. Including a proper courtship period followed by a super awesome honeymoon. I want to undo the past memory and create a new beautiful one. Btw we did took our vows again and kind of remarried on our first anniversary. Will post the story sometime.  

And that’s all for now I guess. Just six, that too not un-achievable makes me super happy.  Haven’t I already written I am this happy content girl :). Will keep adding as and when I feel like.


I got this idea from Hrishikesh’s tag –  As a part of the tag I am required to share:

  1. Write 5 happy moments.
  2. Write 5 sad/regretted moments. (Only place where you may write less – who wants to remember the sad moments)
  3. Write 5 goals that you achieved.
  4. Write 5 other events or moments you would like to share.
  5. 5 other moments or goals you would like in the next 5 years.

But as I am in a mood to only retrospect I am leaving the last point for now, maybe I will take that up as a dedicated post in itself.

Write 5 happy moments

  • When I won an international UNICEF award for a radio program which I wrote and produced.
  • Being a rank holder in State MBA entrance exam, Topping the college in under graduation and being university topper in MBA and getting a gold medal for that ( I actually realized my worth as a student only after school, I have never liked the school level padai).
  • Getting placed in two big companies in post-graduation (more about it here).
  • Falling in love with my workplace and getting promoted within 6 months of joining.
  • Coming to TBH and finding the true meaning of friendship, love, relationships and marriage with him.

Write 5 sad/regretted moments

  • Falling in for a wrong guy and continuing that screwed relationship even after getting subtle hints every now and then about the messed up situation. Also letting him take control of my life, my future and giving in when he tried to blackmail me after my marriage got fixed.
  • Not trusting TBH enough and doubting him in our courtship period and early days of marriage. Spoiling our so called honeymoon big time, I don’t know if TBH has forgotten it or not but I can’t in my entire lifetime, the way I have ill-treated and mistrusted him.
  • Giving my parents the hardest time of their life in the months that led to my marriage.
  • Joining CN over CD, after getting placed in both and then resigning before getting another job offer.
  • Dad’s accident right after my marriage.

Write 5 goals that you achieved

  • Gaining corporate work experience and doing well there, I was never sure I would work or survive in a formal setup.
  • Losing weight around 12 kgs, no not coming in the ideal weight category but still the attempt of following a healthy lifestyle and the knowledge that I have gained in my efforts is worth it. More of that story here.
  • Finding work options from home post leaving my full time job, I never wanted to sit idle at home post marriage.
  • Finding this perfect guy as my life partner (though my parents did it, but still) and creating this beautiful life with TBH, something I always imagined my married life to be.
  • Cakes and more, I have always loved the homemade cakes and now I can make variants anytime I want, gives me a different high.

Write 5 other events or moments you would like to share

  • My parent’s expressions when first time they saw me happily settled in the marriage.
  • Getting a firm level opportunity at the onset of my first official job.
  • Both set of parents staying with us first time after marriage and their chemistry, the happiness around.
  • The surprise TBH gave in my birthday month.
  • Actually every moment spent with the better half, I keep falling in love with him over and over again.

Guys, feel free to take this tag.

Name Game


What’s in a name, Shakespeare said. Nothing unless your parent’s named you Chiraunjilal from the movie Khosla ka Ghosla or Googol from Namesake (though for some reason I loved the name Gogol).

My name also has a story, my parents named me ‘Anulika’ when I was born, it was a perfect blend of both my parent’s name. When I was two my mother was pursuing her B (Ed), though a brilliant student (she was the topper of the regional college) but she fumbled in her viva as she was called first (her name starts from A). Knowing her performance, the invigilator gave her another chance but first thing she did after returning home was coaxing dad to change my name to start from some middle letter. She argued how a name starting with the firsts and lasts of alphabet always have to face problems during vivas, roll calls and alike. So now I have a name that starts with ‘N’ and the sister’s name starts from ‘P’. They did a great job in finding names with middle letters.  I never had any problem with my name, unless I got to know about my original name ‘Anulika’ and fell in love with it. Also later in school I realized all the girls I shared my name with were overweight. But all in all I like my name, it kinda suits me or it is what people say :).

I have a friend ‘Neha’, she abhorred her name solely because how common it is in India. She said, stand in any lane and call out for Neha and at least a dozen Neha would come out. She comes from a community where first names are also changed after marriage, I have never got this concept, how can someone completely change her identity, but she has all the plans of changing her name into something more glamorous , more uncommon after marriage.

On another note, some couples are just made to be together. I and TBH have very similar pet names too. I have a distant cousin who was nicknamed Pinky, what’s wrong with that, nothing apart from the fact that he is a male and as well all know Pinky is supposed to be a female name. Apparently his parent’s always wanted a girl, but when he also turned out to be a guy, the least they could do was give him a female name. Then he got married, and guess what, his wife’s name is Rinku. I believe Rinku can still be a unisex name, but not when you have married a Pinky. Pinky – Rinku who would have thought it’s the other way around :P.

My sister also has two names, and over the years all of us have started liking her pet name more and we got similar feedback from others too. So we decided to go ahead and officially change her name, she was in 7th standard that time. She protested big time. She has a theory, if she gets into a creative field she will keep her pet name as official name (it’s a beautiful Bengali word) and if she gets into a routine boring field she will keep her formal name (which sounds more mature and serious).

And pet names is another topic in itself. All those strange pet names we start disliking as we grow up. Now my ‘chhotu’ bhaiya (another distant cousin) gave strict instructions to his parents for not calling him chhotu in his convocation from an Ivy League institute and never after marriage. And my BIL is still called ‘mammu’, it sounded so odd for a grown up when I first heard it. My friend has a niece with a quirky pet name – Timma, few years later Timma’s younger sis was born, strange enough they called her Chhoti Timma. Now how would you call this three brothers – Sanchu, Manchu, Ganchu. My sister is after me that we call my future baby – chiggu. It sounds like a pig name to me. And the other day she said accha ladki hui toh Shanaya Roy, ladka hua toh Ayan Mukherji. With the Bengali surnames as middle names, she and her love for Bengali names :P. And the never ending tussle of finding the most unique name for your future child begins here.

Have you ever wondered that while we were studying Hindi in school with a permanent question of making sentences using some words, how each sentence would always have names like Ram, Seeta, Geeta, Mohan and never the contemporary names of that time? Strange na.

So what’s your name story? Do you like your name? If no what would you like it to be? 

Lines for me – Memories that make life beautiful :)

I thought of writing on letters, few letters from past which are precious to me. And while rummaging through my memory box of old letters, cards and scribbles, I found these lines written by my bestie J, dated nearly seven years back, around 6th march’07. Reminding me how time just flies away. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing these.

Needless to say I find them beautiful, reason being they are for me. J writes beautifully and she and A together presented them on a wonderful morning with a warm hug….(after few days of silence, misunderstandings, and mute fights……)

She who has been a responsible child
A friend at a far mile
She who has been a commanding sister
A friend with enigmatic smile
She who has always been a support
A friend, obviously mine
She who always want to be something
A freind who forget been someone
is rather fine’
A & J