Just to tell you I AM BACK !!!

I must have written almost 20 posts on different topics, on different insights, on various situations I have been facing lately, on my observations and on being a host yet again. But off course they were penned down in my head. I could not even once actually came down to write it down; every time too tired giving priority to sleep/rest/Sudoku over my blog.

Yes I am guilty of ignoring it. I am guilty of reading all your posts but not commenting even once. But I have had the busiest time lately. Let me just write it all down for my record before I venture into individual feelings/posts in coming weeks.

As I have mentioned earlier a big gathering was due in the last ten days of august. MIL, PIL, SIL for MIL’s award ceremony. The aunt – uncle who were also here in July for the aunt’s surgery. My parents because my in-laws coaxed them to come here and attend the ceremony with them. But at the last moment my parents could not make it for some personal reason and gladly so because it would have been a lot of people to be managed by me.

So before the big visit was due, TBH had to go on a work trip to Bangalore and asked me to accompany as we could spend some quality time there with each other away from home and the responsibilities it brings with it, catch up with friends, and get some time out before we get super busy with everybody around. I was too happy to agree.

Almost without fail I get a panic attack a day before I need to travel. I feel like completing a million task like I am never returning back. The trip is of two days or twenty I need to vacant the refrigerator and leave. I need to wash every last piece of cloth and get it ironed. It doesn’t matter that I will be connected on internet all throughout but I need to send a dozen mails before leaving. It doesn’t matter that I pay almost all my bills online, I need to pay them before I set out of home. And the in-laws were due the next day of our arrival only added to my misery.

But once I reach airport in time making sure a zillion times if we have locked or not, if the gas connection was off or not, if the microwave was switched off or not and similar other things; I start feeling saner.

While the TBH gets busy making calls, sending mails, I head to explore the shopping and eating options at our disposal. Once in flight both of us fall asleep in no time only to wake up when the food cart is at our row.  Always. Yes, that’s how well tuned we are with each other and food.

Bangalore visit highlight

This time it was me catching up with all my friends. We met nearly four of my friends. Two single, two married. And meeting each one of them was a total different experience. We ditched meeting our cousin yet again. We found a great hotel to stay. Met a middle aged couple sipping wine and talking food. We landed to HRC without planning this time. Went to the Shiva Temple which was long due. And a lot more. Will do a dedicated post on our Bangalore Visit along with the following.

MIL getting the National Award | Playing the Host | My wonderful in laws | My pure hearted SIL | The sister and her work | How I empathized with the DILs of Joint families or tough in laws | Why I feel the only thing I did was cooking in past ten days | What I need to change in the coming times. 

I know this is kind of cheat post for a comeback. But all guests are still not gone. And I have some other priorities too. Till I am back, please be okay with this.



2 thoughts on “Just to tell you I AM BACK !!!

  1. vishalbheeroo September 2, 2013 at 2:35 pm Reply

    Welcome back. I am having reading this one and hope to see you more often:)

  2. greenboochi September 3, 2013 at 10:29 am Reply

    Welcome back OHW! Would love to read about all your topics 🙂

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