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Not the outdoor ones…but the computer/mobile/internet ones.

A very long time ago when I was in 7th standard, I got my first desktop computer. I think Solitaire was the first game that I started playing on my machine. I did not understand it at first, and when after multiple failed attempts I used click that cross at the top right corner, the system used to ask ‘are you sure you want to quit this game’. I promptly used  to click on ‘no’, thinking I am playing exceptionally well that the machine is asking me exclusively. I know how dumb I was. It was only later that I understood that it was a general protocol. So Solitaire and FreeCell was my first love on the computer.  And quite remained so for few years.

Later after getting my cellphone bubble game was a craze for sometime specially in the long commute I had to take.

Then came the I pad and me and TBH got crazy about a particular version of Basketball, trying to beat each other in every alternate game.

During a work trip in Bangalore, we picked up Bowling (real one) and quite enjoyed it. After coming home first thing we did was downloading it on the tablet and again competing with each other.

And now its criminal case on face book. Just 15 minutes we were driving back home post dropping someone and I was so sleepy that it was getting difficult to even unlock the door. But I had to play criminal case before I hit the bed. During the game I realized I did not post anything today.  And so this random post.

Now when we are talking about this, tell me your favorite games? Something I have been missing on?